Donald Trump, Peggy Noonan, And Mark Levin

On this website we assume that the great majority of our website visitors are on the Right of the political spectrum and generally sympathetic to our interpretation of current events. No doubt we get occasional visits from the Far Left, pervert world and the DOJ, monitoring us in order to arrange our punishment and suppression once the Revolution is completed.

We assume that like us, our regulars frequent websites and Media commentators of the Right, searching for the honest information ignored or misrepresented by the Mainstream Media. And also looking for the reassurance that comes with finding comrades with similar views.

For all of us, the current Republican primary contest has become an extraordinarily unsettling experience. It was always going to be unsettling as the Republican establishment sought to impose a candidate who would make the necessary Conservative noises whilst clearly being an eventual compromiser with the progressive current. We knew that we would be having to sift out who would be the most Conservative from among a gaggle of smooth-tongued professionals.

Since we amateurs have no access to insider knowledge, and reject the MSM propaganda, we generally look to trusted websites, commentators and Radio Talk-show hosts for guidance. These range from (Far Right) fringe websites like Occidental Observer, AmRen, Ann Coulter, through Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Mark Steyn, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck to Fox News and the Opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal.

We are not attributing the same value to all of the foregoing but simply identifying some of the many that searchers for truth go to for help and re-assurance. In other times we would probably have discovered a consensus of sorts, apart from the Far Right Nationalist writers. We would have been forced to set aside the latter for guidance since none of the Republican contestants would have dared to venture into their territory. Donald Trump’s entry into the contest, espousing in non-ideological language, Nationalist policies, has ripped the Conservative consensus wide apart.

As we have written many times in the last few months, Trump has unwittingly redefined the issues for the Right. When we write ‘unwittingly’ we do not mean to imply that he is insincere – far from it – but that in good faith he has stumbled into American Nationalism at a moment when it is both desperately relevant and dangerously Counter-revolutionary. Of the three sides of the triangle of anti-Revolutionary resistance (Conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism), Nationalism is the one that must dominate in this election.

We write this because our new Ruling Class, whose agent occupies the White House, is attempting, by stealth, to dismember the American Nation State. Open borders, a mass importation of Second Worlders – some of whom would be harmless in small numbers – a Muslim invasion which will be harmful in any numbers, the Balkanization of America’s cities, Government-encouraged lawlessness, the persecution of Christians and much else, but especially the indoctrination of the young with Internationalism, are designed to destroy the American Nation State from within and without.

Christian morality and a Conservative legal framework underpinned by the Constitution, already under attack and helpless, will be lost if the Nation State is dismantled and America merged into a progressive (and Revolutionary) One World. This is why we have put Christianity and Conservatism on the back-burner and committed to Trump

The forces gathering to snuff out Trump and his movement are Internationalist whether they are Far Left, Big Business or moral Revolutionaries. Unfortunately, because these forces are in the ascendant, control the Government machinery, have massive wealth and can offer great rewards, there are some on the Right who have been suborned or intimidated.

Trump and his Nationalism have split the Right apart, on the Internet, on Talk Radio and in the ‘Conservative’ MSM, such as it is. Unfortunately and fortunately, Trump is not a slick politician, has no ideological compass, is impulsive and occasionally coarse, and has a checkered business and marital history. If that sounds negative, he is also honest, intuitive, likeable, thinks entirely in common-sense ways, bought by no-one and is motivated entirely by patriotism.

The Conservative consensus that I mentioned earlier has been rent asunder. Some on the websites, some on Talk Radio and some in the MSM who should be uniting on our side, have deserted to the enemy. Motives vary from vested interests to pique to short-sightedness. Mark Levin and Glen Beck are among those who have deserted. Michael Savage is on our side and Rush Limbaugh is still on the fence, though teetering the wrong way. Peggy Noonan, who like Mark Levin is an old Reagan-ite, is teetering to our side (see her WSJ article “New York’s Vote Matters for a Change”), as is Brian Sussman. We have often lampooned Noonan on this website, but now she is coming up ‘trumps’. Rudy Giulianni is another surprise.

As we have long written, these are Revolutionary times, when old alliances are inevitably torn apart. Even the Far Left Democrat Party is now seriously divided. The Republican Party and the old- Right consensus of the alternative Media, have both been irreparably divided by Donald Trump.


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