Madonna-Member of the Ruling Class

This morning, Lee Rodgers on his early morning ‘Hot Talk’ radio show from San Francisco commented that he was ashamed for the US that the main news from ABC was about Madonna and her alleged affair with a sports personality. Rodgers was right to feel shame for our country but if he read this website he would not be at all surprised.

Let us be clear, Madonna is a warbler and therefore not important at all in the real world. She is probably quite talented as warblers go these days but if you had no bread on the table or the plumbing packed up or you couldn’t start your car, you would not regard her as important or even mildly useful. The ‘talents’ that have elevated her to the top of a pile of dung include her self-confidence, her willingness to be outrageous, her lack of self-respect, her vulgarity and her contempt for the Christian values that underpin US and Western civilization. The sports ‘personality’ she is alleged to be having a ‘relationship’ with is Alex Rodriguez who plays for the New York Yankees. I had never heard of him until this morning but then I regard most of today’s ‘sports’ as part of Showbiz for they have all been puffed up by the Media. Whatever fame Rodriguez enjoyed with the Yankees was minor compared to the fame he now has as a result of being linked to this Media sex symbol.

The Madonna’s of our brave new Media-ruled world are addicted to fame, money and sex, probably in that order. Celebrities are only as celebrated as their current scandalous episode or the next hit/film and a scandal is easier to achieve than a hit. Really, there is not much difference in motivation between Madonna and the anti-US campaigner Cindy Sheehan except Madonna, who has made more money, is a member of the Media Class and not just a pawn of it. Both ‘ladies’ crave headlines.

We are now ruled and manipulated by a Media Class and it is made up of many parts. Some parts are more important than others for the dominance of the Class in our politics and culture. Madonna’s importance and that of other warblers and celebrities, is in their ability to break down traditional moral standards by being shocking and providing radical role models for the young and impressionable. The sports people provide what Lenin might have called ‘the dope for the masses’. There have been many recent headlines about the current divorce proceedings involving NBA ‘star’ Shaquille O’Neal. Lee Rodgers should be equally ashamed that this netball player gets headlines. I could not take seriously anyone with such a contrived and ridiculous name and surely netball is a game for girls.

The new ruling Media Class has many strengths. It can and does feed us constant lies dressed up as news. It can and does bury real news. It can spin every news item. It can and does divert and dull the masses with overblown sports occasions and it can and does dumb down and indoctrinate the masses (and especially the young) with shallow entertainment. As I wrote in a previous piece it can use news and entertainment to create a whiny, depressed and dependent population.

And so, the reporting about Madonna and others and their loveless affairs with puffed up sports people drug the young with trash, undermine the nation’s morals and trivialize real news. All of these advance the Media Class agenda. At the same time, we should note that it is also the Media Class elevating itself, for it truly believes that the antics of its constituent parts are what are truly important. From a Class of people who are shallow, trivial and are rooted in make –belief we should expect that Madonna’s alleged affair with a sports player justifies the day’s leading headline.

Congratulations to the BNP for some small but impressive results in last week’s UK local elections. In four out of five contests, the Party beat the governing Labour Party’s candidates and achieved respectable percentages of the total votes cast. I believe that in each of the five wards, the Party was competing for the first time. Yet I cannot help feeling disappointed. Each week in the UK there are numerous examples of native people being attacked, raped, robbed and murdered by immigrants from Third World countries. What should outrage the native people about this is that the Media suppresses and massages the details and the Authorities go out of their way to ignore the plight of the victims whilst absolving the perpetrators of blame. As the net tightens on UK free speech, I cannot understand why the native British people do not turn out in their thousands to vote BNP at every diminishing opportunity. I suppose most of them are fixated with Madonna’s ‘romantic’ scandal or home watching Man U and believing that they are witnessing a truly historic event.

Finally, I must mention a great piece by Dorothy Rabinowitz in today’s Wall Street Journal, entitled “American Politics Aren’t ‘Post-Racial’”. She is writing about the experience of Keith Sampson who was a student employee on the janitorial staff of Indiana’s Purdue University, earning his way toward a degree. I assume Mr. Sampson is white. He was in the habit of bringing books to read during his work breaks. Last October he brought to work an academic book with the title “Notre Dame Vs. the Klan”. A member of a racial minority denounced him and he was first interviewed by a Union rep. and told he must not bring the book to work. This book is a historical work on racial conflict and is in the University Library. Mr. Sampson was told that it was like bringing pornography to work. He was next summoned to and confronted by the University’s affirmative action officer. He next received a letter from Purdue’s Chief affirmative action officer, Lilian Charleston, asserting that her office had completed its investigation of the charges brought by his co-worker Ms. Nakea Williams, that Mr. Sampson had continued, despite complaints, to read a book on this “inflammatory topic”, and that “his conduct constituted racial harassment…a very serious matter with serious consequences”. When Mr. Sampson got legal assistance to challenge the Purdue establishment, he received a letter that did not mention the original “offence” but instead brought new charges. He continued to fight and the University has now backed down agreeing that he can read scholarly books during his break. I hope he sues the University for big bucks and also sues the officers concerned. They should be dismissed from employment but won’t be, for you can bet that when all this has died down they will be rewarded for their vigilance and energy. Mr. Sampson has not received an apology!

Such examples of naked academic attacks on freedom of speech and freedom of thought are increasingly common in the USA. So are examples of minority people exercising the new power of ‘denunciation’. Attacks on freedom like this are every-day occurrences in the UK, the only difference being that in the UK, Mr. Sampson would have been summarily arrested and thrown into a police cell. From there he would have been brought before a Court and probably given a suspended prison sentence. His home and computer would have been searched for incriminating BNP material.

Finally, I will just comment that in the US this kind of Stalinist behavior by public officials still gets through to the public via Talk Radio and one or two newspapers.  After November’s elections we can expect more restrictions on free speech and freedom of thought and we will move in the footsteps of the UK and Canada. Those conservatives and nationalists who turn up their collective noses at McCain and the Republican Party will have much to answer for.

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