Intimidation, Resignation or Patience

The news that the Washington Post had settled Nick Sandmann’s $250m lawsuit was perhaps the only good news in recent weeks for those of us counter-revolutionaries on the Broad Right. It was the young Catholic’s second win in the courts, and therefore it is possible that more of his persecutors in the lying MSM will now choose to settle out of court.

Good luck to Nick and we hope he gets rich. It would be encouraging if more of our persecuted people were willing or able to fight back through the courts. This would make the disgusting media people and the equally disgusting college mob pay for persecuting us for exercising the free speech and truth-telling guaranteed as a right in the Constitution.

How much the WaPo paid to settle is a secret. Although it was undoubtedly enough to make Nick and his lawyers a little richer, we are skeptical that it was remotely in the region of $250m. Admittedly  $250m is chump change for WaPo owner Bezos and other MSM titans, but it would be quite a frightener for the members of the college mob who are driving honest people out of the education world.

Joshua T. Katz is a professor of classics at Princeton, and on Monday’s Wall Street Journal’s Opinion page he described how he is being persecuted for responding to an online letter of revolutionary student and faculty “demands” by the campus Far-Left bullies. Katz’s response to the letter included his description of the Black Justice League (a student body that sought to aggressively intimidate college opponents) as a “terrorist organization.” This was probably a very accurate description, but even if a little strong, it was an exercise in free speech and was dwarfed by the language the Left uses about anyone who is unwilling to bow – or shine shoes – as a demonstration of racist guilt.

Katz, for now, has survived in his job but he has been left in no doubt that the president of Princeton is out to get him – or to use a euphemism – is “looking into” what he said. Katz writes that there are faculty colleagues and students who privately support him but are too frightened to go public. That he has survived this far is no doubt due to having friends on the editorial pages of the WSJ. As it happens, these friends themselves may not be around much longer if the Far-Leftist employees who infest the rest of that newspaper get their way.

Who would want to be in Katz’s shoes? It is not very far-fetched to compare his situation with that of Jews in Nazi Germany after 1933, or even more appropriately, citizens in Soviet Russia who had been denounced by neighbors – and even family members – to the secret police. Last week, an academic at the University of North Carolina (Wilmington) who had resisted the Far-Left masters of academia was found dead and most likely had committed suicide. One writer on our side, in paying tribute to this brave man, described the relentless daily persecution and social isolation that must have worn him down. If only, he asked, others had given the now-deceased man public support.

On this website we long ago pointed out that the emerging Ruling Media Class – which controls the means of mass communication, has great wealth, is in a position to dish out rewards and punishments across all walks of life, and now orchestrates the mob – would, in alliance with the totalitarian Left, be a formidable enemy. The surprise election of Donald Trump in 2016, and his surprising fortitude, deprived the revolutionary Media Class and its allies of the complete and final crowning legislative triumph it expected.

In November 2020 comes the reckoning. Some on our side will hope that in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Oakland, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Richmond, Atlanta, Eugene, Aurora, and an increasing number of other cities and towns, the Ruling Class is overplaying its hand. They assume or hope that, in November, the silent majority of decent, patient citizens will reveal their abhorrence by re-electing Trump, perhaps in a landslide.

When the writers of this website moved to Florida some 18 months ago, there were Trump signs everywhere on car bumpers and lawns. Despite the brazen Leftist violence and the approach of an election that is truly a watershed between freedom and tyranny, many of those Trump signs have disappeared. One possible explanation is that people on our side are afraid of Democrat vandalism and just plain intimidated. We know neighbors in our affluent suburbia who say privately that they will vote for Trump and really fear the descent into Socialism should Biden win. But they will not display a poster, citing various excuses, including a dislike of Trump’s childish tweets.

A small local network of female Democrats (White, Black and affluent) have allegedly been compiling a list of ‘Haters’ and ‘Racists’ and we are on that list because we are displaying Trump signs. It is hard to imagine what such a list is for, other than retribution at some future date – especially if Biden wins. Not only have we reached the point in America where one will almost certainly lose employment for a revealed conservative or Christian opinion, but that we must fear a midnight knock on the door and a trip to the gulag for re-education, or worse.

Fear begets fear, and succumbing to intimidation emboldens our Leftist enemies. Patiently waiting for a Trump election victory by a silent majority seems to us like turkeys waiting for Christmas. Perhaps we are experiencing the gutlessness that has gripped Joshua Katz’s colleagues, who hope that his persecution and punishment will assuage the Left’s appetites for victims.

The answer to the Left’s intimidation, and to our local Democrat hate-list compilers, is a rash of Trump signs, Blue Lives Matter signs and some pro-American swagger on the streets and in the stores. The soon-to-be persecuted Jews of pre-war Germany were a small minority but we are not yet a minority, let alone a small minority. And we need publicly to show our numbers and display a fighting spirit that will win over waverers and intimidate our enemies. It is not enough to be armchair internet warriors or Tucker viewers, hoping that others will take the risks and speak for us.

Finally, we once again salute Tucker Carlson who night after night is filling the void left by too many elected Republicans. Real physical persecution of him and his family is not deterring him. We salute Jim Jordan who is a stand-out Republican Congressman. We also salute the Black police chief of Detroit who came on Tucker’s program to warn that rioters in his town will get short shrift. We suspect that many ordinary Blacks in big cities, (unlike the pampered, college-educated Black and White suburban women compiling lists of haters and racists), are fed up with the Antifa rioters who claim to riot on their behalf.


  1. It’s a bit early to be seeing Trump signs. They should start springing up in September. It’s going to be fun to see that look on lefty’s face on November 4th.

  2. There are more conservatives in academia than most people know. It’s terrible that persecution against conservatives is so extreme that conservatives must choose between either making their beliefs public or keeping their jobs (or lives).

    Your answer to this intimidation is spot-on: we need to be active fighters, not passive hopers that someone will do the job for us. Maybe it is time for Christian conservatives to stop discouraging their young adults from the fight for American education, and start encouraging them to join in the fight.

    Great write-up! 🙂

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