Trump Abandons Common Sense

One of Trump’s characteristics that has marked him out from his Republican rivals, is his common sense and blunt approach to issues that others have pussyfooted around in order not to offend political correctness and powerful vested interests.

No control of the borders results in letting in criminals and other undesirables, says The Donald. Build a wall to stop illegal immigrants from entering. These are good examples of Trump‘s telling the truth and providing the answer. There is no ambivalence in his stating of the problem, and his solution is good old common sense.

Muslims are committing atrocities in the name of their religion all around the world. Stop them coming into America until it can be determined which ones are intending to commit atrocities, says The Donald. On this website we believe Trump does not go far enough and deep enough regarding the entry of Muslims, but his definition of the problem is clear, and his solution plain old common sense.

Trump is also correct in his definition of the problem of unfair trading practices between Nations and the loss of American jobs. He is right about the poor treatment of military veterans and Obama’s deliberate weakening of America’s armed forces and he pledges to put these things right.

Taken together, and with other statements he has made, Trump has positioned himself as a Nationalist, and he reinforces this with his pledge to make America great again. We believe that it is this unambiguous Nationalism that is propelling him to the Republican nomination.

We are shocked by his support for the Revolutionary notion that people can choose their sexual identity and impose their choice on society. The science of sexual identity cannot be refuted. Males are males and females are females and there are no in-betweens or third genders. The two genders of male and female are clear-cut at conception and cannot be changed. One or the other is present in every part of the human body and sexual genitalia are merely expressions of a larger picture.

Attempting to dismiss these facts or to suggest that they are irrelevant is to reject common sense. What replaces common sense is always nonsense.

The current campaign to set aside these facts about gender and replace them with drivel about personal choice of gender, is part of a much bigger Revolutionary agenda, not only to extend the official normalization of same-sex perversion and sodomy, but also to displace and abandon reality and create a society where the denial of facts is the norm.

Some Nationalists are saying ‘What difference does it make! Lets move on to more important things’. Well, it seems to be a very important issue, indeed a litmus test, for the Ruling Class, the MSM, the Far Left and every big company. They are determined to crush North Carolina over it so they realize that much is at stake.

The ultimate aim of the Revolutionaries is to create a totalitarian society where one and one makes three if the Ruling Class says so. Are you going to believe your Rulers or your lying eyes? Is this large, hairy, muscular naked man with testicles, high heels and lipstick using the women’s bathroom, a female as he claims and the government insists, or are you going to believe your lying eyes and deny his ‘reality’?

In North Carolina, and to use the Mainstream Media’s nu-speak, the people’s representatives “have passed legislation that requires people (transsexuals do not exist!) to use bathrooms that correspond with the gender listed on their birth certificate” The gender listed on their birth certificate IS their gender unless there was been a clerical error at the time of birth.

The MSM describes North Carolina’s legislation as “controversial’ which in our new Revolutionary America means that the Ruling Class and its MSM has chosen to define it as such and has amplified the minority voices of perverts and Revolutionaries.

There is much, much more to this preposterous issue than we can cover here, but we will signpost that it is another assault not only on common sense but on Christianity, on traditional families, on history and on the fundamentals of a strong Nation. North Carolina’s legislators are mainly attempting to protect women and young girls from the attentions of perverts, but no doubt they are also trying to strike a blow for common sense. Good for them!

Sexual predators and peeping Toms will welcome permission to roam at will into public female bathrooms, but there is a pathetic minority of dysfunctional people who yearn to live a life as members of the opposite sex. Whether they are born with this emotional affliction or it is the consequence of abnormal experiences in early life, they are to be pitied.

A tolerant society will require them either to seek treatment or live out their fantasy in private places. This is not a harsh requirement but some, encouraged by the Revolutionaries with a bigger agenda, now want to force all to enter their fantasies so they can be accepted as ‘normal’. Exhibitionism is a symptom of emotional sickness and immaturity and condemns people to a loss of dignity at best, and ridicule and cruelty at worst.

A society in which reality is denied and opposition to unreality is criminalized, is a sick society hell-bent on the road to destruction. Donald Trump is reported -according to a gleeful MSM – as “Hammering a controversial North Carolina law”. He has said “The State has created a problem that did not previously exist”, yet he advocates building a wall to stop illegal immigration. Some would say his wall will create a problem that did not previously exist.

We ask Donald Trump if denying the reality of gender differences and restructuring America to appease perverts will ‘Make our Nation great again?’

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