Will SC Dems Bern Hillary?

In the next few days the opinion polls will reveal whether the Democrats of South Carolina are going to desert the crooked, lying Hillary in sufficient numbers to keep Bernie Sanders on the road to Nevada and beyond. The experts say Clinton has a lock on the crucial Black vote. The Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Republican Collaborators make much of the alleged lack of higher education of Trumpets, but is there a more educationally ignorant constituency of voters in the USA than Democrat African-Americans? This, the MSM never comments upon.

All the MSM personal attacks on Donald Trump include a description of him as ‘bombastic’ and ‘boastful’, particularly because he draws attention to the size of his crowds. We might say that he blows his own trumpet (no pun intended). Last night I watched on YouTube, Trump’s massive rally in Tampa, Florida which had taken place earlier the same evening, With the venue packed by 10,000 enthusiasts and another 5,000 outside watching him on screens, one can forgive Trump for wanting to communicate to America that he is leading a mass movement.

This ‘boasting’ is perfectly understandable and not a Trump character blemish, for if he does not draw attention to the amazing size of his crowds, Americans will be denied important information. What is more than odd and actually sinister, is not Trump’s ’boasting’, but the conspiracy between the MSM and the ‘Conservative’ writers and commentators who avoid any mention or pictures of his audience numbers. His crowds are phenomenal and in themselves worthy of record and recognition.

The current situation is that while all the other Republican primary contestants draw, at best, a measly hundred or two supporters, here is a candidate drawing thousands, occasionally tens of thousands, night after night and across many States. Even if reporters and commentators wish this wasn’t so, is it not intellectually dishonest to conceal the facts and deny the truth?

Last night in Tampa, an amazingly relaxed Trump strolled onto the stage and proceeded to engage his massive audience in an intimate chat about the success of his campaign thus far, his appreciation of his followers, the dishonesty of the assembled MSM hacks, and the familiar litany of his intentions once elected.

One of several things that set him apart from all rivals is his blunt, unambiguous promises. “We are going to build that wall!” is typical of this simplicity. His audience roars back “Build the wall!” His critics think his weakness is that he doesn’t unveil detailed blueprints of how it will get done. They miss the point, for his audience knows that the USA, if led by a confident and determined leader (who has built things for a living) is quite capable of doing so. In Trump they see will-power, confidence in American know-how, and un-ambiguity, and they want the border controlled.

Another thing that sets him apart is his sly humor. He appears not to take himself too seriously, despite the underlying seriousness of his agenda. He outrageously pokes fun at opponents and sacred cows and his audience knows he is having fun and so are they. All his rivals are grim or lecturing. A Trump Presidency promises to be both effective and irreverent, indeed government by a normal human being who loves his country and rides roughshod over obstacles. Just what the Nation needs after decades of decline and political correctness.

Rush Limbaugh, who also indulges in sly humor that falls on the deaf ears of our PC crowd, has some understanding of Trump’s appeal. So does Michael Savage, who can be funny. Mark Levin, the Talk Show proponent of ‘Constitutionalism’ is hardly able to control his animus towards The Donald, the candidate who is sucking the air out of the Constitutional scholar Ted Cruz. Levin, a good and patriotic Conservative, has absolutely no sense of humor and therefore fails to understand this part of Trump’s appeal.

The latest poll numbers from South Carolina are:


Trump 35 +21 Cruz 16  Rubio 13  Bush 13  Kasich 9  Carson 5 

What's Your Opinion?