George Orwell and this Website

Eric Blair (pen name George Orwell) was not only a fine writer, an original story-teller and an observer of Europe’s crisis-ridden years, but a beacon of decency, truthfulness and integrity at a time when such values had become scarce. It is in recognition of Orwell’s commitment to the truth, no matter how inconvenient it was, that the principal writer of this website, a former Socialist, goes under the name of George Wellor.

Orwell became a Socialist in his youth when confronted with the economic and social devastation caused by the First World War, post-war Capitalism in decline, the indifference of the European Ruling Classes to widespread poverty, and the iniquities of Colonialism. It was humanitarian instincts which first steered Orwell, like many thinking people, to Socialism. Such people saw Russia’s Communism and the Marxism that drove it, as the great hope for mankind. When Hitler’s National Socialist Party, which had been elected to power in Germany, embarked on persecution and the road to totalitarianism, Orwell, like many believed that it had to be stopped.

As Europe marched towards war in the middle 1930’s, the civil war thatbroke out in Spain became a proxy war between Hitler’s National Socialism and Stalin’s Red Army. At the same time, Stalin, largely concealed from the outside world, was  building his totalitarian regime in the Soviet Union and refining the politics of purging and mass murder. Orwell, like many who were alarmed by the triumph of National Socialism in the heart of Europe, joined the Communist-controlled International Brigade and went to Spain to fight. It is at this point that Orwell revealed his decency, honesty and refusal to march with the crowd.

Orwell’s experience of Communism’s totalitarian character led to him leaving the International Brigade and joining the small and ineffective Spanish Anarchists. When Franco’s Nationalist forces gained the upper hand Orwell returned to England a wiser man about Communism. By 1939, Hitler and the Axis forces dominated middle Europe. Stalin, having bloodily eliminated his former comrades, had become the World’s leader of Socialism. All across Europe and America he had in place ‘Front’ organizations, innocently named to attract the well-meaning, that were tightly controlled by Communists to serve a hidden agenda. The stage seemed to have been set as a polarized struggle between Right and Left, between Darwinism and Dialectical Materialism and between two ideologies each claiming the future. For many intellectuals the end was about to come for the old European Christian civilization, individualism and private enterprise, and good riddance they said!

These indeed were dark days for those who still saw some good in the old European values. They looked into the future and saw destruction and a new and terrifying world order emerging. Confronted with the polarized forces of revolution, intellectuals in Britain and America took sides. Most sided with Stalin’s Socialism, many closing their eyes to its realities and more than a few embracing its totalitarianism.

Orwell rose above the polarization. In his writing he identified totalitarianism, eventually describing the nightmare society it would create. Although sick with advancing consumption, he spoke out and was shunned by his former Socialist comrades. Leftist book publishers would not print his work. The war ended with National Socialism and Germany defeated and International Socialism emerging as a victor. Stalin’s Soviet Union occupied Eastern Europe, and with large Communist Parties in France and Italy, Stalin seemed poised to take over the whole continent.

Orwell’s two major novels, written as he was slowly dying from TB, sought to alert the civilized world to the dangers of Socialism and its inherent totalitarianism. His was a lonely voice, for the intellectual world of Western Europe and America was in thrall to Stalin and Socialism. Most Academics, including economists, considered the free market to be outdated and Socialist planning to be the inevitable path to progress. In the USA and the UK Soviet spies and Leftist traitors had infiltrated government, Union leaderships were captured by Communists, Hollywood and much of the Media was also infiltrated by Fifth columnists and China was about to be taken over. It was in this bleak (for those who valued freedom of speech and thought) time that Orwell wrote Animal Farm (1945).

Although today’s Leftists attempt to categorize Orwell as a moderate Socialist, Animal Farm is a devastating attack on the politics of envy, class hatred and Utopian blueprints for a ‘fairer’ world. Orwell foresaw that those who gain power with promises of equality and redistribution of wealth predictably beget a society of scarcity, intolerance and a new inequality of which they are the beneficiaries.

In 1945 he wrote ‘1984’ which was a look into the future after Socialism had eliminated all opposition, enjoyed total control of the Media and successfully brainwashed the people.

It was a quote from ‘1984’ that I saw on the VDare Internet website this week that sparked this article. Radical and Right, mindful that our society is ruled by the Media Class and its Leftist allies, and warning that the MSM is nothing but manipulative and lying propaganda,  has constantly advised Conservatives and freedom lovers to rely on their common sense and their lying eyes.

