Trump Exonerated By Munich Attack

The latest Muslim terror attack which killed eight innocent German citizens and wounded another 16, came only a day after Donald Trump included in his Convention speech a call for a clampdown on immigration in general, and on entry from Muslim States in particular.

Predictably, America’s Mainstream Media was busy on Friday amplifying the Obama-directed response that Trump was painting a false ‘dark’ picture of America and the world, and appealing to illogical fear and bigotry. Indeed, the crypto-Muslim in the White House was saluting and pleasing a delegation of his religious brothers and sisters with tales of how America’s citizens relied on their Muslim doctors, architects, farmers, skills and brains, and had always done so. According to the now-regular Obama fairy tale, Muslims have always been deeply-embedded in America and responsible for its progress.

On this website we have long noted that Leftists rewrite history, and the Media Class substitutes fantasy for reality, but Obama is surely the master of rewritten history and fantasy. His confident and gleeful delivery of lying propaganda marks him out as a classic grand psychopath. And no sooner had he issued soothing words dismissing Imperial Islam’s dangerous invasion of the Western World, when in Munich, Donald Trump’s recognition of reality was validated.

The first reaction of Merkel’s politically-correct German authorities to the mass killing in Munich on Friday afternoon, was to avoid mentioning the word ‘Muslim’ and to speak vaguely about ‘terrorism’. They could be sure that the German MSM, and the MSM in the Western World, would be as eager as them to avoid the ‘M’ word.

Whenever such terrorist outrages occur, one can feel the longing of the MSM reporters, ‘Please let this be a Far Right extremist act!’. How Merkel, like Sheppard Smith of Fox News, must have wished for such news. Instead, Internet blogs in America from Britain’s Daily Mail, reported that one of the of the Munich killers had been heard shouting “Alahu Akbar”, and that the informant of this was a Muslim woman.

Two points about the MSM are to be noted here. One is that immediate MSM reports are usually the most accurate, for they have not yet been fully purged of inconvenient truths. Second, the UK’s MSM tells more truth in the USA than in its own UK.

The Munich authorities, in deference to Angela Merkel’s sensibilities, are continuing to insist that “the motive behind the shooting remains unclear”, and “there is no evidence of links to ISIS”. Our website visitors should remember that the killer in Orlando was successfully portrayed as a ‘lone wolf’, yet now we learn -tucked away in a small MSM paragraph here and there – that police are now looking for his accomplices.

This is important for those who wish to know the truth. A ‘lone wolf’ description paves the way for the ensuing propaganda pitch, which is that the killer was an isolated, dysfunctional, mentally-ill casualty of society who was neither a genuine Muslim nor was his crime inspired by (to use the words of the crypto-Muslim in the White House) the religion of peace.

The Munich shooter, who likely shot himself to achieve the martyrdom so desired by Islam’s Imperial warriors, was a son of Iranian parents, and had spent time before his attack, luring children and their parents to the planned execution scene. He did this on the Internet, using someone else’s computer. First reports, if you remember, were that other attackers had been involved, but this was soon walked back. We are now told that the Munich police are “still searching for suspects”. It seems that ‘lone wolves’ are plentiful in the Muslim communities!

We might comment here that anyone who randomly shoots civilians and children, drives a truck through crowds, or cuts off heads, is emotionally deranged, but so are all those who distort the news we get, tell us that Muslims built America, swim in Hollywood’s cess-pit, claim that gender is a choice, celebrate sodomy, and ignore Hillary Clinton’s crimes. Today’s Far Left is inhabited by the emotionally deranged.

One cannot navigate through the computer without being exposed to constant MSM propaganda. Xfinity pumps out a relentless propaganda diet of Trump bad news, and pictures of a glowing and care-free Hillary Clinton. One recent Xfinity headline is “Trump Remarks Shock the Foreign Political World”.

This may or may not be true but it is selective reporting and we might ask if the foreign political world was shocked to learn that Hillary Clinton had been using a private computer for all her State Department business and that Russia, China, North Korea, ISIS and Iran had been reading America’s secrets.

Peggy Noonan’s latest article in the Wall Street Journal is titled “Trump and the Unknowable Moment”. We recommend it, even though it is a very incomplete examination of the Trump movement. Noonan has no understanding of the context of the Convention events she describes. What she fails to see is that America is in the midst of a Revolution caused by the rise to ruling power of the Media Class, it’s alliance with the Far Left, its decadent and self-serving Social/Moral agenda, its Internationalist thrust to please Wall Street and Silicon Valley billionaires, the collaborators of the Republican elite, and that Trump is leading a Counter-revolutionary movement.

Still, despite her presence in the pages of the most Internationalist voice of the MSM, a lurking element of American patriotism in her gut, forces her to recognize something profound and genuine in the Trump movement. She dismisses Cruz for the phony he is and describes Trump’s Convention speech as “plain and blunt” and concludes, with some admiration, that “it was powerful”. No-where else in that footloose propaganda rag, or any other MSM garbage will you find any willingness to treat Trump fairly.

As we wrote previously, Trump’s Convention speech was a masterpiece of brave Nationalism and it was powerful because it was truthful. If it gets to the American public, he and we, will win in November and save America and the West.


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