The Great Invasion

All across Western Europe, beginning in the 1950’s, Nation State defenses were quietly and deliberately dismantled to encourage immigration. The invasion of alien peoples began with a seemingly benign trickle from former colonies, bringing colorful cultures and a welcome harmless diversity to homogeneous societies.

As the trickle turned to a distinct and irreversible flow, the poorer native urban peoples, often finding themselves overwhelmed and displaced, began protesting. Their protests were deemed – by those who materially benefited, or were unaffected by the aliens, or who secretly sought the demise of the Nation State – as bigoted, intolerant and threatening a revival of the ugly, dangerous racial Nationalism that had spawned Death Trains and gas chambers. And so the Great Invasion continued and was officially encouraged by all means possible. Every alien enclave became a Trojan Horse inside the Nation State, a staging post for new arrivals.

Opposition to the invasion would have ultimately found a voice in domestic politics except that in the 1970’s the Media Class emerged in each country and proceeded to seek political power. This numerically small Class, composed of misfits, libertines, Bohemians and perverts, but possessing the new propaganda weapon of television news and mass entertainment, forged an Alliance with the Far Left ideologues from within the broader Left, for both sought a Revolutionary transformation of Western Society.

The Alliance quickly understood that open borders and mass immigration, the work begun by Internationalist pioneers, was destroying the cohesiveness of Nation States from within and hastening the collapse of the traditional societies that resisted social/moral change. The Mainstream Media, now unified, targeted and greatly empowered by its Class agenda, was effectively employed to defend and maintain the open borders with cunning propaganda. All entertainment programs aimed at the masses stealthily promoted and celebrated diversity. The MSM news concealed the burgeoning social problems immigration was causing and suppressed news of native discontent. It attacked, isolated, smeared and persecuted all those who protested the new diversity and multiculturalism. They were ostracized as ‘Nazis’, ‘Fascists’, thugs and Far Right extremists. The Media Class goal was and remains the irreversible destruction of every European Nation State and the ‘coloring’ of its people.

Initial hostility to, and the weakening of, the Western Nation State had several impulses, including the consequences of the Second World War, the collapse of Western Imperialism, easier travel, the post-war economic recovery and the growth of International trade. These were obvious and rational causes.

But ideology may have played a larger role in the assault on the Nation State than the appetite for cheap labor and the accidental consequences of cheaper and easier travel. Fear, Idealism, and White/post colonial guilt – all intertwined – fueled elite intellectual hostility to traditional Nationalism.

In post-war Western Europe, the fragile heart of Christian civilization, fear was more prevalent than optimism. The brutal Soviet Union emerged from the war militarily stronger than the civilized Nation States of Great Britain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Scandinavia and Italy. Fear of Stalin and fearful memories of the Nationalism that had erupted in Hitler’s Germany, drove the concept of a Europe without Nation States. Beyond Europe, the Siamese twins of Jewish influence and Socialism, bolstered by Soviet Communism, saw Nation States as a barrier to internationalism.

Idealism re-emerged dressed as democratic Socialism, viewing human beings as innately good once freed from the selfish motivations of family, National identity, property ownership and cultural history. The two destructive World Wars were presented by Leftist intellectuals as the result of traditions that needed to be swept away and replaced by a brave new world without borders and racial differences. The EU, the United Nations and World Courts emerged as the expression of this Leftist internationalism.

White guilt was fostered in the MSM by the intelligentsia, who wrote and portrayed past Imperialism as an entirely negative force. All the benefits and advances that Europeans had taken to Third World countries were ignored or misrepresented. Opening National borders to former colonial people was justified as compensation/reparations for former exploitation. Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, West Indians and Arabs poured into Western Europe.

Conservatives understand that family, sexual and racial identity, cultural traditions, Nation States, and language are the bedrock of civilization and prosperity. Abandoning or weakening any or all of them in pursuit of ideological social experiments is hugely dangerous and exacts a terrible price from ordinary people. Modern history is full of examples of the terrible cost of social experiments that ignore human nature.

