Trump And ‘That Punch’

As predictable as day and night, the Mainstream Media and its Far Left allies have given maximum publicity to the incident at a recent Trump rally when a 78 year old White man punched a Black demonstrator in the face. The old man’s punch, caught on film, has resulted in his arrest and a number of criminal charges against him. The Revolutionary DOJ will be applying pressure behind the scenes to ensure his punishment is a deterrent to White resisters and an encouragement to Black protestors.

Regular visitors to this website will know why the MSM plucked this incident from everyday recorded Black-on-White violence, which on the few occasions it is reported omits all mention of skin color. This one has had star billing and shown in Technicolor.

The Wall Street Journal scribblers, and their comrades at New Review and Weekly Standard, will tut-tut and cite this as more evidence that Trump meetings are really 1930’s Hitler Nuremburg Rallies and his supporters red-necked Brown Shirts. This will be music to the ears of the Ruling Class and its Far Left allies.

Many on the Right will feel obliged to loudly tut-tut with them and none will be brave enough to congratulate the old man for making his protest with a swing of the arm. As far as we can gather, he remains unapologetic and has said that the next time he will be better prepared to protest more emphatically.

Punching people who are not expecting it or who are being forcibly restrained, is reprehensible and cowardly – if coldly calculated. We are certain that this old man acted impulsively, angered by the disruption of ‘his’ rally and the provocative, insulting and triumphant behavior of the disruptors. We do not condone the cowardly aspect of a sudden attack but we do salute this man’s physical expression of anger. It is way past time that White working (and retired) Americans started to fight back, literally as well as politically.

The anger of the supporters that is palpable at Trump rallies is not to be apologized for or condemned, but to be applauded. This palpable anger, which The Donald has unleashed, is one reason we support him over Cruz. Cruz represents the restrained, ‘civilized’, gentlemanly, patient Constitutional response to the outrageous events that are unfolding day-by-day.

Trump’s supporters are not content to be patient any longer and are ready to meet violence with violence. Trump, to his great credit, is assertive and unashamed. “Throw the bums out” he instructs in front of the cameras, and later he faces the MSM and remains unapologetic on behalf of his supporters. Cruz is not capable of this degree of militant extra-Congressional leadership.

On this website we see the bigger picture; the context that ensures true understanding, and the proper response. America is in the midst of a stealthy Revolution and the Revolution’s agenda is being imposed on the American people, increment by increment. The noose is tightening. White people, indeed people of any skin color who resist, are losing free speech, the right to express truths, the right to employment, the right to be Christian in public, the right to protect their children from indoctrination, the right to acknowledge the gender of their bodies, the right to possess weapons to defend home and property from predators, and much, much more.

At the same time sick perverts have attained control of the Courts, the schools and the colleges, foreigners by the million are being invited into the country and showered with benefits, unemployable Blacks attack victims in the streets, riot, loot and burn with official near-impunity. And this is not a static deterioration but a dynamic one. The opportunity for resistance is growing less by the day. Not the election in November, but the result of the Republican primaries within the next few weeks, may be the last chance for relatively peaceful Counter-Revolutionary action.

The White violence bubbling to the surface at Trump rallies, like the Black and Far Left violence that is already in control on campus and in the streets of large cities, are manifestations of Revolutionary and Counter-Revolutionary confrontation. If Trump is defeated by the sinister, hidden, super-wealthy forces that are now united against him and his followers, or he and his followers are outwitted by scheming at the Convention, serious violence will be inevitable.

The violence will not be initiated by the Counter-Revolutionaries. It will be the result of the further advance of the Revolutionary agenda that Trump’s contrived defeat will signal. We believe that American Nationalism, having now found expression, cannot be suppressed without violent consequences. What evidence is there of the sinister, hidden, super-wealthy forces that are determined to defeat Trump and his millions of supporters?

We refer our visitors to the website to read an article by former Presidential contender Pat Buchanan. Buchanan describes the near-secret meeting which took place last week on the remote Sea Island off the Georgia coast. The real purpose of the meeting was to organize the defeat of Trump.

The participants (warriors all against global warming !) who arrived in their corporate jets included Tim Cook, the billionaire homosexual head of Apple, Eric Schmidt and Larry Page (Google), Sean Parker (Napster), Elon Musk (Tesla Motors), and Arthur Sulzberger (owner of the Far Left NYT). Sitting comfortably and gratefully with these rich Leftist enemies of America were Collaborators Rich Lowry (National Review), Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham and Bill Kristol (Weekly Standard). It would be good to have the full list of attendees and apologies for absence.

What is most sinister about these shadowy conspirators is what their reasons are for uniting against Trump. It simply cannot be because Trump would secure America’s borders, would stop the importation of hostile Muslims, and would attempt to renegotiate trade deals with foreign governments. These are, on the surface and in a rational world, mild steps of American self-interest. It cannot be that Trump is ‘vulgar’. Even if this was true, he cannot be more vulgar than Bill Clinton whose Oval Office antics made America a laughing stock of the world. If Trump is not as rich as he says, can this be as much concern as Hillary’s email and Clinton Foundation scandals?

Rove, Graham and McConnell are in the conspiracy in order to please the rich and powerful and be rewarded, or to keep scandals hidden, or to otherwise feather their own nests. But what is the motive of the billionaires, for they are the puppet-masters? We believe it is to deny those American people who pay attention to politics only at the last moments of a general election, an opportunity to hear Trump’s Nationalist message. The conspirators fear he and his Nationalist message will be overwhelmingly popular, will take him to the White House, turn back the clock to a moral America, and to a resurgence of American independence from World Government.

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  1. As of this writing, Mr. Trump’s huge Chicago rally has been disrupted by leftist rioters. The rally has been canceled as a result. The battle is being joined. We eagerly await a response by Mr. Trump.

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