On Saturday 19th September, the BNP held a rally in Stoke to protest the lenient sentence dished out by a Crown Court to the Muslim killer of his neighbor. The neighbor, Keith Brown, happened to be a member of the BNP and the two had been involved in a dispute over plot boundaries for some time. At one time they had been workmates and friends but according to the BNP the Muslim and his family had started encroaching on Brown’s land during redevelopment of his house and yard. The dispute had escalated and become more acrimonious and the police had been called several times. In a final explosive confrontation the Muslim and his family had attacked the BNP neighbor and stabbed him in the back.

The BNP and the dead man’s family insist that it was a premeditated murder, since the Muslim had gone indoors during the fracas and obtained the knife. The prosecution only claimed manslaughter or involuntary killing. Although the two men had once been friends there is no doubt that race eventually played a part in the build-up to the tragic climax. One does not have to have inside knowledge to assert this for experience tells us that in any chronic and acrimonious dispute human nature will ensure that racial and cultural differences will add fuel to the flames. It was known that Keith Brown was a BNP activist so the Authorities will have considered that he must have been provocative and therefore a contributor to his own murder.

Twenty years ago, I would have been skeptical about the BNP’s claim that justice was not done in court and I would have trusted the Crown Prosecution Service, the judge, the police and the jury to be fair and objective. Unfortunately, against a background of uncontrolled mass immigration, the deliberate swamping of the UK’s native people, the imposition of laws to silence opposition to immigration, the use of political correctness and state and Media propaganda to intimidate the native people, and the politicization of the courts and police, I think it is highly probable that the prosecution decisions and lenient sentencing were motivated by political calculation. In the UK there is no doubt that the Media and Officialdom have together decided that immigrant crime must be played down and mostly denied, especially when the victims are White. There is a conspiracy to cover up the facts so that the native population does not get alarmed. I am sure the conspirators in all this news suppression rationalize their actions as keeping the lid on social unrest and preventing (White) bigotry and retaliatory violence.

No doubt in Stalin’s Soviet Union, the secret police and other officials who terrorized their people, asserted to each other that their misuse of power was for the overall public good. In Hitler’s Germany the Gestapo’s thugs probably convinced themselves that Jews were undermining German society. It is not difficult to find plausible reasons for setting facts aside and hijacking the legal process and unfortunately in multi-racial Great Britain the age-old belief that the law should be blind to everything but the truth has been rejected and replaced by arbitrary law that serves the purposes of the new ruling Class. And so we have to believe that white Keith Brown, a Stoke native and family man, who was murdered in a race-fuelled attack, was denied justice. In his death he joined many other native British people who have lost their lives on the altar of the Leftist ideological plan to destroy the British Nation State by swamping its people through mass immigration.

The BNP decided to raise its profile in Stoke by using the injustice to demonstrate and leaflet the city. The Party already has an active base there and several elected councilors and seem to have electoral momentum. Some observers predict that the BNP may inflict such losses on the longtime Labour Party rulers that the BNP will soon have a majority on the Stoke council and a BNP mayor. The Left in the UK, just like the Left almost everywhere else in the world, has a monopoly on violence and in the UK it has the added benefit of a colluding Media and a politically controlled police force. Consequently, the BNP can never hold public events that have been openly planned and advertized, for laying in wait is an army of well-funded thugs mostly sponsored by Unions. These Red street-fighters, consisting mostly of perpetual Arts students, the half-educated dysfunctional children of Leftists, and Union officials are not  inhibited by the need to earn a living or support a family and thus can go anywhere at any time. Their well-publicized boast is that they exist to prevent Nationalists from campaigning amongst the people. Often simply by showing up, or by threatening violence, they give the colluding Authorities of Law and Order the excuse to stop Nationalist activity. This happened in Cologne, Germany at the weekend and proves that the situation in the UK is common to Western Europe.

Mr. Radical, who is not a member of the BNP but would happily admit to being a Nationalist, went to Stoke to observe and to photograph. The BBC, the tax-financed Media giant, was also in Stoke. So we have the reports of both. The BBC reported that the BNP rally attracted only about 300 people and that most were young skin-heads. The BBC reporter sought out a Muslim near a Mosque to make all of the comments on the BNP activity! At the same time as the BNP leafleted and rallied in non-publicized places, the frustrated Red thugs gathered in the city center. Mr. Radical heard reports that the Red mob began rioting. This has not been reported by the BBC or the MSM. None of this should surprise readers of this website.

The BNP members who attended the rally have expressed outrage at the BBC reporting. The BNP website is worth a visit for there are many pictures of the BNP crowd and not a skinhead in sight amongst the (much larger than 300) crowd. Just in case anyone thinks the BNP has falsified the pictures, Mr. Radical’s photos are here and support the BNP’s claim that their followers are very normal British people, their only abnormality being their courage to risk persecution from the Media and Government and injury from the Red thugs. Mr. Radical estimated the crowd at somewhere between 750 and 1000 and all well-behaved and entirely rational citizens.

Co-incidentally, in the USA, the day after the Stoke rally, a crowd of around 70,000 turned up in central Florida to see and hear Governor Sarah Palin. The organizers had expected less than half that number. The crowd estimate was made by Fire Dept officials who were in a helicopter and thus likely to be accurate. Do not expect this figure to appear anywhere in the MSM for it matches the best crowds that Media candidate Obama has ever drawn in the USA and dwarfs the crowds for poor old Joe Biden. Palin, in this last week, has endured the most gross and destructive Media campaign ever mounted against a US politician. Rush Limbaugh this morning commented that Media and Leftist attacks could not go any lower. He is quite wrong! On this website we will forecast “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” This Media Class has no bottom limit (No pun intended!), for it is made up of perverts who are addicted to ever more shocking thrills and to Leftists for whom the ‘ends justify any means’. If, come November, this Class achieves the legislative power that it craves, we will learn that the values of the old Christian America have gone forever and been replaced by political intimidation and suppression, a moral abyss and a Nation too weak to defend itself. Palin and McCain are now all that stands in the way of Obama’s brave new world of Media-promoted debauchery and incessant propaganda. The more that the McCain/Palin looks electorally competitive the more openly the MSM will plumb depths that Rush Limbaugh cannot imagine.

Media entertainment people inhabit a world of drugs, alcohol abuse and sex addiction. In the moments that they are not under the influence or are ‘in rehab’ they make lofty pronouncements on behalf of the world’s poor or unleash attacks against those domestic politicians who dare to advocate moral restraint. Rich and dysfunctional, they fund the hard Left causes and are given a pass by the revolutionaries in the news Media. This last week, the ageing pop warbler George Michael was caught once again in possession of a variety of illegal ‘recreational’ drugs. The out-of-the-closet homosexual, who once got arrested in an LA public toilet, apologized to his fans for his latest slip. Michael’s latest drug blip is hardly newsworthy, for hardly a day goes by but that some warbler, actor or pro-sport player gets in the news for more of the same. None of this stops them getting richer and richer and more and more celebrated and these are the role models for our young. In the meantime, if one follows the Media, Sarah Palin represents the greatest threat to Western values since Senator Joe McCarthy.

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