Steinem Peace March

On this website we have often written about the Left’s infatuation with political symbolism. Candle-lit vigils are extremely popular with the Left, along with teddy bear memorials (with candles) and Rainbow flags. Vacuous slogans on banners, car bumpers and walls such as ‘Hope Not Hate’, ‘Unite Against Fascism’ and the ‘Give Peace a Chance’ immortalized by the self-important and hugely over-rated Beatles, are the emotional property of the Left. The Right, preferring depth, detachment and rational argument, has never been good at symbolism.

Peace marches, rich in symbolism, even richer in defeatism, meager in content and always devoid of purpose were extremely popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Exciting social occasions for unexciting do-gooders and mostly organized by Communist manipulators, Peace Marches were used to weaken Western resistance to the Soviet Union and its expansionist goals. Now that the Soviet Union has gone and its revolutionary policies are near fulfillment in the Western World, Peace Marches are outdated and unexciting compared to the new Century’s Revolutionary rioting, looting and arson.

This is a problem for the surviving elderly ‘peace’ campaigners of the 1960’s, especially those cold-blooded lesbians and quasi lesbians who besides manufacturing emotion around empty slogans against war, discovered real emotion in exalting the murder of babies. The Revolutionary new world of Obama has passed by these old hags, or so it seemed, but now we discover that Gloria Steinem is still alive and desperate for one more symbolic march into the limelight of MSM publicity.

Steinem, who had an abortion at aged 22 and has been immensely proud of this ever since, boasting that she has never experienced any emotional regret about the life she snuffed out, has flown to North Korea with a gaggle of old Feminist, abortion-addicted crones, who define themselves as ‘Female Peace Activists’.

No doubt Steinem and her comrades of the Women’s Media Center, an organization she founded in 2005 with Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan, are desperate for the limelight of the Media one last time. These self-important old has-beens, who have “worked to make women visible and powerful in the Media,” mistakenly believe they have found a cause that will recapture their Media visibility.

With the permission of the most murderous regime on earth, this tiny band of pensioners has gathered north of the de-militarized zone and intend to March for Peace across the DMZ and into South Korea, a march which, according to Steinem, will bring “resolution to tensions on the Korean Peninsula”. The communist North Korean regime allows few visitors, no doubt fearing that the workers of the outside world might be given a glimpse of socialist prosperity. This might bring millions of Africans and the Middle East’s poor flocking to North Korea’s shore (sarcasm intended!). That Steinem and her ugly little band have been allowed in for this publicity stunt tells us that they are viewed as no threat to the status quo and no threat to the North/South tensions that the regime ruthlessly nourishes.

The American MSM no longer appears to be interested in this gang of old Feminazi has-beens, for they and their issues have been overtaken by events. The male homosexuals in the Ruling Media Class and the Black racist mobs of Obama’s regime are the new advance guard of the Revolution. We suggest that Steinem submerge her little band of followers into Peace Marches around Ferguson and Baltimore’s war zone and hand the lead to the young, over-fed Black women who now vent violence on Whites and Asians. This surely would generate the limelight they crave.

People on the Right seem to have short memories. Those on the Left do not -witness the continued vilification of war hero and anti-communist Joe McCarthy and the continued attacks on the George Bush invasion of Iraq. Republican hopefuls, flailing around under MSM ‘gotcha’ questions, are falling over themselves to denounce the invasion. On this website we continue to maintain that the invasion of Iraq as a response to 9/11 was entirely justified.

Those Isolationists on the Right who opposed it then and those who are now attempting to disavow their support, were and are unable to put forward an alternative for the times. 9/11 demanded a speedy, violent and massive response from the USA. The attackers represented rising Islamic Imperialism and no particular Arab State. Iraq’s dictator, long the most prominent anti-American Arab enemy, was as good a target for revenge as any.

The successful invasion of Iraq, Hussein’s overthrow and an American military presence right in the heart of our enemies, struck fear and awe into the Muslim world. For a time America had the whip hand, especially once the invasion of Afghanistan isolated Iran. The American forces could have toppled every Muslim dictator in the Middle East and left the Muslim world in no doubt that attacking America brought a heavy penalty.

Unfortunately George Bush, leaning on the decrepit Cheyney for guidance, failed to campaign for the war across America and instead retreated into his Crawford ranch, leaving America’s internal enemies in the MSM and on the Left to sow dissension. Bush was incapable of the ruthlessness the situation demanded at home and abroad. The issue of WOMD was not an invention without credibility but 9/11 was the proper central justification.

That the war should be dredged up now is not part of a serious learning-from-history process but a MSM device to distract the Republican candidates from current issues around the Clintons. Republican hopefulls should answer “What does it matter?”

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