As Americans are instructed by Government, Academia and Judiciary to accept that gender is optional, that sexual relations between same sex people is normal, that it is in America’s interests to open its borders to the Third World and enemy religions, that the gainfully employed must pay for gender-changing medical treatment for illegal immigrants and that seeming acts of terrorism are really workplace incidents, they should ponder Winston’s (Orwell’s) voice in ‘1984’.

“In the end the Party would announce that two and two make five and you would have to believe it.” “The heresy of heresies was common sense.” “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears”.

On this website we long ago warned that a stealthy revolution has been imposed on the American people; that the new Ruling Class and its Leftist allies intends to impose its deviant morality on everyone, and redistribute by force the fruits of diligent people’s labor. We have always warned that the end sought by this Ruling Class coalition is the suppression of freedom of thought and the victory of their totalitarianism.

Those who rely on the MSM for news will remain ignorant of the march to Orwell’s 1984 but on the Breitbart website yesterday was more evidence.

Acalanes Union High School in Lafayette, California, like an increasing number of public schools, encourages students to form a branch of the ‘Queer Straight Alliance’. This ‘alliance’ is an innocent sounding Front organization that enjoys the collusion of teachers, administrators, Leftist politicians in State Capitals and undoubtedly the input of rich homosexual organizations. The purpose of the self-styled alliance is the classroom isolation and intimidation of Christian children using the litmus test of homosexuality.

In Acalanes the ‘alliance’ members were allowed to hold an event in the classroom so that pupils were quizzed on their willingness to endorse the homosexual lifestyle. It is reported that those who did not were singled out and condemned. All pupils were also quizzed about the attitude of their parents. This officially-endorsed thought control process makes it clear that there is no place in school society for Christians and those who inherit the wisdom of longstanding traditions of sexual behavior. In Acalanes Union High School we are seeing the officially-blessed purging process that precedes totalitarianism.

In the UK last week a University debating society event was disrupted by Red thugs of the ‘Unite Against Fascism’. The target of the thugs was Marine le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front Party who had been invited to take part. Her Party now has the support of almost 25% of the native French people.

UAF, is one of several Leftist ‘Front’ organizations that exist to stifle free speech and persecute Nationalists by violent intimidation. These organizations, whose finances are shrouded in mystery, enjoy the open support of all those politicians who detest ideas from the Right and fear anyone who might dare to articulate the suppressed feelings of the ordinary people. In a society where no-one can be allowed to publicly articulate the evidence of eyes and ears, where two and two makes five and where the heresy of heresies is common sense, intimidation and persecution are essential to the Ruling Class. Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister David Cameron, who has betrayed real marriage, supported mass immigration from the Third World and schemes to frustrate the popular will regarding membership of the EU, is an open supporter of UAF.

On this website we cannot match George Orwell’s mastery of prose and his clear and economic writing style but we can and will tell the truth whilst the MSM tells lies, we will articulate the evidence of eyes and ears, and we will continue to celebrate common sense.

Global Warming Watch

The UK continues to ‘enjoy’ typical winter weather that alternates between cold and wet.

Here in middle California more rain has arrived, for which we thank God. It will not be enough to avoid a great shortage of water when summer arrives. It is possible that a lot more rain may come in the few remaining weeks of winter, but it is unlikely. The Global Warming alarmists are defining this as another year of drought. As always, the propagandists of ‘people control’ are deliberately misusing words in order to claim that the approaching catastrophic water shortage is a result of MMGW.

The truth is that California has always been a desert State that has enjoyed interludes of precipitation. In the 19th Century the Spanish ranchers were impoverished by drought. The 20th century growth in population was sustained by dams and irrigation but these can only save rainfall. Thanks to unrestricted immigration and welfare support for large numbers of unproductive people in cities like LA (pop. 15 million), it would require a change in climate and weather to keep pace with demand for water.

California is a State governed by lunatics and perverts. That portion of the newly arrived population that is productive is detached from politics and America’s old self-sufficiency. Governor (moonbeam) Brown is ‘investing’ billions of tax-payer dollars in a railroad from nowhere to LA, when more dams and dozens of de-salination plants should be the priority. No matter, for when water has to be rationed the blame will be placed on MMGW and we will be several steps closer to the totalitarian control of the people’s daily behaviors.

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