Nazi Smear

As Donald Trump continues to ‘slide downward’ to new peaks in the opinion polls, the Mainstream Media (MSM), having failed to paint him as either a clown or a 9-day wonder, is being forced to dig deep into its propaganda slime-pit.

Given that the Media Class is dominated by secular Jews whose roots are in Eastern Europe, and their Far Left allies mourn the defeat of Soviet-style totalitarianism, it is not surprising that their MSM propagandists are dragging out the old weapons of the 1930‘s, 1940’s and 1950’s.

In the UK and other parts of Europe, the MSM and Leftists have long been employing the images of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism to attach to opponents. It matters not that Hitler and his Party were Darwinian Socialists with world-wide aspirations, or that Stalin’s Communism eliminated tens of millions of people and dwarfed Hitler’s body count. Since popular history has been re-written by the post-war Media Class and the Left, too many in the Western world view the Nation State, its unique culture, its traditions and its people, as a danger. They have been led to believe that a one-world internationalism will bestow peace, security, equality and prosperity.

In the UK, ever since working people began to object to the importation of Third World masses in the late 1950’s, resisters have been smeared as Nazis. The technique has been that their public meetings have been disrupted by small groups of well-funded Far Leftists calling themselves anti-Nazis. With MSM collusion, this has been enough to create a public perception that a nascent Nazi movement exists and is being heroically resisted by alert citizens. It was a short step for the Ruling Class who were plotting the death of the Nation State, to attribute the street and meeting violence created by the invading Red Mobs, to the people seeking to be heard.

The TOP NEWS on NBC this morning, reported by Mr. Benji Sarlin, was that at a Las Vegas Trump rally, protestors were the victims of hate-filled Trump supporters. The headline was “Trump Audience Member Shouts Nazi Salute” Here is a clear example of the MSM misreporting in order to smear Donald Trump and those thousands who came to hear him, as a nascent movement that, unless stopped, will transport innocent people to gas chambers.

The facts in Las Vegas are that a cadre of Black Lives Matter activists – an organization funded by billionaires and promoted by the MSM -infiltrated the rally, not with the purpose of hearing what Trump had to say, but to stage a protest intended to stop his dialogue with the audience. The cadre of BLM were aware that their interruption would anger and provoke the audience. What else could it possibly achieve? For sure, it could not possibly win minds and hearts.

This and similar ‘protests’ by BLM are in essence violent invasions, and the MSM is fully aware of their purpose. If the NBC reporters and Mr. Sarlin have a shred of intelligence, they know that BLM is not a civil rights organization built upon real injustice, but a Far Left Revolutionary organization, seeking to undermine law and order, and built upon lies and the creation of false myths.

BLM has no interest in saving Black lives, otherwise they would be at work in the inner city ghettos working to stop gang violence, robbery, arson, looting and getting kids into school. They shun the ghettos, except to inflame and recruit to their ranks. Instead they take their activities into White and Asian heartlands to intensify race hostility and help our Ruling elite to defeat a Nationalist political movement.

Mr. Sarlin, with his camera crew, perhaps prepped by BLM, was there to capture a few untypical moments of an otherwise remarkably peaceful gathering of tax-payers. He was not there to relay to the American people that Trump had attracted thousands of Nevada citizens. He was not there to report the substance of Trump’s speech. He was not there to report the enthusiasm of the audience. He was not even there to report that a small group attempted to disrupt the event with provocative behavior. These were all things he and his comrades of the MSM resolutely refuse to report. He was there to find a moment that could be turned into propaganda.

It is certain that some of the audience exhibited anger towards the disrupters and shouted hate-filled words at them. One woman shouted ‘Heil’ and this was enough for NBC to raise the specter of Hitler as its TOP NEWS. It may be that the woman was attempting to liken the disrupters to Nazi Storm-troopers, for BLM are the modern equivalent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts. In any case the audience anger was and is justified, for BLM is a phony organization, and tax-payers who have been funding the Great New Society for decades with no gratitude, only hatred to show for the billions spent, have had enough.

The crypto Muslim in the White House and his Far Left comrades are increasing the pace of the Revolutionary transformation of America in this, his last year of authoritarian, lawless rule. It seems that he and they are willing to risk a showdown. Whether or not Trump understands the movement he is fronting, the anger that reveals itself when Obama’s comrades come disrupting, suggests that there are many Americans who would welcome a showdown.


  1. The dirty tricks against DT have not even truly begun yet. It can be safely assumed that the Democrat party is and has been developing a file of ginned up “controversies” to trot out at strategic moments, should DT be the Republican nominee. For now, they are keeping their powder mostly dry, hoping that the Republicans will do their dirty work for them.

    • You are almost certainly right but they will have to invent because Trump has been living a clean life. He is cleaner than his Show-biz image suggests.

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