Perverts Rule!

The people of North Carolina and Mississippi took legislative steps to protect the right of Christians to live and work in accordance with their long-held Biblical beliefs and practices. They also sought to protect girls and women using bathrooms in schools, workplaces and business premises, from the intrusion of boys and men who decide to deny their own gender.

This is not a Christian website. It is however a Conservative and Nationalist website and as such holds the view that traditional Christianity is the bedrock of the American Nation State, a part of the glue, along with language and customs, that has shaped and held together the America this and future generations have and will inherit.

Our understanding of Conservatism is that it is places great emphasis on gradualism in the affairs of a successful civilization. It places great weight on the value of knowing its history, learning caution from it, and grasping that wisdom is hard-earned over centuries. Any institutions and beliefs that have lasted a long time have done so because they are based on sound principles. On this website we highly value common sense, natural instincts, a healthy degree of skepticism and demonstrable facts.

Racial identification, a rich distinctive language, and traditional culture have evolved slowly and are abandoned suddenly only at great risk. Conservatives resist a leap in the dark and choose commonsense over ideology. Nation States may have evolved with flaws but where they are aligned with race, language and culture/Religion, they are internally strong. Change must be gradual and natural, not imposed in pursuit of ideological experiments.

America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, created by British people in lands sparsely populated by primitive tribes, may appear to be Nation States that did not evolve naturally, but they were in fact geographical extensions of the British State and its people, with a unified race, culture/Religion and language. In the example of America, the Christian religion played a major role in its birth, its institutions and the character of its people.

Over time, as America grew and geographically expanded, other races, languages and cultures were absorbed, some more successfully than others. Protestant Christians from Europe had little problem but Catholic Christians were less easily absorbed. The Protestant Christian American Nation State however, shaped by a Constitution of profound common sense, proved to be extremely tolerant and flexible when compared to most of the World’s civilizations. The importation of Africans for slave labor, a process driven by economic calculation and in conflict with the Constitution, its Christian underpinning and common sense, has proved to be a monumental error for all concerned.

Nevertheless, each generation inherits the past and its errors and must seek to correct them without abandoning its commitment to gradualism, tradition, internal unity and common sense. Dealing with past errors by employing ideological Revolutionary experiments (the leap into the dark) is fraught with danger and doomed to disaster.

Here in America, a Revolutionary new Class – the Media Class – has stealthily taken political power. It is a Class created by a chance combination of technology and the market place. Before its advent and seizure of power, America had never had a Ruling Class. It so happens, again by chance, that this new Ruling Class, reflecting the content of its membership, is the most morally degenerate, unproductive and shallow since the late Roman Empire. Its Rule is made worse as a consequence of its coalition with a reborn Revolutionary Socialism that it has encouraged and nurtured through its MSM’s hidden propaganda. These Godless partners are deliberately destroying a great Nation State from within in pursuit of their combined Revolutionary agendas.

As a Ruling Class, owning the means of mass communication, and bolstered by the support of Socialist partners who understand the power of unrestricted Government machinery, the Ruling Class is (like 1930,s Fascism) a magnet for Big Business seeking favors, protection and privileges.

Most Conservatives, Nationalists and Christians are at a loss to explain the speedy moral degeneracy of the USA. The explanation lies in the Revolutionary agenda of a Revolutionary Ruling Class. At the heart of the Ruling Media Class are Hollywood, the TV News and Entertainment industry, the theater and Arts world, the Fashion industry and the Advertising industry, all places and occupations where the dysfunctional, the emotionally disturbed, fantasists, the socially and politically rebellious and the perverted thrive.

Conservatives, Nationalists and Christians are also at a loss to explain how the tiny minorities of homosexuals, lesbians, cross-dressers and other sad addicts of perversion, have suddenly possessed the power to expel common sense and replace it in law, in the workplace, in education and in the public square, with sheer nonsense.

The answer lies in the character and power of our Ruling Class. We should not be surprised when Sharon Stone, Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr and an endless stream of mostly talent-less or mini-talented entertainers rush to threaten and punish the normal people of North Carolina and Mississippi. These aging, fading has-beens are minor members of the Media Class, seeking to extend their celebrity. They will soon be joined by current celebrities, for all are eager to advance the moral Revolution that validates their abnormal life-styles and reinforce the Class Rule that promotes their shallow talents. Many perverted and dysfunctional billionaires, granted wealth and financial and commercial success by the new Media, have identified with and joined the Media Class. All are united by a fear and hatred of traditional beliefs and lifestyle, (judgmental) Christianity and a Nation State and Nationalism that, in the search for internal strength will always discourage abnormal behaviors.

Most puzzling for Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists is the hostility to normal traditional and entirely rational moral values, now being displayed by Big Business. PayPal Holdings, Dow Chemical Company and Deutsche Bank are only the latest Big Businesses to jump on the perverts bandwagon. These companies have no concerns about alienating Christian, Conservative and Nationalist customers across the Nation and are willing to alienate the majority populations of the whole States of North Carolina and Mississippi.

The MSM peddles the nonsense that there are 9 million perverts in the USA. The everyday experience of ordinary normal people makes nonsense of this claim and we can be sure that the figure is half that. Transvestites, cross dressers, transgender or whatever is the latest carefully crafted word to describe people who wish to dress and live in denial of the gender God or Nature granted them, are an infinitesimal minority of a minority of perverts. Nothing stops them from wearing gender-neutral clothes (jeans and tee-shirts for example) in public and in most workplaces, and nothing prevents them in private living out the most bizarre fantasies. Big Business justifies its entry into morals and politics by claiming that it is dependent on recruiting the talents of perverts. What nonsense! Where will these perverts find work if they become choosy? And are Christians not talented?

Suddenly in Obama’s Revolutionary America, private cross-dressing is not sufficient and everyone in society must be intimidated into acknowledging the normality of abnormality. Obviously there is a sinister agenda at work here but for the purposes of this article we want to explain only why Big Business is rushing to the fore. The answer is the power of our Ruling Class, its MSM and its Government machinery, its Revolutionary agenda, the rewards and punishments that this Ruling Class can administer, and the attractions of being admitted into the circles of celebrities.

The other contributing factor is the decline of Christianity and morality in America that is the result of many decades of hostile MSM propaganda and Leftist education. Sadly many Americans, especially among those separated from working on the land or with their hands, have become estranged from Nature, common sense values, real family values, America’s past, patriotism and a commitment to their Nation State. They are without an anchor and ignorant of genuine culture. Such people are willing to fall in with any nonsense that is fashionable or parades as progress.

On this website we are aware that perversion has always existed and that bored and self-indulgent Ruling Classes of great Empires have succumbed to its attractions. In a healthy society and a strong civilized Nation State, perversions are consigned to the closet and officially discouraged. Sensible people hold on to their gut instincts and common sense and seek the wisdom of 2,000 years in the Christian Bible. We can only hope that the good people of North Carolina and Mississippi will not be intimidated and that they will be joined by other States where Christianity, Conservatism and Nationalism have survived.

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