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My wife and I are immigrants and American citizens. My son, aged 11, is an American citizen but not an immigrant. I make this admission as an introduction to what follows.

Today, at a Silicon Valley music academy, I met another parent and we got talking. He had brought his young son for a violin lesson and I had brought mine for a piano lesson. The man was a lot younger than I, for I am an old parent. I guessed he was in his mid-forties. He spoke with a strong Russian accent which I initially assumed was Polish. He told me he would like to lose his accent and be better understood. I told him I thought his English was pretty good and I had no trouble understanding him- which was true. He had a wide vocabulary. I respect people who have mastered more than one language. My compliment broke the ice and we talked some more.

He told me he spoke Russian, Ukrainian and Hebrew. This led me to ask him if he was a Russian Jew. He confirmed he was, and I told him I had, many years ago, worked closely with a Russian Jew who had escaped from Russia and its hardships and gained admission to the USA. Since I have always had an interest in Eastern European history in general, and Soviet Communism and National Socialism in particular, I asked my new acquaintance about his family history in the context of the 2nd World War and totalitarian regimes.

He told me his father’s family had escaped from the Ukraine just before the German invasion and moved into Soviet Central Asia. His mother was born in Russia after the end of the 1939/45 war. His father and mother met in Israel but he had lived in the Ukraine and Russia, hence his language skills. At school in the Ukraine he had studied modern Russian history.

He was surprised when I began talking about the Jewish presence in early Soviet Communism. I mentioned Zinoviev, Kamenev, Trotsky and Tomsky and their ultimate fate as old Bolsheviks, when Stalin turned on his former comrades and especially Jews. He was knowledgeable about this period of Russian history and revealed that he thought Marxism was unscientific and no better than Religion. This led to him telling me- very forcefully- that he was an atheist. He spoke with hostility about all Religion and any belief in the supernatural. I told him that I had in my youth been seduced by Marxism and Socialism but with age had become more respectful of Christianity. He said that Religion was the cause of wars and bloodshed wherever it had a presence. In the rest of our conversation, which was a short time, he let me know that he had little regard for American, Americans and their religion. We parted on good terms as I felt this was not the place for us to argue about politics and Christianity

I pondered this casual meeting in the context of the great immigration debate which Donald Trump has initiated and how Trump has re-awakened, or at least encouraged, American nationalism.

I am not sure whether the impoverished Europeans of the nineteenth century’s immigrant invasion were Godless, whether they knew much about America’s institutions before they arrived, or whether they were grateful for the sanctuary America offered. For sure, by the 1920’s most immigrants had assimilated and acquired a commitment to their new Nation. This was borne out by the courage of the American troops who fought in the latter stages of the First World War and again in the Second World w War.

In the 1930’s at least some of the new arrivals from Eastern Europe were not grateful. Many of the ungrateful ones joined the Communist Party or worked for the Soviet Union as agents. This is well-documented. During the 1940’s, when Stalin’s Soviet Empire was a huge threat to the USA and Western Europe, these same people and more new arrivals seeking refuge from Hitler, worked diligently against the interests of the American Nation and its people who had given them sanctuary. Some of the most prominent traitors were WASPs but a lot were Jews. Many of the artistically talented settled in Hollywood, worked as a secret network, and used movies to undermine American’s loyalty. Their grip on the Entertainment industry, and Hollywood in particular, continues to this day. They are even now using their power and wealth to re-write this well-documented history of treachery. Americans exercised insufficient control over who was being admitted to their home.

It was my casual meeting in the music academy with the Jewish man from the Ukraine that set me reflecting about this. He had no gratitude toward America and its native people. My guess is that he works in Hi-Tech. His ingratitude, his dismissal of America’s unique history and Constitution is, in varying degrees, typical of almost all of the new arrivals I have met in California. Silicon Valley settlers from Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Irish Republic, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, the Middle East, Iran, India and China, mostly doing pretty well financially, reveal no commitment to their adopted Nation. Most are critical, ignorant of its history and see themselves as a new breed of liberated (from Nation) internationalists. They are as ‘footloose’ as Europe’s Jews were once found to be. America just happens to be the place they have found well-paid work.

They are decent people, law abiding, well-educated and productive at work, but they are, almost absent-mindedly, contributing to America’s moral and political Balkanization. They feel no gratitude to the America they have made home. Americans should be asking them why they have come to a Christian country, with a unique history, if they hold it and its people, in contempt?

I must in fairness say here that the Koreans, Vietnamese and Filipinos I have met are patriotic. The many Latinos I have met shun La Raza and are appreciative of the opportunities to do menial work and poorly-paid semi-skilled jobs. They complain that too often the new, affluent internationalists also treat them with contempt and meanness.

These new immigrant citizens are not escaping persecution or poverty. The reasons they come to the USA are money and the unwillingness of Americans to demand of them a commitment to true citizenship. Too many Americans feel obliged to be overly tolerant, overly inclusive and ready to collude in condemnation of America’s unique history.

It is not surprising that these new ‘citizens’ gravitate to a Leftist Democrat Party that thrives on Balkanization, makes no patriotic demands, seeks to dismantle borders and sign America up to a new World Order. They do not pose the immediate and deadly threat that Muslim immigrants pose. Nor are their numbers so great that they will overwhelm the native people. Nevertheless they are another nail in the coffin of America’s unique identity and are undermining its chance of staying strong.

On this website we do not subscribe to the narrow ‘blood‘ and ‘genes’ test for American identity and citizenship. It is our belief that people of any race can be gainfully absorbed and true citizenship cultivated, provided commitment is demanded at the outset and ever after.

Donald Trump’s stated opposition, not only to open borders, but to cheaper (even superior) foreign replacements for American workers, are steps in the right direction and sufficient evidence of his Nationalism. If he gains the Presidency he must quickly purge our schools of internationalists and their agenda, discredit the MSM as a source of news and relentlessly attack the Leftist control of the Entertainment industry. It is beyond time for the counter-revolution to begin.



  1. You describe a type of immigrant I have met before, and many are gentiles. Their children and grandchildren are no different. We need to cut off all immigration and reassess where we stand.

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