UK Election and Media Hyperbole

Hyperbole means ‘more than the truth’. America’s MSM regularly avoids the truth altogether, so when ABC News reported that Cameron’s Conservative Party “swept to power” it was, for once, guilty of a partial truth. The truth was that Cameron’s Conservatives won the election competition, he will continue to be Prime Minister, and this time without forging an unprincipled coalition.

Any American Conservative, Christian or Nationalist who concludes that this is good news needs to get real about the condition of the native British people. Those who filled in a ballot paper did not vote for more than mere survival in this election. The best that can be said is that in keeping the Labour Party out of government the English people postponed suicide.

In previous articles we have written that David Cameron is not a Conservative and the UKIP is not the British Tea Party. Cameron is the British equivalent of an American Republican that the WSJ would drool over, which is to say he is well to the Left of Jeb Bush. Cameron has a moral and social agenda that would please Hollywood and it has won him the neutrality of Britain’s Media Class and the support of its wealthy money traders. That was enough to win his Party the election under a system that favors a well-funded minority.

First, the election needs some historical and numerical context. Back in the three decades after World War Two more than 80% of Britain’s homogeneous people used to vote in general elections. Now in multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain, that percentage has dropped to one third. This drop in voter numbers despite serious election fraud in the cities that are most blessed with diversity. The Labour Party has been the main beneficiary of fraudulent voting and in local elections the BNP has been the main victim.

Cameron’s Conservative Party’s near-37% of the 66.1% that voted does not justify the ABC phrase “swept to victory”. The unarguable fact is that his Party received the votes of about 25% of the population. Who knows why only two thirds of the adult population bothered to vote, given that the native British people face racial extinction in the medium term future and subservience in the present? The answer to this question leads into a discussion about the condition of the native British people and their mix of ignorance, laziness, Media-stimulated Sport and Entertainment distraction, and cynicism. We will leave this discussion to others, pausing only to comment that Americans have little cause to feel superior.

The total votes for each main Party were as follows;

———– Conservative 11.3 Million

——— Labour 9.3 Million

—- UKIP 3.9 Million 

— LibDems 2.4 Million 

— SNP1.5 Million

The percentages were as follows;

Conservative 36.9; Labour 26; UKIP 13; LibDem 7.9 and SNP irrelevant since the Party contested only in Scotland.

Parliamentary seats won are as follows;

Conservative 331; Labour 232; UKIP 1; LibDem 8; SNP 56; Others 18

The Conservative Party has an overall majority of Parliamentary seats of 12. Consequently the Party’s leader (elected by its MP’s) becomes Prime Minister; he chooses his own Cabinet and can make laws and spend public money as long as his overall majority holds up. If enough Conservative MP’s (7) were to switch votes or defect (12) to the opposition then the PM’s legislation would fail to ‘pass’.

To foreign observers some of the above must look odd. UKIP’s nearly 4m votes resulted in one MP elected, yet the SNP’s 1.5m resulted in 56 MP’s. The simplest answer is that the SNP’s voters were geographically concentrated and UKIP’s were not.

UKIP was the only Party to make real gains among voters and since it did not have the infrastructure and funds to contest all seats, it can be assumed that it had more voter support than 3.9m.

Our website article of April 29th “UK Election Next Week” stands up well to scrutiny. We under-estimated the fall in the Labour Party vote that has given Cameron an overall majority. We forecast that the most likely election outcome would be a Labour/SNP coalition. We were correct that the LibDems participation in the coalition government would prove near-fatal, that UKIP would not win seats and that there was widespread cynicism.

Cameron has promised a referendum on EU membership within 2 years. Since he is the creature of the MSM and international Big Business (and profoundly anti-Nationalist) he can be expected to do anything and everything to ensure that the referendum takes place at a moment most favorable to continued EU membership. He will demand unity from his MP’s on the issue, will have a bottomless pit of funds with which to campaign, and will attempt to frighten the masses with forecasts of economic doom outside of the EU.

The Labour Party now faces a crisis so big that its leader has resigned rather than deal with it. Scotland was its staunch heartland and it has been captured by the Even Further Left SNP. The SNP is a Nationalist Party only in its desire to break from the UK and have ‘Home Rule’. It favors mass immigration, more racial and cultural diversity and EU membership. The latter means that all significant laws are made from Brussels, Strasbourg and the UN—hardly a Nationalist principle!

The LibDem leader has also resigned and the Party appears to have no future. The seats it held were down to personalities. It was always a Party of perverts and opportunists and we say ‘good riddance!’

It is unclear why Nigel Farage has resigned since his Party has taken third place among voters and made gains in the local elections. The answer is probably that Farage is not suited to the long haul, preferring the stimulation and Media Spotlight of campaigning to the grind of Party building. If the Party is to amount to anything the new leader will have to decide if it can develop into an equivalent of the French National Front and survive the kind of persecution that has suppressed the BNP. At least such a new leader would not carry the baggage of National Socialism that has plagued the BNP.

At a time when mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East threatens to overwhelm all of Europe, the accompanying Islamic Imperialism will bring more terrorism. As the Media Class issues propaganda posing as news and its Entertainment seeks to reduce the European people to depravity it is impossible to see positive change coming. Britain’s seeming economic prosperity under Cameron is based (like America’s) on printing money and financial sleight of hand but perhaps this trickery has financial legs.

The British people in this election, more by luck than judgment, avoided the Far Left of a Labour/SNP government that would have completely snuffed out free speech. For a time at least the UK’s government will be a little more stable and more moderate than would have been a Far Leftist coalition. This election has given no sign that a truly conservative movement is emerging but the future is always full of surprises.

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