Trump The Catalyst Or More?

Catalyst is a modern word and has been borrowed and adapted from chemistry. Its meaning when used about a person is ‘a person that quickly causes change or action’. Few would deny that Donald Trump has been a catalyst in the Republican primaries and the Republican Party. Some might argue that he has been more than a catalyst and that ‘earthquake‘ is more appropriate. Others might think ‘eruption’ is the best description.

On this website, and only on this website, we maintain that he has been a trigger, i.e. a mechanism for releasing a spring (as in a gun). This is not mere playing with words but a duty to reveal the truth of what is happening and explaining why a politically innocent elderly White patriot of independent means has caused so much consternation in Ruling Class circles and on the Far Left.

This weekend, the Boston Globe, one of the propaganda organs of America’s new Ruling Class, has gone to the extraordinary lengths of publishing a false front page intended to frame Trump in the public mind as a monster. All of our website visitors will be aware that the whole Mainstream Media (MSM) has been conducting a daily campaign against Trump ever since it became clear he was igniting a political movement that was thought to have been suffocated and extinguished.

The MSM and the Far Left Democrat Party have been enjoying a rare unity with the leadership and bureaucracy of the Republican Party, in casting The Donald as Public Enemy Number One and his followers as a reincarnation of Hitler’s Brown-shirts. Anyone not under the influence of the MSM and who steps back a pace, understands that this is either hysterical nonsense or vicious propaganda. Trump is no different a person than he ever was, which is to say a man without a serious political history, without an ideology, who is funding his own campaign and who is now simply addressing the Nation’s problems through the normal democrat process and with common-sense solutions. Some might reasonably argue that his solutions are a little simplistic and the problems complex, but to suggest that he is an evil threat to America is breathtaking. As for his followers being thuggish, dangerously ignorant, intolerant, and Brown-shirts in disguise, one brief visit to any of his rallies reveals that they are the ordinary folks who are the industrious backbone of America.

All of the accusations made by the MSM, the Far Left and the Republican gentry against Trump and his followers, are actually accurate descriptions of his opposition. It is among those who oppose him that we find the thugs (BLM and the Red Brigades), the ignorant (inner city ghetto inhabitants who march in lockstep with the Far Left Democrat Party), the intolerant (college professors, students and administrators and Silicon Valley plutocrats), the morally corrupt (Hastert, Hollywood billionaires and Pop Singers), the financially corrupt (almost every leading Washington politician) and Stalins-in-waiting.

The context that explains Trump’s success and the virulent, hysterical opposition to him, is the concealed victory of America’s first Ruling Class which placed Obama in the White House and embarked on the stealthy social, economic and political Revolution that the Ruling Class is imposing on America’s befuddled and divided people.

A Revolution, no matter how stealthily it is imposed and no matter how effective is its propaganda machine (the MSM), is still a Revolution. As it transforms society in pursuit of its Ruling Class agenda so it destabilizes all structures. The exponential growth of government, its reach into every aspect of the citizen’s life, its redistribution of wealth, its capture of the judiciary, its setting aside of Constitutional procedures and their replacement with arbitrary laws, its purging of the military, its deadly attacks on all old institutions, its complete intolerance of traditions and old ideas, are bound to cause widespread unease and unrest no matter how much the Revolution is skillfully packaged and presented as ‘politics as usual’.

Everywhere the people are confronted with radical change which is welcome to dysfunctional minorities and uncomfortable, even nauseating, to the majority. The Boy Scouts, traditional marriage, the homo-sexualization of the military, the loss of free speech in the workplace, the official embrace of Black rioters, the demolition of borders and the importation of the Third World and Muslim enemies, the explosion of the National debt to fund the redistribution of wealth both internally and internationally, the official denial of gender, government solely from the White House – this list could go on for ever, for even more change is coming each day.

It was inevitable that this Revolutionary change would ignite resistance somewhere, even if the political Party meant to represent opposition to radical change was reduced to a tool of the new Ruling Class. Donald Trump, not corrupted by a political career, financially independent, driven (belatedly) by love of country, guided only by common sense and not intimidated by political correctness, made a speech and triggered a resistance movement. That movement is a potential catalyst for both an eruption and an earthquake and that explains the hysteria and virulence of all those who are benefiting from the Revolution or who have thrown in their lot with the new Ruling Class.

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