Burn the Rainbow Flag!

It seems that flag burning is now all the rage. Last week it was the Confederate Flag being incinerated in public places to the relief of enslaved Black mobs. Not long after and predictably, the American Flag was also being reduced to ashes by little groups of White and Black academics as a symbol of all oppression.

If there is a flag that needs burning it is the obnoxious and insipid Rainbow Flag. It represents sodomy, ‘water sports‘ (urinating on one‘s sexual partner), rimming ( licking an anus), bath-houses (anonymous sex between people of the same sex), street parades of sexual exhibitionists and sado-masochists, fat naked men on motor cycles and a 9year old boy, dressed in a sequined girlie tutu, make-up and wiggling his bottom to the delight of parents, New York’s decadent by-standers and the world’s perverts. Surely this Flag is the symbol of degeneracy and evil?

While we are publicly flag burning, let us include the Mexican Flag. It has no business being flown anywhere in America other than atop the Mexican embassy. Since it is the symbol of a Second World border-Nation’s irredentist designs on US soil it is about time that its ashes bit the dust.

This morning whilst traveling I had the chance to catch a slice of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program in which he was defending Donald Trump. Rush remarked that he himself ‘had no dog in this race’ but it was hard not to detect more than a sneaking regard for ‘The Donald’s’ courage in speaking blunt truth about immigration and borders and remaining steadfast in the face of vicious Ruling Media Class hostility and Big Business-concerted financial punishment.

For what its worth this website shares Limbaugh’s new admiration for Trump. Yes, it is wise to remember that Trump has in the past contributed to Democrats, that he has previously played around on the fringe of politics without jumping in and that he has never defended the crucial moral values that underpinned America’s past strength. Still, as the old saying goes ‘Cometh the Hour: Cometh the Man’ and perhaps ‘The Donald’ has found his moment in America’s hour of need.

Yesterday, Talk Radio Host Michael Savage had one of his moments of insight when he said how much he admired Ted Cruz and liked all of his stands, yet realized that Cruz lacks personal appeal. We think Cruz is easily the most sincere and conservative of all the candidates but his voice is weak and so is his chin and these are fatal failings in the visual and shallow world of politics that is 2015/16. Trump has the voice and the presence and we can only hope that he has the backbone and the wealth to take on the Ruling Class and that persecution will radicalize him on all the issues.

Rush Limbaugh commented that Trump believes he is speaking for the silent majority on borders and immigration. Limbaugh is beginning to doubt if there is any longer a silent majority because not only is it silent but invisible in the public square where our flags are being burned. It’s a good point but Rush, like Trump, has the wealth to survive economic intimidation and persecution by the forces of the Ruling Class.

I have a NOM bumper sticker and a Mark Levin ‘Lying Media’ on my vehicle, but I am retired and I live in an area dominated by Orientals, Asians and apolitical Whites. I would happily go to my town’s square or the sidewalk in front of the local newspaper and burn the Rainbow flag if I was confident that I would be the only target of homosexual abuse (Let ‘em come!!) and hostile Media publicity. Unfortunately I fear that several close relatives would find themselves tracked down, convicted of guilt by association and forever banned from Hi-tech employment.

It would take a brave man to burn the Mexican Flag anywhere in the Bay Area of California, for the authorities would surely turn a blind eye to Latino retribution. The silent majority that Trump speaks for on immigration exists but it is hugely intimidated and has calculated that only in the secrecy of the voting booth is it safe to express an opinion.

Here is a footnote to my comments on the disgusting perverted nature of those who flaunt the rainbow flag.

Back in the early 1990’s when the AIDS epidemic surfaced in the UK’s homosexual underworld, I was a manager of a large team of child care social workers working in the public sector. Along with my colleagues all across the UK I was officially sent a package of ‘educational’ leaflets to be used by my team in their contacts with young people. The leaflets had been produced by the Terrence Higgins Trust, a well-resourced yet largely unknown organization of homosexual activists.

My worldly colleagues and I were shocked by the content which listed all the ’normal’ sexual practices of homosexuals and drew attention to the risky nature of them unless precautions were taken. Anal intercourse (unprotected), water sports and rimming were casually described. This was our introduction to the real world of ‘gay’ relationships and the practices that the MSM will never allow to be publicized until all criticism has been criminalized. After normal people have been sent to the gulags, the Nation’s school children will be introduced to the delights of sodomy, rimming and water-sports.


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