Underserved Communities and College Trotskyites

In order to understand the Revolutionary politics of post-2008, it is vital to recognize that all Government and Leftist Academic use of the English language is deliberately dishonest. The Revolution itself, supposedly based on concepts like economic equality, fair shares for all,   ‘inclusivity’ of every kind of pervert, sex freed from restraints, and the promotion of moral relativism—all of which require the American people’s departure from common sense – can only be advanced and popularized by incessant lying propaganda, the suppression of truths and the deliberate corruption of language.

‘Underserved communities’ is just one small but significant example of ‘nu-speak’, and like most coded phrases invented and introduced by Leftist academics, it is cunningly designed to mislead. Its intention is to nourish a feeling of intolerable injustice in one chosen group whilst heaping guilt on to others. The communities designated ‘underserved’ are in reality Black urban areas where all other Americans –bar law enforcement- fear to tread.

When ‘nu-speak’ words and phrases are slipped into our language, it is intended that they should not be scrutinized, but accepted, (like ‘gay’ and ‘transgender’) as coolly non-judgmental and the new progressive and sophisticated kind of language used by all civilized and tolerant people. Only bigots, racists, homophobes and sinister extremists would want to challenge these words and phrases and dig behind their content. No challenge to their authenticity is to be permitted. Nevertheless we will do so here.

The Leftist definition of an ‘Underserved’ population is one that lacks a choice of food stores, pharmacies, shoe shops, sports shops, doctors, libraries, nurseries and many of the businesses found in the average American mall or Downtown.  Leftist academics are preparing taxpayers and diligent citizens to view such communities as ‘underserved’, not as a consequence of any resident behavior or destructive ‘culture’ within, but as a result of malignant external forces. The main malignant forces at work here, academics will insist when pressed, are free-market capitalism, racial bigotry exemplified by White flight, and a wider systemic racialism-whatever that means inside the Communist college coffee rooms of Yale, Harvard et al.

Since MSM reporters of the Media Class and Leftist academics are cut from the same Revolutionary cloth, it is no surprise that a front page propaganda article in Monday’s WSJ, written by the propaganda cadre of Ruth Simon, Ben Kesling and Leslie Josephs, planted a companion piece to articles about ‘underserved communities’. Their article is almost certainly aimed at designating Ferguson, Mo. and Baltimore as ‘underserved communities’ and thus more than deserving of taxpayer ‘investment’ in rebuilding.

Such an article, lacking news value but requiring a team of writers, does not become a WSJ feature by accident. Nor has it forced its way into the newspaper by popular demand. Instead it has been preplanned at a high editorial level. It has one or more political purposes and is part of the Media Class agenda at work. Beware! Leftist propagandists at work!

The disarming title of the article is “In Ferguson, Business Faces Long Road Back”, but you know Simon, Kesling and Josephs are creating lying propaganda in the second paragraph. They cannot wait to repeat the standard Leftist canard about ‘the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black 18 year-old, by a White police officer’ and link this to a ‘period of widespread unrest’ that resulted in looting and destruction of business premises.

Simon, Kesling, Josephs, their editor and everyone at the WSJ is fully aware that Michael Brown was a big, uninhibited thug, who fresh from a violent robbery of a poor little Asian shop worker, murderously attacked a police officer who happened to be White and was doing his job.

Brown’s age and his lack of a weapon (given his size and strength he didn’t need a weapon to be lethally dangerous!) should by now be irrelevant as the facts have been confirmed. Those facts include that Brown was fresh from a crime, was swaggering with a fellow criminal on his own ‘turf’ and was foolish enough to attack a police officer.

Honest reporting would record that the criminal Brown’s JUSTIFIED death, yet amplified, repeated and misreported by the leftist MSM, was the excuse for a “period of widespread rioting, looting and arson by local Black residents. The WSJ staff knows these truths but Simon, Kesling and Josephs are playing their role in the Revolutionary struggle by rewriting history. Their ‘truth’ they believe, is serving the higher purpose of progress but should properly be called out as lying propaganda!

Further into the article the trio reminds us that this suburb of St Louis (two thirds African American) ‘has a median household income of less than $40,000’. No mention is made of the extra income that looting and shoplifting has brought to many.

An alert reader of the article will discover buried away such facts as ‘goods less likely to attract shop-lifters and looters’, and half of all businesses destroyed or damaged by unrest –whoever the ‘unrested’ are- but quickly moves to the next piece of history being re-written. ‘In April, the Nation was reminded of the emotional and physical scars that can result from civil unrest’ in this case ‘from the death of a 25 year-old Baltimore Black man, Freddie Gray, who died after being arrested’ and which ‘set off another wave of protests, riots and looting’ causing ‘close to 400 businesses, most of them small’ suffering ‘some kind of property damage or inventory loss’.

A careful reading of the long article reveals, mostly buried away, that many of the small businesses were Asian-owned and that an official report noted that West Florissant ‘is (always) extremely unpleasant and unsafe for walking and biking’.

