Grasping at Straws?

New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Prior to the election there was a regular Sunday afternoon Trump rally at the junction of 44 and Mission. Generally, the rally attracted around 100, occupying the two western corners. A small band of Biden supporters and rainbow activists, numbering between 20 and 30, always occupied the two eastern corners from 4 pm to 5 pm. A contingent of 5 or 6 police officers prevented the Trumpers from joining and swamping them. The anti-Trump crowd stayed for strictly an hour and left precisely at 5 pm. The rumor was that they were paid for the hour by Bloomberg money. The Trump crowd always started assembling well before 3.30 pm and many stayed well beyond 5 pm. Draw your own conclusions from this contrast in commitment!

This Sunday Nov 8th, at 3 pm, following the election and Trump’s ‘defeat,’ I returned, intending to be a lone Trump demonstrator, but found that around 50 Trumpers were already in position on the western corner, with flags and signs. There were no police present, so I took up position on an eastern corner and eventually was joined by a few Trumpers.

No Biden/rainbow supporters put in an appearance at any time (I was there until 5.30 pm when it was almost dark) and only one Law Enforcement officer showed up and he merely sat in his sheriff’s car and observed.

At its peak, the Trump crowd reached around 100, and as always was a cross-section of very ordinary Americans with as many women as men, all ages, and included two Black women and several Latinos. It was a mix of locals and people from the Orlando area and Edgewater. The Trumpers were in remarkably good spirits and confident that Trump will win in the Courts. They intend to continue rallying each Sunday afternoon. One elderly woman from Orlando told me that she gets rally information from Facebook.

As I understand it, such rallies are taking place all over America.

The MSM’s editors, ‘reporters’ and technocrats will not report, or permit to be communicated, any news or information favorable or useful to Trump and his supporters. Their intention is that Trump supporters should be isolated, unorganized, demoralized and powerless to resist, as the Ruling Media Class installs Biden and Harris in the White House as a fait accompli.

When Donald Trump threw his hat into the ring in 2016 as a nationalist/conservative, he was undoubtedly naïve, and totally unprepared for the hostility of his erstwhile friends in the entertainment and news media. Maybe, in the beginning, he did not expect to win the Presidency and clearly – like most of us – was unaware of the depth of institutional Far-Left partisanship in the Washington government bureaucracy, the FBI and the CIA. And like most of us, he had no idea of the Leftist tentacles the Obama regime had extended into the Pentagon and the Federal Courts, in order to continue exercising power into the future. And all this corruption achieved while the old ‘Bush’ Republican Party in Congress was either asleep at the wheel, feeding at the trough, or actively colluding.

The consequence of his naivety when he legitimately – but narrowly – entered the White House, was one blunder after another in cabinet and departmental appointments. There was a coordinated campaign by all elements of the frustrated Ruling Class to paint his Presidency as illegitimate, and him as a mix of clown, rogue, Russian agent, pervert, financial criminal, psychiatric case, and a dangerously incompetent amateur.

But painting this picture day after day was not enough, and FBI and CIA personnel at the highest levels, manufactured, without any evidence, charges of his and his aides’ traitorous and criminal collusion with Russia.

Whatever the prior flaws in Trump’s character, he has for four years heroically and almost single-handedly fought back (without a respite) against the most powerful forces of a Ruling Class ever assembled against a President.

Whilst doing so, he has successfully implemented policies that protect American workers, rejuvenated the economy, resisted China’s economic and intellectual invasion of the USA, halted the Pentagon’s quest for foreign wars, taken the USA out of internationalist agreements aimed at the world-wide redistribution of American wealth, resisted the advance of progressive morality, steered America’s courts back to the Constitution, largely transformed the dying Republican Party into a militant Nationalist movement of America’s working people of all colors and ethnicities, and most importantly, brought into the open the MSM and the ‘Deep State’ as enemies of truth, and contemptuous of America’s working people.

Now still-President Trump, with the backing of leading Republicans, is challenging the election results in those swing states prematurely ‘called’ for Biden by a MSM working a confidence-trickster’s bums’ rush to his election victory.

Most Trump loyalists (including me) believe that there was unprecedented widespread vote-rigging. They believe that this will be uncovered, pursued through various legal channels and keep Trump in the White House. Are they clutching at straws?

I don’t think it matters, because fighting on every front is the right strategy. Challenging Biden’s ‘victory’ to the wire, so his Presidency begins tainted with illegitimacy, is well worth it.  This is what they did to Trump, and we need to return the favor. It will be a tougher fight because they have the MSM propaganda machine, and the Republicans will not all march in lockstep. Romney will not be the only renegade, and cowardly defectors will be rewarded by the Ruling Class.

Trump’s persistence will be more effective if it is accompanied by visibility on the streets. Expect the Internet to be increasingly closed to resistance communication, so visibility on the streets is a vital alternative. Trump must continue to hold rallies all over the USA, and elected Republican Congressmen must spend more time campaigning with their supporters and less time in Washington.

Biden and Harris are not capable of dealing with the problems that will face the USA, and the Presidency will be a poison chalice for his muddled mind. The economy is in poor shape thanks to the virus, and the socialist policies to which he and Harris have committed will be gasoline on the fire.

Foreign rivals and foes in Iran, Turkey, the wider Muslim world, China, Russia, and North Korea will be emboldened by an America led by a mentally-declining puppet, and they will take advantage. Jimmy Carter will look like a master-mind in comparison, and he embarrassed America on the world stage.

Trump exceeded all our expectations as President. He has sacrificed his business empire and risked his life and the lives of his family, and he seems ready to fight on. We must fight with him on every level. Small things count! Keep those Trump signs on display in your yard, wear those Trump hats and shirts, put bumper stickers on your vehicle, if face masks become compulsory, get Trump face-masks – and join street rallies. Whenever you are in conversations, refer to Biden as an illegitimate President. And don’t waste time and energy attacking and alienating Susan Collins, Murkowski, Lindsay Graham – even Joe Manchin – whose votes will be needed in the Senate. Ignoring Romney will reduce his value to the MSM.

Be in for the long haul!

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