Trump Tax Returns, The New York Times, October Surprise

The New York Times publication of a portion of Trump’s 1995 tax return showing he had $916m of business losses is indeed an October bombshell for the Trump campaign. It has several political ramifications that the whole Mainstream Media will uniformly rush to exploit.

It damages Trump’s campaign claim that he is a successful business man who would know how to resuscitate America’s economy. It implies that he has been hiding his tax return because it would reveal his past sins. It implies that he has not had to pay any tax for the last 15 or more years – unlike most voters.

Anyone on the Broad Right who thinks that this is not a huge blow to his campaign, is not facing reality. No group will gloat over this more than the Never Trump collaborators. It is the view of this website that Trump’s tax information has been in enemy hands for some time, and by ‘enemy hands’ we include some at the Wall Street Journal who have long masqueraded as Republicans

Let us set the record straight on Trump’s behalf. Big Businesses, especially those involved in construction and urban development, are extremely vulnerable to economic cycles. Some years they make huge profits and every so often they collapse when the economy takes a sudden dive. Unlike many businesses, they cannot extricate themselves quickly from their (now) loss-making activities. These Trump business losses were 20 years ago and he has survived and more than recovered. This shows his resilience, ruthlessness and ability to learn lessons. Unfortunately, most voters have no business experience and little knowledge of economics. The MSM will exploit their ignorance and resentments.

Nothing in the Tax Code requires Taxpayers to pay more tax than they are legally required and it has long been a principle that within this legal framework taxpayers may organize their affairs tax efficiently. Just as the Clintons did when they minimized their personal taxes with a large deductible charitable donation to their own Clinton family foundation. All sane people will legally avoid paying taxes. So will those patriots who care that the Nation’s taxpayers’ hard-earned money is feeding and growing a government machine that is largely corrupt and hugely wasteful. It is funding political and social policies that are destroying the Nation and its best people. Depriving this Obama government of funds is a patriotic duty. Unfortunately the MSM is not about to inform the American people that Trump not paying tax was deliberately or accidentally patriotic.

It can be said that Trump’s successful businesses pay large amounts of payroll tax and property taxes.

This ‘news’ is 20 years old and Trump long ago recorded it in one of his business books. The MSM will make this into a current issue. It may be that Trump will ride this MSM revelation and voters will see it as old news or irrelevant and not care, but we doubt it.

Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the New York Times has boasted that he is prepared to go to jail for breaking a law by publishing. Baquet is a fraud. He knows full well that he will be no more a martyr than the gang of law-breakers at the IRS, the gang of law-breakers at the State Department and the Hillary Clinton gang members who have been granted immunity by the DOJ and FBI.

Under this Revolutionary regime of Obama, the law is arbitrarily applied. Only those deemed enemies of the regime (and progress), are punished by the law. Baquet, like many others, would only face prosecution if Trump won, and he is confident that this Revolutionary regime will retain power one way or another.

The leaking of Trump’s tax returns may be more comprehensive than these few documents. Ever since 2008 Obama and his comrades have been purging and packing the Federal government machinery to acquire control of the State. He has been doing the same to the military. The Republican Party in Congress and many Republican Think Tanks have been asleep at the wheel, or worse, quietly collaborating. We are now seeing how complete has been the stealthy Revolution that this website alone has been identifying.

It is no accident that the latest blow against Trump has originated in a Federal Government Department and been launched by the MSM. As we have constantly maintained on this website, the MSM is the prime weapon of the Media Class. The Media Class, which now rules in an alliance with the Far Left, hides behind the Democrat Party, but the Party is only its tool. Clinton, Obama and the Democrat politicians owe their places to the Media Class for the MSM can destroy any or all who step out of line.

Trump’s (and our) enemy is the Media Class that hides behind the Democrat Party and in this election has almost emerged into daylight and the front line. It has the enormous power of a near-monopoly on propaganda and information. Dean Baquet is an inside member of the Revolutionary Media Class and its political wing that decides the daily agenda of propaganda. Hollywood is the home of the Revolutionary social wing of the Media Class and the source of the insidious entertainment propaganda and its great wealth.

Here is a little good news on this day of bad news. The LATimes daily tracking poll has Trump on 46.9, Clinton 42.2. A slightly increased Trump lead of 4.7. In New Mexico, usually reliably Democrat, the Albuquerque Journal has Clinton 35, Trump 31, Johnson 15 and Stein 2. This is more a testament to Clinton’s unpopularity and Johnson’s local reputation than to Trump’s gaining ground, but it will cause the Clinton camp ad the MSM to fret.

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