Tax Reform Bill: Stop Arguing and Why

(George Wellor, Jr.)

The Tax Reform Bill is quickly going from a Republican dream to reality. The Bill is likely to be law in just a short period of time, creating a scramble for companies and even individuals. Conservatives, especially, have continually debated the Tax Reform Bill and whether it is good for the country or not. But with the Mainstream Media continually attempting to destroy any views on the Right, there are several things Conservatives need to remember when it comes to the Tax Reform Bill.

  1. The Left is extremely successful because they rarely argue. And when members of the Left (in the House or Senate, for example) argue, they always have the MSM (Mainstream Media) to cover up for them. Conservatives, on the other hand, do not. When Conservatives argue, it gets emphasized, unlike the Left. Summary: we have to be extremely careful about arguing.
  2. Even if there are things we do not agree with about the Tax Bill, The Bill is probably better than anything former President Obama or Hillary Clinton would have created. They would have only punished companies and created more economic problems. Just because some do not agree with higher taxes on California and New York does not necessarily mean that we should dismiss the idea of the Bill altogether.
  3. It is obvious that the Tax Bill is designed to help big businesses more than anyone else. Many on the Right are opposed to that section of the Tax Bill. But in the long term, helping big business is good because it will improve the economy much more than a lowering of individual taxes would. And larger companies are currently suffering just as much as we are for our taxes, so why should they continually be wronged and our taxes be brought to reasonable levels?
  4. If Liberals oppose the Tax Bill, and Liberals are an arm of the MSM, and we argue with the Tax Bill, we are essentially taking sides with our enemy.

In other words, the Tax Bill, although imperfect, is on the whole a decent Bill. It generally helps us more than it hurts us, and gives to us more than it takes away from us. And, under the Trump administration, our hope is that tax money will be well-spent, no matter how much we are taxed.

In every move by a Conservative or Liberal, we have two choices. We can either support their action, or disagree with that action. As a rule, Conservatives should always disagree with the actions of a Liberal or the propaganda articles of the MSM and support the moves of their own people. This statement can, of course, not be followed with some of the more traitorous Republican senators we have at the moment. Aside from a few of these, however, most of the senators are Conservatives who at least have some idea that there is an Enemy.

If we do not support our fellow Conservatives on Capitol Hill, we are acting like traitors to our elected officials. The Broad Right does not have great numbers and huge majorities, so for now it must be united as possible and work as one people to get things changed. If we want to see the swamp drained and battles won against the MSM, why would we continue fighting amongst ourselves before those battles are won?

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