Fight The Good Fight

Last Wednesday evening I attended my local Baptist Church. It is socially conservative and very patriotic, thanks to its outstanding pastor, a military veteran. One of the hymns we sang was ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’, a stirring nineteenth century English hymn. Its words were written by Anglican curate Sabine Baring-Gould in 1865. In 1871, the famed composer Arthur Sullivan, added the soldierly tune. The Congregation, which includes many Filipinos, sang with fervor, proving the hymn still has the power to inspire Christians.

As I sang (lustily, I may add), I was reminded of other hymns I sang as a schoolboy at the daily assembly, including Charles Wesley’s 1749 hymn ‘Soldiers Of Christ Arise’, ‘Fight The Good Fight’ by Ulster’s John Monsell, and “Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus, Ye Soldiers of the Cross.” At the time I was not a very Christian teenager, despite a happy spell in the Salvation Army. Unfortunately, my parents, like so many post-war working class parents in the UK, were not at all religious, so I had no encouragement at home.

Nevertheless, those hymns, and many similar rousing, manly hymns, combined with an education that promoted pride in Britain’s people, their history, and achievements, ensured that Christian morality, and conservatism (resistance to radical change) were like seeds planted in my mind. Many years later, when I became a parent and more mature, those seeds began to awaken as if in the radical desert of youth, some rain had fallen.

For me, and perhaps for many of my generation, it took years and much rain for those seeds to take root and then push through to the daylight. I was lucky that in my school days we sang those rousing hymns and were not taught to feel guilt about our Nation’s achievements. I certainly wasn’t brainwashed with Christianity at school, otherwise I would not have embraced as a young man, dialectical materialism and the politics of redistribution. Fortunately, in my late 40’s, I saw through Socialism and its hypocritical proponents and began to see where I stood in the struggle that is raging between the conservative traditional family and the liberty-extinguishing State.

Unfortunately, the England that taught me those hymns and fostered love of country, is gone. Too far gone to be reclaimed from within by the persecuted BNP. Christianity in the UK long ago lost its confidence and militancy. Perhaps the human cost of two world wars took its toll. Today’s churches, especially the Anglican Church, the Methodists, and Presbyterians have surrendered to the pressures of the Ruling Media Class, embracing ‘feel-good’ values, Socialism, Internationalism, and the multi-culturalism that welcomes all cultures except that which is British. Their hierarchies have long been infested with perverts and the limp-wristed. Their pews are empty and many are being turned into Mosques. The hymns I mentioned would never be written today, and no doubt their words are considered too offensive to be sung anywhere but in Ulster.

It is reassuring to me that in some places they are still sung here in the USA -even in Godless, materialist, pervert-dominated California. It is reassuring that real Christian schools have survived along with Home-schooling, so that some children are not being brainwashed with the rot that the Media Class and its Far Left allies have imposed on the public school system.

The forces that have destroyed the UK as an independent Nation, neutered its Churches, dumbed-down its people, and imported Islam and the Third World, are at work here in the USA. Obama and the Democrat Party, as agents of the Media Class, seek by stealth to disarm and enslave America’s patriotic, Christian people, and they are close to victory.

If Donald Trump fails to win the White House in November, the people’s guns will be incrementally confiscated, all children will be forced into the Government schools and our Baptist Church and those rousing hymns will be heard no more.

Our message to Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists is Be Soldiers! Arise! Stand Up! and Fight The Good Fight!



  1. There are barely any churches around these days that still sing those sturdy hymns. I’ve visited enough of them to know that at least 9 out of 10 evangelical churches are worldly and superficial. They employ those awful “Praise Teams,” which are typically comprised of a group of about 8 people in their 20’s, dressed in jeans and showbiz hair, backed by a rock band, singing the same empty “praise choruses” week after week. And when I try to talk to people about this, they really seem not to understand why this music is not worthy of our Lord. I thought we were supposed to be separate from the world. Salt and light. But no, this music is not for worshipping the Lord anymore. It’s for worshipping ourselves and our coolness and “what we like.” It’s carnal Christianity. It is dead. Christianity will be brought back to its senses by the Lord God, good and proper, as things get worse and worse and worse, until the total collapse and utter desperation befalls us. We are now increasingly in bondage to the pagans, just like ancient Israel when it became weak, carnal, compromising and faithless. When God wants your attention, He will get it.

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