Muslim Torture Hidden By MSM?

You could be forgiven if you have forgotten the Bataclan massacre, for this was several Muslim terrorist attacks back in the past. The very recent past it is true, but since there have been several massacres and the odd deadly ambush of policeman in Obama’s USA since Bataclan, you may have become the equivalent of shell-shocked when it comes to deadly attacks on good citizens in Europe and the USA.

The Bataclan massacre took place in a concert hall in Paris when three armed Muslim soldiers acting for ISIS entered and gunned down young people in a gun-free environment, killing over 80. The news was shocking at the time because of the large death-toll, the innocence of the victims and the reported cold-bloodedness of the perpetrators. As in all of these attacks -including the ambushes of US policemen doing their job on behalf of good citizens – we normal people of the Broad Right wonder how some people can casually kill large numbers of people they don’t know.

We sort of understand how serial killers with perverted sexual motives select victims away from the public gaze, and usually kill victims one at a time. Such people commit their murders in secret and intend never to be identified. Even the secret police of Socialist totalitarian regimes kill in secret. But the Muslims who now wage war on us record their executions, wish to be identified, intend to be posthumously famous, and do their killing in public places.

The problem we on the Broad Right and all good citizens have, besides a chance of being future victims, is that our Governments, the Far Left and their Media Class masters are not only importing Muslim killers as fast as they can, but playing down and even excusing the deadly attacks.

It has since been alleged that the cover-ups are even worse than we knew. In the aftermath of Bataclan the French authorities may have concealed the dreadful cruelty of the killers, for not only did the three Muslim soldiers mercilessly gun down their victims but may have then carried out barbaric acts as cruel as those of the ISIS soldiers of Arabia.

The French public – and the world- were not told that the killers gouged out the eyes of the wounded, castrated some and placed their genitals in their mouths, disemboweled others and severed heads. These allegations have been officially denied but can officials any longer be trusted to tell the truth? No doubt the authorities fear that this information would gift votes to Marine Le Pen and jeopardize ongoing immigration programs.

The details of these ghastly crimes have been alleged in a French Parliamentary enquiry but the Mainstream Medias in Europe and the USA are concealing them. No doubt they fear that such knowledge would add votes to Donald Trump, enrage his followers and halt the immigration program of the crypto-Muslim in the White House. This website is dedicated to revealing the existence of the American Media Class, its alliance with the Far Left Democrat Party, its capture of the White House and Government machinery, and the propaganda power and agenda of the Mainstream Media.

In our previous article we set out how the lying MSM creates a false narrative intended to obscure the facts of Muslim violence. It uses euphemisms, such as ‘troubled’ to conceal the past violent behaviors of those who have attacked good citizens in the name of Islam. When we ask how Muslim ‘soldiers’ can kill in cold blood and torture their victims before killing them, the explanation must be that Islamic Imperialism is now attracting those with violent pasts who find satisfaction in cruelty and killing. The Koran, and the bloodthirsty Imperialist movement which has been revived under its auspices, provides perverts with a rationale and a respectable framework for torture and killing. We can assume that most Muslim soldiers will have ‘troubled’ pasts but not all people with ‘troubled’ pasts commit such crimes. The missing ingredient is the religion. This truth will be suppressed in the USA until Donald Trump enters the White House. It will be suppressed in France until Marine Le Pen and her Party takes power. We can waste time puzzling over the madness of the Internationalists who are opening our borders to Islam, but the Internationalists and their policies are an immediate danger to us and must be quickly defeated and ejected from the Republican Party so that the Broad Right can march unified to November and ensure our survival.


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