Cruz, The Enquirer and Trump

Vultures, jackals, coyotes and maggots have their place in the order of things. They may not be appealing, but by feasting on rotten flesh they perform a necessary role in getting rid of bad smells.

The National Enquirer is a weekly magazine that appeals to our basic instincts by uncovering and revealing the seamy side of self-important people. Show Business stars and their scandals are its regular menu but occasionally they strike lucky with a politician. The magazine’s corner of the Media market consists of publishing scandal that the MSM deliberately conceals. Presumably it works like this. Someone possesses a nasty secret, invariably sexual, about a famous person, and for revenge or reward, offers it to the MSM only to discover that the secret is either too risky to handle or is being deliberately suppressed to protect the favored famous.

As a last resort the keeper of the secret goes to the National Enquirer which after years of specialization is expert at doing its own investigation and double-checking before printing and risking a libel action. The magazine has had some big successes including golfer Tiger Wood and Democrat Presidential candidate Gary Hart. What it prints about a powerful politician has to be taken seriously, though if the MSM really closes ranks the story can fizzle.

On Good Friday, the National Enquirer’s front page alleged that Ted Cruz has had a sexual relationship with five women other than his wife. It did not name them but printed pictures with faces deliberately blurred. We can guess that the magazine intends to release the identities later in order to wring as much as possible out of the allegation. Internet watchers have already identified three of the ‘accused’ women on the basis of the pictures.

The Enquirer has, as yet, printed no evidence, though we can assume that it has something that might be incriminating. Given the high stakes involved in the Republican primary contest, and the investment that so many important people have recently invested in Cruz in order to take down Donald Trump, the MSM may unite to ignore or suppress the Enquirer allegations. On the other hand, some elements in the MSM and among the Republican elite, hating Cruz almost as much as they hate Trump, may not be able to resist fanning the flames.

Cruz immediately wholly denied the Enquirer accusations. Given the dirty tricks to which politicians on the Right are regularly subjected, and given the prominent place Cruz has given to his Christian commitment, especially in Utah and since, it seems unlikely that he would be guilty. Generally on this website we respect the old British tradition of ‘innocent until proven guilty’, and Cruz may be the victim of an extremely dirty and dishonest plot.

Nevertheless, in this modern world of celebrity, now intertwined with politics, power and great financial rewards, we have learned that some politicians and some religious celebrities take great risks. We genuine conservatives, shaped by the Bible’s wisdom, never forget that human nature cannot be changed and man has a constant battle with temptation. Lust, greed, vanity, ambition, and the discarding of humility are always beckoning, and the further one moves in elevated circles, the more appealing the temptations.

So, on this website we keep an open mind and hope for the sake of the Nation and his family that Cruz is entirely innocent. Having expressed that hope, there are several things that cause us unease. It seems that these allegations are not new and were offered to the Breitbart website which refused to take them up but which has been experiencing internal conflict. A respected Washington Times reporter has given them credence. Cruz, it seems, donated $500,000 to the Karly Fiorina political campaign where one of the alleged ‘lovers’ was employed. This, if true, is hard to explain except as ‘hush’ money.

It seems to be common knowledge that the original source of the allegations were Rubio staffers, and since the allegations are not new, we must assume that Cruz knows this. Nevertheless, he has used them to vehemently blame Trump as the source and the link to the Enquirer. Trump, who is not above punching below the belt, has denied any involvement and has so far always been careful to avoid lies.

Cruz’s pinning this ‘Enquirer story’ on Trump, may have some validity but is more likely to be sheer opportunism and/or desperation. If the allegations prove to be true – and it would be hard to cover up five affairs from frenzied investigation – Cruz is finished. However his charge against Trump may have the effect of bringing down the Nationalist campaign with his own. The anti-Trump MSM, led by the Internationalist WSJ, is already using the allegations to smear Trump.

Who knows how this bombshell will play out? Cruz would not be the first to walk the tightrope of advertised personal purity and dangerous liaisons. Neither would he be the first Christian to be unjustly smeared by powerful enemies. As far as we can see, Trump has not had a part in the allegations, since his only ammunition in his juvenile spat with Cruz involved Heidi Cruz and her past emotional problems.

If Cruz is revealed to be guilty, the only consolations will be the on-air spluttering of Mark Levin, the desperate fancy footwork of Rush Limbaugh, and the barely-suppressed gloating of Michael Savage. Meanwhile Obama gets away with his Communist and Islamic flirtations and Hillary gets away with her crimes. A Ruling Class that owns the Government machinery and the propaganda power of the MSM, has all the aces.

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  1. Why no reporting that at least 2 of the “pictured” females vehemently denied the accusation made by Enquirer, one while being interviewed on CNN on another matter? Also, why no mention that the Enquirer has endorsed Trump, and it’s owner is a long time friend of Trumps? Calumny is a bad thing to be messing with and your article seems to be leaning in that direction with no facts to substantiate it, only “rumors.”

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