Selma, Wisconsin, Ferguson and all the way back to Trayvon

The mission of this website is to reveal the presence and power of the Media Class and its dominating role in American politics and culture. We steadfastly maintain that it is an unavoidably decadent and morally corrupt Class and can only dominate by deceit, lies and an unholy alliance with the equally deceitful and morally flawed Left. It is our claim that America’s current deadly political conflict and social and moral degeneration can only be properly understood and successfully resisted if the presence, agenda and role of the Ruling Media Class is revealed.

The Mainstream News Media is the awesomely effective propaganda tool of the Media Class, It constantly works to shape and control all political life. The Mainstream Entertainment Media is the social expression of the Media Class. It works to re-shape the moral lives of all Americans. Both arms of the Media Class pursue a Revolutionary agenda by stealth and in alliance with the anti-American and anti-Christian Revolutionary Left. The alliance has long controlled the Democrat Party and Public Service Unions by purging their leaderships and has succeeded in intimidating much of the Republican Party leadership.

The capture of the White House in 2008, initially with control of Congress, has enabled the Media Class and its allies to pack the Federal judiciary, set aside the Constitution and extend the power of the Federal Government. It is the contention of this website that America is in the grip of a Revolutionary struggle, albeit one that the MSM is largely able to conceal from the passive masses and from those who are potential counter-revolutionaries. President Obama, who owes his occupancy of the White House to Media Class wealth and MSM news manipulation, will use his last two years of office to rule by edict and place the Revolution’s achievements beyond dismantlement.

Revolutionary movements are never truly popular for they are the expression of the emotionally discontented, the deviant, the unsuccessful, the impatient and those driven to exert control over others. Revolutionaries seek to set aside the wisdom of the ages and punish the happy and the successful. Since such an agenda rarely has the support of a majority, Revolutionary movements have to conceal their agenda and themselves whilst mobilizing the discontented, deviant and unsuccessful. Since deceit is at the core of a Revolutionary movement, its leaders and cadres must resort to propaganda. No-one who understands this should be surprised that the contemporary MSM is wholly dishonest and manipulative. It has many techniques but one example, succinctly expressed by a blogger on Free Republic, will suffice here, “omission is the same as misinformation”. Bear this in mind when reading what follows!

Two of the MSM’s topics dominating today’s news are Selma and the shooting of Tony Robinson in Madison, Wisconsin. These have been chosen by the Media Class News Media to be linked together in the public mind and to form part of a larger narrative of Black victimization. This narrative began in its current telling with the Trayvon Martin fairy story, when the MSM, eager to mobilize Black voters for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, impetuously and mistakenly assumed it had discovered a White-on-Black racially-inspired murder. As it subsequently transpired, the MSM had blundered, for George Zimmerman was neither White nor a murderer but the victim of a vicious attack whilst officially protecting property on a February night in Florida.

As the facts began to emerge, the MSM chose to suppress them and continue with a story that fitted a propaganda agenda. Perhaps the MSM had gained confidence in its power to conceal and invent from the 2006 Duke University episode and the smearing of President Bush over Katrina. In any event the MSM and its Leftist allies continue to this day regurgitating lies about the Martin/Zimmerman incident and have added the fictions of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and are now launching the Tony Robinson story.

Yesterday, a CNN affiliate had the headline “Wisconsin: Another unarmed black man killed”.  The sub-heading was an unpaid advertisement for the Black mob, “Protests planned for Monday morning at the state capital”. Clearly this is not a ‘heads up’ for the gainfully employed!  Robinson’s mother is recorded alleging that policeman Matt Kenny (White) “shot a child dead, father to siblings, never been a violent person”. In the background black protesters are heard chanting ‘Black Lives Matter”. This pernicious slogan has now been adopted by the Black and Red mobs and is surely a Trotskyite invention.

The facts so far known or alleged are that Robinson (aged 19) was reported weaving in and out of traffic, had tried to strangle someone, had been shouting threats and had holed up in a nearby apartment. He had pled guilty in December to an armed home invasion robbery committed last April and was on 3 year’s probation. It is likely that Robinson has a noteworthy criminal record. None of this will be deemed newsworthy or relevant for the MSM has decided that Robinson’s death fits nicely into the developing narrative of chronic victimization of Blacks. This narrative not only mobilizes Black activism and White guilt but serves to explain and excuse Black crime, unemployment and permanence on the bottom rung of America’s economic ladder. It is a good backdrop to the Selma celebrations at which the Media’s Obama has been inflaming African Americans.

Selma will be regularly followed by other such anniversaries and Robinson will be followed by other young Black ‘victims’ of White violence and oppression. The big-picture reason is that the Ruling Media Class and its allies, advancing an unpopular and stealthy Revolution, must use lies, omissions and misinformation, appealing to the unsuccessful and discontented (urban Blacks), dividing the Nation by Class and race and demoralizing potential opponents with White Guilt.

At one time, Selma may have been an anniversary celebrating progress but now that America is in the throes of a Revolution, it is an opportunity to inflame the unsuccessful and discontented, attach Race hatred to Class hatred, provide a rationale for the replacement of Constitutional rule with rule by edict and proceed with revolutionary change.


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