Too Many White Women Betray Us

After every modern American Presidential election there is much detailed research and Party inquests into the voting patterns of the electorate. Two statistics are depressingly predictable for a democracy but both can be more or less explained by self-interest.

More than 90% of Blacks vote for the Democrat party of big government. Since Blacks remain anchored on the bottom rung of the economic and educational ladders despite repeated Democrat victories, it can be argued that their loyalty is short-sighted. But given that so many Blacks are dependent on tax-funded welfare and racial quotas for employment, their voting for big government has a short-term logic.

More than 70% of Jews steadfastly vote for the Far Left big government Democrat Party. This is a higher proportion than Latinos, Asians and Orientals. Jewish support for the Far Left baffles many Conservatives, given that Evangelical Christians are so supportive of Israel, and Jews appear to prosper under capitalism.

But there is a logic hidden beneath the surface. The Democrat Party is a tribal Party of the big cities, and Jews are disproportionately represented and influential in big city Democrat organizations – as are Irish and Italian nominal Catholics. This Jewish over-representation in city and Federal decision-making ensures a share of the spoils for government jobs and contracts, not just in the cities but also their hinterlands. Follow the money is a good guide to this voting pattern.

Deeper reasons for Jewish Far Leftism include an Eastern and Central European history of Empires, their disintegration after the First World War, and the rise of Nation States based on race and religion. The consequences of this past upheaval were displacement of Jews as privileged and protected servants of powerful autocratic rulers, and Jewish hostility to the Nationalism that created Nation States in which they had no secure place. Zionism and the return to Israel was invented to create a Nation State for the Jews of Eastern and Central Europe but initially succeeded too late, too small and too impoverished for many. The consequence was that many chose the US, but those remaining in Europe were trapped by Hitler’s SS and widespread native antipathy.

This history, together with their unique combination of race and religion which resists integration by marriage and enables profitable networking, has resulted in many of the Jews residing outside of Israel fearing, working and voting against all expressions of non-Jewish Nationalism. Many Jews have no commitment to the Nation States in which they reside. The logical outcome is strong Jewish support for Internationalism, Socialism and Communism, and an affection for powerful governments that resist and suppress outbreaks of the popular will. Of course not all Jews oppose Nationalism in the Nation States they inhabit, and some, notably Michael Savage and Mark Levin, are ardent defenders of borders, language and culture.

On this website we seek to avoid irrational prejudice but defend rational prejudice. There are good people and bad people in every race and there are ignorant people in every race. High IQ’s (noticeable among Jews) and below average IQ’s (noticeable among Blacks) may be at least partly attributable to cultural and social factors. In any case qualities necessary for a civilized society such as goodness, kindness, honesty and diligence are not much linked to intelligence.

We like old sayings. A good one is that ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’. Before we White men blame the rise of Socialism, the advance of intolerance, the drift to Totalitarianism, the collapse of morality, the disregard for innocent human life, the acceptance and celebration of perversion and denial of sexual identity, the election of an intellectually shallow liar to the Presidency and the likelihood that an even more shallow, greedy, lying, baby-killer is poised to enter the White House – before we blame all that on Blacks or Jews – we need to acknowledge that America’s White, educated, privileged, women are the most responsible for the electoral triumphs that advance these things.

I have before my watery old eyes a picture from the WSJ of January 23rd, 2016. Granted it is a typical MSM propaganda picture but I am sure it tells an accurate story. It is a rear view (the kindest view!) of Hillary Clinton speaking in Iowa City, Iowa and the audience in front of her. Ninety per cent or more of the audience are young White women. In another picture in the same issue is a picture and an article promoting a White women Democrat candidate of Irish extraction. The Democrat Party’s activists are preponderantly White (prosperous, educated) women, who are fanatical baby-killers, anti-marriage, anti-children, big-government, anti-American and anti-Nationalist.

I have no explanation for why a majority of White Women constantly support a dangerous Leftism, but before we blame other races we need to address our problem. Perhaps too many White men are passive, gutless, immature, lacking a backbone, pleasure-seeking and without the traditional Christian belief that real men marry (women) and protect them, become fathers, accept responsibility for family life, and take the big decisions about politics and the Nation’s survival. One of Donald Trump’s strengths is his willingness to confront and insult modern women of the Left. If he wins the nomination and finds himself confronting Hillary or the Squaw, we can feel confident that he will pull no punches. Perhaps his leadership will restore the rightful places of men and women within the family and result in most women rejecting the Leftist notions that march a Nation to its doom.

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