Trump Marches Into Wisconsin

The Opinion Polls all predict that Ted Cruz has a 10+% lead over Donald Trump, with Kasich trailing. No doubt the endorsement of Cruz by Governor Scott Walker has been a big boost for Cruz and an even bigger boost for the Republican establishment. Walker has won several tough contests in this Democrat-dominated State, and as Governor must have built a network of activists and professionals who will now be employed to bring out the vote for Cruz.

The failure of Kasich to make more impact in this friendly territory indicates that the Republican establishment has now switched its support to Cruz in the campaign to ‘Get Trumpy’. If this is so, Kasich has little future in the primaries and the experts are predicting that Paul Ryan will benefit from a contested (manipulated) Ohio convention.

Whatever ambitions Cruz is nursing – and he may think he can use the establishment and then outwit it – he must be aware that Republican heavyweights like Walker do not intend to be there for him in the final crunch. If the opinion polls prove accurate on Tuesday, and Cruz wins by 10% or more, he will live to fight another day and no doubt his hope springs eternal. But the greater power of the Mainstream Media propaganda machine, currently soft-pedaling on his behalf, is what has really taken its toll on Trump.

It is our view that Cruz now has a very limited appeal as a result of his unprincipled machinations. Initially, he appeared to be a Conservative with high principles, a Party outsider, and the best hope for the Republican grass-roots. But by enthusiastically accepting the support of the establishment, pandering to the MSM with his condemnation of Trump ‘violence’, playing a ‘Johnnie-come-lately’ on immigration and being on the wrong (Internationalist) side of the Free Trade issue, he has abandoned the high ground. He has become the tool of all those self-seeking and treacherous forces that are desperate to ‘Get Trumpy’ and abort the birth of American Nationalism.

It is our view that Trump has been tactically wrong to spend the last week in the MSM studios being ambushed on issues like abortion, and tweeting on the Internet about wives. If he feels obliged to confront the MSM enemies in their den, he should refuse to comment on topics chosen by them and insist that as the next President he is only interested in Nationalist priorities that will benefit Americans.

These are securing borders, halting immigration, no more Muslims, restoring the normality of daily life that only comes from true internal security, imposing equitable trade deals, bringing back manufacturing jobs, rebuilding the military, taking an axe to the Washington bureaucracy in order to cut taxes and restore freedom, and reintroduce patriotism into public education. He should keep insisting that he will not be bound by the Media’s political correctness that chooses the issues.

This weekend Trump has returned to the campaign on the ground, the place where he meets the working people, and not the Ruling Media parasites which finally have some measure of him. His rallies offer ordinary, working Americans an opportunity to experience their strength in numbers, and express their counter-revolutionary rebellion. In Wisconsin he is drawing massive crowds. If anyone doubts this they should visit the Byron York Washington Examiner report from Wassau. See for yourself the orderly, patient, endless lines of Wisconsin’s sturdy voters braving the cold to show their support for Nationalism!

The MSM endlessly reports negative news about Trump, and for the moment paints a picture of Cruz ascendant, but it is hard to believe that these Trump rallies in Wisconsin are not evidence of a people on the march.

If Trump emerges relatively unscathed from Wisconsin, the Far Left will be financed and encouraged to step up the violent disruption of his meetings. The relentless and near-hysterical attacks on him from all quarters of the MSM and establishment, are signaling a green light to any violent, deranged Leftist or illegal misfit seeking a moment of celebrity. These are Revolutionary times and a new Ruling Class rarely gives up its gains without resorting to violence.

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