In Europe at this time, the reckless policies of open borders and ideological Internationalism are threatening to overwhelm the native peoples with social anarchy and bankruptcy. The upheavals in the Middle East, the explosion of population in primitive Africa caused by Western financial Aid and Western medicine, and the consequences of Internet information have spawned a population invasion that unless dramatically reversed will have no limits.

It is no longer possible to draw distinctions between those fleeing wars, those fleeing persecution and those seeking to escape poverty. All can claim to be refugees and they arrive to exacerbate the already-existing problems of failing multiculturalism. The Ruling elites and the Media Class have long established that no racial or religious distinctions should be made and so those masses arriving include races and cultures that will never be integrated, indeed will provide material for endless civil war.

In the USA, the same forces opposed to the Nation State in Europe have long been at work, though until Obama was installed as President by the Media Class, the invasion was limited to the Mexican border and was driven purely by economics. Although mass immigration from one source always militates against eventual integration, at least Latinos are Christian, have a strong work ethic, are neighbors and are following a population movement of long and tested standing.

Americans are generally unaware that ever since Ted Kennedy became a force in politics, American immigration policy has been loaded against Western European and British entrants (Irish Republic having favored treatment). There has been a hidden preference for people of color.

Obama, since his entry to the White House, has abandoned the stealthy ‘browning’ quotas introduced by Kennedy. Fittingly for a representative of a Revolutionary Ruling Class, he touts open borders. As he has strengthened the Leftist hold on the government bureaucracy so he has brazenly imported Third World masses and especially the indigestible and hostile Muslims of the Middle East and North Africa. The billionaires of Silicon Valley, desperate for mathematically educated workers have supported open borders in order to import Chinese, Taiwanese and Indians.

At this point our website needs to make some comments based on observation, repeated real-life experiences and fairness. Here they are. Immigrants/refugees should not be blamed and vilified for their arrival, even when entry is illegal. The leaders of Western European Nations and the USA have long signaled to the world that their borders are more than porous. Legal mass immigration has enjoyed official encouragement and rewarded immigrants with generous welfare. Who can blame those, often desperately poor, left behind for following illegally? The religious civil wars now devastating the Middle East are displacing desperate people and Western policies have contributed to instability.

The vast majority of Latinos who come over the Mexican border are genuinely seeking work, provide a capable, cheerful, adaptable and energetic workforce and are not criminal. So far, they have not rioted, burned and looted their neighborhoods and do not seek victim status, despite Leftist attempts to shackle them to African American disaffection.

The Oriental and Indian immigrants in America are overwhelmingly law-abiding, productive and intelligent. We have seen no evidence that they have a problem integrating and inter-marrying. Nor do we see any evidence that the off-spring of such unions are inferior. Indeed the opposite may prove to be true.

In contrast, the official welcoming of Muslims and Africans is incomprehensible unless the goal is to create massive social and economic problems, a permanently divided America and internal terrorist outrages.

When all of the above truths are acknowledged it remains a fact that America is already more than adequately populated and has an African American population that appears unable to compete with any new immigrants, and remains impoverished and un-integrated after decades of special treatment, costly programs and billions of dollars of aid/reparations. A sane policy would halt all immigration, legal and illegal, with no loopholes for refugees, students or favored celebrities. Those here illegally should be compelled and encouraged to return home with a humane stick and carrot policy. Pathways to citizenship for illegals will inevitably lead to more illegal arrivals and there appears to be no limit to the numbers wanting a place.

The lesson from Europe, where hordes of young angry rioting males from Africa and the Middle East pack makeshift camps and are joined each day by more, is that seemingly humane policies are a disaster. Those of the Far Left and the perverts and fantasists of the Media Class, are happy to create social chaos and reckless Revolutionary change but the native people pay the price. So too do those encouraged to set out for the West, misled by a Welcome sign written by ideologues, traitors and exploiters.

Here in the USA we have a candidate for the White House who seems determined to confront and halt illegal immigration. He says he is ready to defend the American worker and that this can only be achieved by halting all immigration. Donald Trump gives every indication that he has the commitment, energy and resolve to overcome the Leftists, the bought-and-paid-for collaborationists and the Big Business vested interests, all of whom will fight tooth and nail to maintain open borders and the browning of America.


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