Good News from France and Virginia

As the results emerged from the first round of Sunday’s local elections in France, it became clear that Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party is in retreat. Hollande, who is the French version of New York’s De Blasio, saw his Party’s share of the vote drop from 25% to 21%. The center-Right alliance of Sarkozy reached 30% but the good news was that Marine Le Pen’s National Front received 26%.

Whilst the MSM of America’s ruling Media Class will dub the NF as ‘Far Right’ and ‘neo-Nazi’, the Party is seemingly ‘guilty’ of being anti-immigration and anti-EU. The most appropriate descriptions of the Party are ’Nationalist’ and ‘Patriotic’ and all across Europe such Parties are over-coming Media smears, Leftist physical intimidation and Government harassment, to challenge and resist the elimination of the native people and their Christian-based civilization.

The NF, like other similar European Parties, has policies that would restrict free markets and introduce some economic protectionism. Unfortunately, too many American conservatives are persuaded that these taken together should be a crucial litmus test of negativity and they seek to distance themselves. Certainly the NF is not a Tea Party movement but then France does not have America’s history and Constitution. In France the dangers for the native people and their identity are a leviathan EU government with totalitarian aspirations, swamping Third World immigration and Islamic Imperialism.

The NF is the only political force in France that will tackle these dangers and reclaim the people’s culture and traditional freedoms. What few limits to Islamic Imperialism the establishment Parties draw are mere tokenism and taken only to blunt the voter appeal of the NF. This website celebrates the NF’s advance and looks forward to the day when Mrs. Le Pen becomes President. It will be a victory for all European conservatives and will be an encouragement to America’s counter-revolutionaries.

Meanwhile in St. Petersburg, Russia, a large gathering of European Nationalists met to voice resistance to the anti-Christian and anti-White ‘progressive’ policies that the rise of the Media Class/Leftist alliance in Europe has unleashed. For many of the delegates this was a chance to enjoy free speech, for in their home countries laws are designed to silence opposition to immigration and sexual perversion. Although the conference had no official Russian support, it is significant that Putin’s Russia is now a haven for those who seek to resist the forces of Leftism and anti-Christian moral decadence.

Here in the USA today Ted Cruz launched his bid for the Presidency with a fiery speech and a declaration of intent at a genuinely Christian university in Virginia. Choosing the anniversary of the passing of Obamacare, Cruz promised that as President he would sign its complete repeal. By laying out a fighting program that would sweep back all of Obama’s policies and restore the Constitution, Cruz staked out an uncompromising Conservative position.

What will enrage and terrify the Media Class and its Leftist allies most is Cruz’s open appeal to traditional Christians. The billionaire perverts and libertines of Hollywood, the Castro and other pockets of unlimited sexual freedom will pour in money to defeat him in the primaries. The Left in Academia and the public service unions will also select him from among Republican candidates for early destruction. Every Soros-funded Front organization will be digging into his garbage bins and his past to find something with which to smear him, and failing that, to invent it. Waiting to swing into action will be the MSM panting for his blood. With so much money and adoring Media publicity available there will be no shortage of ‘old friends’ of Cruz and RINOS willing to back-stab. There never is!

We predict that the MSM will endlessly confront Cruz on abortion and SSM, for these are the issues that most preoccupy the Media Class. We have to hope that Cruz will never retreat, apologize or qualify his Christian commitments. The only honest and successful counter to attacks is doubling down with cold and uncompromising answers.

No-one knows how many Christians and moralists have stayed away from the polls in past elections out of ‘other-worldliness’, or whether they have stayed away in protest at mealy-mouthed Republican accommodation to ‘progressive’ inclusiveness. Cruz seems to believe that there is a potential army of Pilgrims waiting for a spokesman and leader. Let us hope that he is right!

The worry is that these days there may be few Christians who have the stomach for a fight and few Americans who have the spirit of the Founding Fathers. Not many of today’s Christians sing hymns like “Fight the Good Fight”, “Onward Christian Soldiers” and “Soldiers of Christ Arise and Put your Armor on!” Those hymns were the expression of a past muscular and confident Christian Faith and an educated and truly cultural people. Today’s congregations seem to flock to mega churches, as though to Rock Concerts, preferring their rhyme-less songs to be delivered to them by gyrating and over-amplified guitar strummers, mincing, whining vocalists and manic drummers. Those Churches not corrupted by celebrity seem to have retreated into a preoccupation with sin, guilt and preparation for martyrdom. Let us hope Cruz knows more than we do about the health of America’s Christian Churches.

For sure Cruz has set the scene for the Republican primaries, not just on Obamacare but on immigration, gun ownership, climate change and limited Federal government. His Right-facing competitors will have to posture Right, perhaps more than they intended. Jeb Bush, who prefers drifting along with the tide of moral ‘progressiveness’, is going to find it hard to straddle the fence. We wish Cruz good luck and pray that he has no actual skeletons in his cupboard.

We also wish Benjamin Netanyahu ‘good luck’ in forming a government. On this website we do not believe that the American taxpayers should be funding the Palestinians or the Israelis. There are plenty of rich Jews like George Soros, Bloomberg, Spielberg et al whose money would be better employed going to Tel Aviv and not into destroying real marriage, gun ownership and free speech in America. There are also plenty of rich Arabs in the Middle East who should be resettling Palestinian refugees.

There is no clear solution to the chronic conflict in what was once Palestine and long before that, Israel. Many Palestinians were cruelly driven from their land by the decisions of short-sighted Western do-gooders, anxious to make amends for Europe’s gas chambers, and desperate Jewish refugees from Europe. The creation of Israel was an injustice to the Arabs-many of them Christians. Now though, 60 years have passed, Israel is a reality of more than 6 million Jews, many of them driven since 1948 from their homes in Arab countries. They are fighting for survival surrounded by Muslims who seek their extinction and who will not tolerate a compromise.

It might be best if America and some allies signed a defense pact with Israel in the event of an attack from another State but left it entirely to Jews and Arabs to fight out a civil war within Palestine. Cruz has come out in full support of Israel, reflecting the fervor of Protestant Churches in America. This fervor for a foreign and Jewish cause is hard to understand when Christianity is under such attack in the USA.

Still, as evidence seeps out (ignored by the MSM) that Obama may have used American taxpayers’ money in an attempt to defeat Netanyahu and is now seething with rage at his victory, we wish Netanyahu much success in the final two years of Obama’s Presidency.

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