Only 2 More Campaigning Days To Go

The South Carolina primary elections take place on Saturday, and if the Opinion polls are to be believed Donald Trump will comfortably win the Republican Party contest and Hillary Clinton will just as easily win the Democrat contest.

Behind these obvious predictions is a more complicated picture that almost guarantees a continuation of civil war within each Party. For the Democrats the election will reveal that African Americans and middle-aged, whiskery White women past reproduction age, are Hillary Clinton’s loyal base. For African Americans, it seems, successful criminality and greed are recommendations. For aging and over-assertive White women, identification with an ugly sister is key.

For Barricade Bernie, achieving more than 30% in SC will be a victory of sorts and he will be looking on to Black-less Nevada for encouragement. Opinion polls suggest he is neck and neck with Clinton in Nevada and across the Nation.

This is good news for all of us Counter-revolutionaries. Only 6 months ago it had looked as though Hillary, and an unscathed Democrat Party, would coast through the primaries, she parading her invincibility and hoarding her war chest, and they the Party of unity. Now she is in only the second fight of her political career, spending supporters’ money, wearing out her face-lifts with anxiety and rage, being forced to own Far Left policies and suffering the humiliation that she can’t knock out an old, deranged opponent. Her good fortune is that Barricade Bernie has not brought up her email scandals, her Benghazi disaster and her alleged criminality, and Obama has reigned in his FBI.

Trump’s lead is good, but far from conclusive. Beyond Nevada, he faces some less friendly States where his momentum may stall. He is benefiting from the bitter divisions between his surviving competitors. However his own fierce attacks on them will surely alienate their supporters for the future, when the field narrows down. His attacks on George W. Bush for 9/11 and the WMD issue will also alienate some Conservative Republicans. The only explanation for such needless attacks is that Trump is looking ahead and is laying claim to disenchanted working class Democrat voters in November. It looks like we are seeing here Trump’s ambition and ruthlessness.

Nothing that has emerged in the aftermath of Scalia’s sudden death has persuaded this website to ‘move along for nothing to see here’. The questions we raised in our previous article remain unanswered, including why he was vacationing in such a remote place. We find it hard to believe that he was a hunter, so what was he doing there?

Yesterday we noted that Rush Limbaugh, like the MSM, was ignoring this astonishing, political-game-changing episode. Today he hurried to dismiss those who are dissatisfied with official explanations as “conspiracy nuts”, and reinforced this with a call to honor the families plea for no more questions.

We are left wondering if the Texas hunting lodge is not what it seems, and that Scalia’s presence and death there are an embarrassment to his family and those who have had him on a Conservative pedestal. Michael Savage, unlike Limbaugh, is fulfilling the role of a journalist and asking how Scalia came to be in this remote but expensive lodge, who accompanied him and who paid his expenses. The mystery deepens and we remind our website visitors that we live in Revolutionary times under a Ruling Class with unlimited wealth, power and ambition.


  1. Fox News is pushing the recent NBC/WSJ poll that has Cruz at a two-point lead over Trump nationally. It is an outlier, to say the least, when compared to ALL THE OTHER POLES taken around the same time, and that show Trump with double-digit leads over everyone.

    The way I saw Carl Cameron frame last night, Fox News is actually LYING. There’s not other way to put it. If you didn’t know about the other polls, which this report neglected to mention, you’d think that Cruz was now sitting in the catbird seat.

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