Trump’s “Gettysburg Address” During Media Class Conflict is Today: Here is Our Summary of the Nation

By Wellor Jr.

Trump has now been President of the United States for more than a year. For sure, this year has been probably the most challenging year for any President in history. The Media Class and the Far-Left have done everything possible to stop the President, but so far he has proved stronger than both of these forces.

At first, the Media Class thought it would be an easy victory over Trump. He was considered by the Media Class to be a comical figure in the early days of his campaign. However, his Republican primary win in 2016 made it clear that he was serious about the campaign.

Next, the MSM (Mainstream Media) tried to destroy Trump by confronting him head-on. They continually produced negative articles about not just his campaign, but non-political issues that had no connection to his political stance. The MSM would do anything to stop him from winning. But it didn’t work. Trump rose above all the barriers, largely due to his enthusiastic supporters. On election day in November 2016, Trump successfully captured more than the 270 electoral votes required to be elected President.

But the Leftist MSM would not allow for a victory. They next chose to depend on two things – recounts and “faithless electors”. A recount was attempted in Michigan, but the recount did not change the outcome of the election. And the faithless electors, being in Democrat states, actually helped Trump by voting for Colin Powell instead of the state’s choice, Hillary Clinton. This of course gave Trump an even greater lead in the electorate.

However, it was after Trump’s inauguration that America went into an undeclared civil war. The first “battle” – as we referred to it – was at Berkeley in February 2017. It was one of many major riots, and was known around the country for turning into an open conflict. But Trump didn’t let civil war grip the Nation. His ability to pass laws, write executive orders, and continually out-smart the Media Class caused the riots to gradually subside.

But the battles continued, just with propaganda rather than fighting. The Mainstream Media tried to destroy Trump’s reputation, but they could not keep up with an emboldened, patriotic President who faced his opposition rather than hiding from it.The economy began to improve faster than it had in several years. And now, after all of the alleged Russian issues, tax return problems, and numerous other scandals that the MSM blamed Trump for, he is still the President.

Today’s minor fluctuations in the stock market make little difference to the Presidency long-term. Trump has clearly wiped away many of the problems created by the Far-Left during the last 30 years, and, if he sticks to dealing with social issues in this Country, will solve many more.

We hope that Trump’s speech today is a good one. It is really his view on the progress he has made against a Leftist MSM, Far-Left colleges and universities, and a divided nation; not what the Leftist MSM thinks, or the colleges and universities.

Even if the Republicans struggle in the midterm elections, that is not the main issue; for Trump is really a Patriot and a Nationalist, not a Republican.

Climate Change Check

The Weather Channel’s website,, has now decided that it “will not debate the science of climate change.” It is now focusing “on telling stories” – in other words, incidents that supposedly prove climate change.

However, the “climate scientists” once again revert to staggering predictions. On the webpage for California, they say that “it won’t stop. Not for a day. Not for two days. Not even three. For 10 days the water will fall and hit the earth until the earth there can no longer contain it.” It then says that “[c]liffsides will crumble, then collapse altogether, burying coastal highways, homes and anything else that happens to get in the way of the mass of tumbling rock.” Is this accurately portraying weather events or inventing science fiction stories about the Country?

When does mention events in recent years and in the distant past, they’re things that have little connection to the principles behind Climate Change. These are, no doubt, dramatic weather events; however, you can find dramatic weather events about any place in the world at some point in their history. Unusual floods and heat waves are not evidences for global warming, but climatic out-liers. The feature also avoids mentioning dramatic weather events in other parts of the world, like in Cape Town where water is running out.

The MSM has also searched Trump’s history for climate-related mistakes. They took a comment of his on global warming and picked it to pieces beyond his original statement, as usual. In an interview, he brought up the following argument against climate change:

There is a cooling, and there’s a heating. I mean, look, it used to not be climate change, it used to be global warming. That wasn’t working too well because it was getting too cold all over the place.

So Wunderground started a search around the world for any references to Climate Change in the mid-to-late 20th century, and they found a book titled Climatic Change, which was issued in 1977. They have turned this book and a few other pamphlets into “evidence” of the term climate change as a commonly-used phrase in the 1970s and earlier.

They also show (towards the bottom of the anti-Trump post) a suspicious-looking photo of melted Arctic sea ice. Anyone who examines the picture carefully will see that the color of the water does not match the color of the sky. If there is a scientific reason for this, please get in touch with us below in the Comments section.

But while the climate scientists try to pick fault with Trump’s views on climate change, the South Africans run out of water. For more information about the drought, click here.

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