Trump Presidency Would Bring Stability To Nation After Market Collapse

Once again the Stock Market is revealing great fragility. It will be a miracle if there is not a Wall Street collapse before the November elections. It has long been apparent that the Market’s buoyancy is linked not to industrial output, employment figures, consumption and profitability, but to Janet Yellen’s low interest rate policy. This surely means that the Stock Market has become, and is maintained, artificially high by printing more money than is warranted by an increase in output.

On this website we maintain that the Fed’s decisions on money printing are taken for two reasons, neither of them concerned with the interests of the American people. The most obvious reason is that the Fed is an arm of this Revolutionary Government of Obama (just like the IRS, the DOJ, the Supreme Court, the FBI etc.) and its decisions are political and intended to fund his spending on the Government machinery and expensive, economically wasteful, Revolutionary social projects.

The second reason is that artificially low interest rates are quickly and efficiently enriching the footloose Internationalists at the expense of working people. It is no longer possible for the industrious working people to save for security, and the elderly to live off savings. This reason happens also to serve a political interest because it is an attack on the (conservative) middle class.

Those skeptical of our diagnosis will point out that if correct, a President Hillary Clinton would inherit an economic collapse. True, but this Government calculates that a collapse is inevitable as a result of its policies but that a Democrat Government under Clinton will be in a position to use a collapse to complete the process of Government control.

A Trump Presidency will not avert a collapse of the stock market and the economy (assuming that a collapse occurs after January 2017) but Trump’s decisions would be taken in the interests of the American people – not in the interests of Internationalist bankers or for the completion of the Revolution. Economic and financial collapses are inevitable, but America’s next will be especially severe given the public spending and public debt accumulation of the Obama regime.

In the opinion of this website (and for economic predictions the experts are no more prescient than any realist observer) a collapse is inevitable and the issue is only who is in the White House to deal with it. Trump will tackle it for the benefit of the American people and their Nation State. Any Democrat or Internationalist-Republican President will tackle it for special interests and the completion of the Far Left Revolution.

Some leading Democrats have been worrying about Hillary Clinton’s health, and understandably so! It may be that they are as much in the dark as the rest of us as to her medical problems. They have begun calling for a plan B in case she is forced to pull out of the election. Yesterday, on this website we mentioned Biden, Sanders, Warren and Michelle Obama as possible Democrat choices. The choices of insider Democrats have been leaking into the Internet and are much like our list of possibles.

The amazing thing – and we overlooked it also – is that there should be no crisis and no need for replacement candidates. Tim Kaine is already in place as a replacement should anything happen to Hillary. He has been appointed by the Democrat Party Convention to be a Vice President, and automatically President, should Clinton become incapable in office, or die. The problem for the Dems – and it is implicit in their new-found concern about Hillary’s health – is that Kaine is a non-entity and dismissed from their calculations.

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