Rome Will Follow Anglican Church Into Terminal Decline

The triumph of the homosexual elite in Ireland’s rejection of marriage was not a surprise to this website’s writers. The Catholic Church in Ireland revealed its lack of principle, its willingness to compromise with violent activism, and its quest for popularity with the secular Left, way back in the 1960’s. Perhaps it had been unprincipled long before that, but the Church leaders’ willingness to allow Bernadette Devlin, Gerry Adams and the other Leftist Revolutionaries of the IRA, to masquerade as representatives of Christianity, was shameful.

When the IRA’s killers, lurking behind Sinn Fein’s Catholic mobs of the Falls Road and Londonderry, and skulking unmolested over the border of the Republic, bombed pubs, restaurants and railroad stations, Ireland’s Catholic Bishops and Priests smirked and gave tacit approval. When IRA brigades broke into Protestant Churches and murdered pious simple people at prayer, the Catholic Church of Ireland, along with the Western World’s emerging Media Class, barely paused to mildly condemn the bloodletting before returning to the narrative of ‘civil rights’ and ‘inclusiveness’.

As we have learned subsequently, as the Media Class/Leftist Revolutionaries have marched to victory in America, ‘civil rights’, ‘equality’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusiveness’ have been the hollow slogans masking a demand for surrender of old, common-sense values and the embrace of moral decadence, secularism and social disintegration. The 1960’s outbreak of civil war in Northern Ireland, as the Leftist IRA attempted to conquer the Protestant, Loyalist population of Ulster and intimidate a weak UK government into surrender, found the Catholic Church wanting.

On this website we have many times in the past identified the IRA’s terrorism in Ulster as the model from which terrorists all over the world, learned. We have also asserted that the Western MSM had an agenda of its own and tacit support for the Revolutionaries –no matter how shocking the terrorist attacks –was practiced because the Media Class agenda and the Leftist/terrorist agenda were complementary. What outraged the Media Class was not the death toll of terrorism but the ‘bigotry’ of the Ulster Protestants. The ‘bigotry’ that the Media Class and its Leftist soul-mates hated was the patriotism and the clinging to Bibles and traditions. Nothing has changed!

It has always seemed to this writer that a priesthood that demands men live without women is bound to attract the men with whom I would not trust a young son. The Catholic Church in Ireland, as in the USA, has had many scandals, mostly homosexual priests abusing young boys. It is our belief that Catholic seminaries are hotbeds (no pun intended) of sodomy. How many Bishops in Ireland are secret sodomites?

The referendum on marriage would not have taken place unless the homosexual movement within the Media Class had been confident that victory was assured. The SSM campaign has been secretly prepared and waged for several years, largely financed by America’s billionaire homosexuals. When a Ruling Class owns the MSM, has purged and bought the mainstream political parties and has untold wealth, what chance the people?

The most significant aspect of the Irish referendum was the detachment of the Catholic Church, which took no part in the campaign for real marriage. This betrayal may be explained solely by the infiltration of the Irish clergy by homosexuals but we believe that the authority came from Rome. This Argentine Pope is preparing the ‘liberalization’ of the Church. Expect him to ‘evolve’ on SSM and abortion and to wholly line up with the International Left on open borders, Global Warming and all the shibboleths of the new world order. By appeasing the Media Class and courting MSM popularity, the Pope will lead the Catholic Church into the terminal decline that has enveloped the Anglican Church.

The dishonesty of the MSM has no bounds. Saturday’s WSJ had a front-page article on the shameful events in Rotherham (UK) that have finally seen the light of day. For years, immigrant Muslim men in this poor industrial Yorkshire town have been grooming very young White girls for sex and prostitution. Their targets have been the usual ones of deprived and fatherless girls, some of whom end up in local authority ‘care’.

The WSJ would have its readers believe that this scandal was uncovered by a campaigner called Jayne Senior. No doubt Ms. Senior was an intrepid campaigner who battled the inaction of the local police and Child Care Social Services  Department, but it was activists of the British National Party who first identified the problem and campaigned. It may have been this BNP involvement that mostly explains the resistance to action of the police and social workers, for Rotherham is a town wholly ruled by the Labour Party. All its appointments to local services are political and the Labour Party has always been promoting immigration, multi-culturalism and multi-racialism. As we have written many times on this website the BNP and immigration are the elephants in the room of British politics. Just as Obama calls for discussions about race and means the opposite, so the Labour Party suppresses all discussion on race and immigration and consequently uses the local government and police to silence the BNP.

When Rotherham’s local BNP activists uncovered the Pakistani gangs’ widespread exploitation of White girls and reported it, the (Socialist) police and social services and their political masters could not allow the ‘benefits’ of immigration to be revealed. And so years of exploitation of White children by Muslim men passed by, denied and uninvestigated by the authorities.

The lessons of Rotherham (for Americans) are that immigration from the Third World has few benefits for the native working people; that terrible things will be covered up by Leftist politicians if they reveal the social costs of immigration; that those who do the revealing will be dismissed and officially persecuted as ‘bigots’; that the exploiters and those who covered up never pay a price when the scandal surfaces, and journalists like the WSJ’s Margaret Coker and Alexis Flynn omit the real lessons from their laundered accounts.

This website’s work may be interrupted for the next few days due to a health problem. We will soon be back to continue interpreting the news.

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