Superdelegates. A Gathering Storm?

As soon as the result of the Democrat primary in Iowa was decided by six consecutive winning tosses of the coin, it emerged that the lucky Mrs. Clinton was even luckier than we all thought, for she was already way ahead on delegates to the Convention.

Her humiliating defeat in New Hampshire six days later revealed that she had accumulated an even bigger lead in Convention delegates over the luckless Bernie Sanders, who discovered the existence of ‘Superdelegates’. Mrs. Clinton, it transpired, was well aware of their existence and had already laid claim to several hundred.

As Bernie, the ancient, drooling, wild-eyed Trotskyite from Vermont (via Brooklyn, via an Eastern European ghetto) has long been preaching, life in capitalist America is not fair. For his young, college-educated – and therefore more intelligent than any poorly -educated Trumpet – White followers, it must have come as quite a shock to discover that not all White Votes Count the same.

On the night of New Hampshire, it occurred to us that this state of affairs would not go un-protested. After all, his followers know all about protesting even if they know little about the ways of the world, how wealth is created, or how a college degree in gender oppression will land a job. And so it has come to be that a protest is gathering like a storm! has at least two petitions gathering the names of protesters, and in just three days, more than a quarter million young Trotskyites have signed up. This number will grow and grow, we are pleased to predict, presenting Mrs. Clinton and the Democrat Party’s politburo with an embarrassing dilemma.

As we understand it, the Democrat Party’s elite introduced the ‘superdelegate’ mechanism in response to the Convention victory of Senator George McGovern. McGovern, a principled South Dakota anti-war Leftist back in the days when the Democrat Party was merely crooked and controlled from smoke-filled rooms but had not been purged by the rising Media Class, lost in a 1972 landslide to Richard Nixon. In the smoke-filled room, it was decided that young grass-roots supporters could never again be allowed to pick the Convention winner. And so the dice were loaded by giving ‘super delegate’ votes to trusted Party functionaries. Prior to that they had been used to bolster Black representation.

If Hillary wins South Carolina and then Nevada by big margins, and it becomes obvious that Bernie has no appeal beyond White College youth and old 1960’s pony-tail Starbucks habitués, the petition will fizzle out. But if, God forbid! Bernie eats into her Black vote and her Latino vote and perhaps acquires some of her homosexual Media billionaires, and runs her close, the super-delegate issue will erupt. At the moment the MSM is able to hide this rebellion, but a close race in South Carolina, and more superdelegates for Hillary, will fuel’s young firebrands.

It is hard to see Hillary graciously relinquishing her unfair advantage, for the Clinton’s are shameless, ruthless and desperate. Their brand of Socialism is all about sharing the wealth of others but not their own ill-gotten gains. The Democrat Party is surely going to rue the day it took the easy way out and allowed the Clinton crime machine back in.

Interestingly,, founded in 1998 by Far Leftist Joan Blades and now responsible for the petition, has been largely funded by George Soros, Peter Lewis and Linda Pritzka – all Clinton supporters. Perhaps the explanation is that the current Executive Director Ilya Sheyman is a Jew and sees an opportunity to put the first Jew, rather than the first woman, in the White House. Perhaps a website visitor can fill in the blanks for us. Superdelegates Petitions

“Superdelegates: Let the Voters Decide” by Ilya Sheyman

As of 4:56 PM: 106,970 signatures

“Superdelegates: Don’t Deny Democracy” by Emiljana Ulaj & Rob Akleh

As of 5:01 PM: 165,741 signatures

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