Is Trump Trapped?

The House Republican majority has once again decided to fund current government spending until October. This means that all the existing expenditures will continue and no new ones will be included. In other words, not one change in funding will be made to reflect the Trump campaign agenda.

The clearest way to portray this House Republican decision for the betrayal it is, is to record that funding of Planned Parenting will continue and there will be no new funding for the Border Wall.

Since the Republican Party has controlled the House for several years with a comfortable majority, there can be no excuse that time is needed to reflect the outcome of the November election. The House Republicans have had ample time to put together a Trump-led Republican budget, confident that the House Democrats lack the votes to defeat it, and surely safe in the knowledge that the Senate and White House will approve it.

It is written everywhere in the Mainstream Media (MSM), that this House Republican decision has postponed a partial government shutdown. This can only be true if the House Republican leadership did not have sufficient support for a Republican budget from within its own ranks. We have to assume from the retreat, that such a budget – reflecting Trump’s campaign agenda items, including no funding for PP and funding for the Wall – would have resulted in enough Republican defections to enable the House Democrats to defeat it on a vote.

Or is the explanation that the Republican leadership and a majority of the House Republican members are opposed to Trump’s Presidential agenda? In short, do they want to continue funding PP and are they opposed to the Wall, and is the alleged concern about a government shutdown just a fig-leaf?

As always, when political events are confusing at best, and depressing at worst, looking at the big picture can clarify the underlying realities.

It is our view, regularly expressed on this website, that Trump’s election as President was the expression of a Counter-Revolutionary movement that sought to halt and reverse a profound but stealthy Revolution that had been advancing by increments for more than 8 years.

His Nationalist agenda of borders, language and culture (acknowledgments to Michael Savage), and his agenda of moderate economic Nationalism, was and is, Counter-Revolutionary. As such – and it matters not at all that Trump is probably still unaware of the Counter-Revolutionary nature of his program – it has brought upon him all the opposition that a Ruling Class can muster, unprecedented in US history. It may yet end in an open civil war.

When Obama became President in 2008 he inherited the support of a Democrat Congress in which every member marched in lockstep, for the Democrat Party had long been purged at all levels by the MSM and Far-Left Academic activists. There was no tolerance in the Party for social conservatives or those who wished to keep America American.

The forces that purged the Democrat Party over a decade and henceforth preserved its Stalinist unity, also labored to suborn, bribe and intimidate Republican politicians. Those labors have had much success, and the Republican Party in Congress has a history of retreat and collaboration with the unfolding Revolution.

The Congressional Republicans who now have the power to ignore Trump’s campaign agenda, never campaigned on it themselves. Website visitors may be able to correct me, but I do not recall many of the current office-holders campaigning in the last 6 years for a border wall, restrictions on Muslim immigration, the deportation of illegals, withdrawal from the UN or other basic Nationalist policies.

Trump, since last June, has been more Nationalist (and therefore more Counter-Revolutionary) than almost any Republican in Congress. If we were to express Nationalism as ‘Right’, Trump is to the ‘Right’ of almost all of them. The picture is more mixed on social issues, but my point is that Trump does not have the support of the Congressional Republicans in the way that Obama had the support of the Congressional Democrats.

To be ruthlessly honest, in many of November’s contests for Congress, Republican collaborators did better with voters than did Trump. Much of that is down to the immense propaganda power of the MSM, and to the long hybernation of Nationalism in American politics.

To make matters worse for the legislatively-isolated President Trump, he has been drawn into foreign affairs at a time when he would have been better off campaigning within the USA and building a new Republican Party at the grass roots.

No President grappling with a North Korean threat that may erupt into a nuclear showdown, is in a position to confront and bully a hostile Republican legislature over a collaborationist budget. It may be that Trump, on the advice of good military men in his cabinet, has had no alternative but to make NK a priority, but he appears trapped by events and circumstances.

The Broad Right should continue to fully support him whatever concessions he is forced into, for his presence in the White House is all that holds the Revolution at bay.

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