This WSJ article has been written to (1) remove all blame and personal responsibility from residents, (2) attribute rioting, looting and arson to ‘unrest’ over the deaths of two petty criminals and (3) wring taxpayers hearts. On this website we are more than sympathetic to Asian, White and Black small business people who suffered losses, though we might ask why anyone would start a business in Black urban areas where the residents, at the slightest of pretexts not only help themselves to merchandise (shoplifting and looting) but then go on an arson spree. And where, thanks to local residents, the streets ‘are unpleasant and unsafe for walking’.

The WSJ is Leftist propaganda throughout with the exception of the Opinion Pieces and Editorial pages. These are dominated by pro-Israel writers, pro-Big Business, pro-immigration, pro-International Trade writers and a subtle anti-Christian morality. Generally, law and order gets a decent exposure. One such writer welcomed is Heather MacDonald, a self-described ‘secular conservative’.

In our view there is no such thing as a secular conservative, a label intended to convey a rejection of the morality that underpins a conservative society, seeks to pretend that anti-welfare/Libertarian views alone can define a conservative and that morality can be brought up to date with an acceptance of abortion, SSM etc. This is not to dismiss MacDonald’s writings on Black inner city, violence and other crime. She has, with logic, ventured into them where Angels fear to tread.

Before continuing with MacDonald it is necessary to mention one of the great Leftist successes that have been achieved as a result of Ferguson, Baltimore and other recent Black hot-spots. It is the inhibitions and restrictions on policemen exercising law and order on the streets of such places. Our readers will know to what we are referring.

MacDonald wrote a good article in the WSJ entitled “The New Nationwide Crime Wave” (May29th.) In it she drew attention to the eruption of Black violent crime in the wake of the police inertia and noted that the “main victims of growing violence will be the inner city poor”.

This drew an orchestrated outraged response from armchair Trotskyites in academia, solid evidence that she had scored a bulls-eye. The Trots denied that (Black) crime was growing in the big cities, but in any case accused MacDonald of attempting to lay blame on the rioters and looters who were victims. For the Trots in the armchairs, all Black crime is justified for this is an oppressed class and cannot be guilty of anything, not even burning down their own neighborhoods. The Trots condemned MacDonald’s article as an attempt to bring back the aggressive policing that contributed to Black anger.

Two things are worth noting here regarding crime stats. Almost all of the crimes committed in the riots, a huge number, went unrecorded. Also when the police stay out of Black areas crime is greatly unreported. Police everywhere, not just in the biggest cities, are looking the other way and who can blame them?

The young, idle thugs who deter business certainly are resentful of police interference. We do not know how many elderly and Church-going Black residents welcome aggressive policing. Maybe many! The MSM is not interested in them. For the armchair Trotskyites they do not count. Here is why.

It is the young, disaffected, violent criminals and rioters who represent the Revolutionary vanguard. No matter that they lack Revolutionary class-consciousness and act impulsively, the force of history and change is acting through them. The elderly, the passive and the Christian can be ignored for it is enough to harness the young and Class-conscious to carry forward the Revolution in the streets. Law and order must be kept out of the Black urban areas so that the Revolution can advance. The armchair college Trotskyites and the cadres at the WSJ are really on the same page!

Music Choice

Those who have read the foregoing article might assume that I am on the same page as those who believe Blacks to be intellectually inferior and incapable of anything beyond crime and welfare. The current sad state of so many Blacks is mostly the result of White Leftists. Whites are  sinking into a similar cultural, intellectual and physical decline for the same reasons.

In the 1940’s and 1950’s America’s Black musicians proved that there was no lack of brain power. Parker, Powell, Navarro, Gray, Gordon, Brown and a multitude of lesser lights blazed an awesome trail in music.

In LA, some very complicated yet reachable and emotional jazz could be heard nightly in small clubs. A young piano giant emerged and was good enough to play with Parker, Gordon and the great Clifford Brown. Hampton Hawes must not be forgotten for he had a unique musical talent that remains a reminder that Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan), the Beatles, Elvis, Barry Pincus (aka Barry Manilow) and Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John) were and always will be musical pygmies created by a degenerate Media Class.

The album ‘For Real’ was recorded in LA in 1958 and brought together Hawes, Harold Land (tenor sax and a one-time Clifford Brown sidesman), Frank Butler (drums) and an explosive new White bass player named Scott La Faro. Many times I passed over the second track (‘Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams’) which was played as a ballad, for I had heard Dixieland versions of it for years and was tired of the tune and its lyrics.

Last night my son was playing the Hawes version and I was moved, especially by the Blues-drenched, boppish and exquisitely-executed piano of Hawes. No room for strummers, moaning wimps and pansy-boys in this muscular music.

After the counter-revolution, when America’s young men will measure up to their post-war fore-runners, these musicians will be standard listening!



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