Trump’s New York Good News

The latest Emerson College Polling Society poll taken between 6th and 7th April in New York State shows Trump with 56%, Cruz with 22% and Kasich with 17%. 5% were undecided. The poll measured 321 likely voters.

——————————————————– Trump 56%

———————- Cruz 22%

—————– Kasich 17%

Compared to a very recent New York poll, this suggests that Trump has gained a percentage point and Cruz and Kasich have switched positions. Trump has now turned his whole attention to New York and cancelled projected visits to Colorado and California. As voting in delegate-rich California is not until June, this may be a smart decision, for a big majority in New York has an impact on the apportionment of delegates. Missing Colorado suggests that he has written off the delegate apportionment there in a system that rewards the crafty insider who knows how to prosper by manipulation.

It can be argued that New York is The Donald’s home turf, so he has an obvious advantage, but it is worth noting that Ted Cruz received only 44% in his home State of Texas and Trump had more than 25% there.

In the aftermath of Wisconsin, no commentators have drawn attention to the 8 Super Pacs of rich Internationalists who swamped the airwaves for Cruz and who brazenly misrepresented Trump’s views and policies. Wisconsin’s conservative radio Talk-Show host was also extremely pro Cruz and anti-Trump.

As far as we are aware, only Michael Savage of the major Talk Radio hosts is pro-Trump. Mark Levin, who eats a copy of the Constitution at every meal – and this may explain his chronic bad temper, lack of humor and frequent eruptions of venom – remains infatuated with Cruz. We have stopped listening to him but are told he allows only Cruzites to get on his program. Some suggest that his attachment to Cruz is because he has a close relative now employed on the Cruz campaign. We think it is because Cruz is a Constitutional lawyer and Levin has long had a one-track mind. Levin is not a man who could change his mind or ever admit a mistake.

Levin is an expert on the Constitution and is capable of some devastating criticisms of Obama’s lawless rule, but his constant nastiness and perpetual anger always made him hard to listen to. He has accused Trump of being a bully. This sounds like projection. He is also an ungracious loser. We often resort to common sense and gut reactions on this website. If you walked into a bar for a relaxing drink and sociable company, who would you rather stand next to? Trump or Mark Levin?

Despite my recent statement that I had given up listening to Rush Limbaugh, I have to admit that I have resumed tuning in from time to time. Limbaugh is a gentleman, a committed Conservative, a patriot and has a good sense of humor guaranteed to offend only Leftists and Feminazis. Today he has been doing his annual fund-raising for cancer, a most worthy cause. He is, like Donald Trump, a nice guy.

I get the impression that Limbaugh feels obliged to side with Cruz because for so many years he has proclaimed that if a ‘true Conservative’ came along, he would sweep the Republicans to power. Cruz appeared to be the ‘true Conservative’ of Limbaugh’s dreams. Despite the growing evidence that Cruz at heart is an ambitious insider posing as a principled outsider, Limbaugh cannot accept that a Revolution and a new Ruling Class has elevated Nationalism to the political forefront. Trump, a political simpleton when compared to the slick Cruz, has instinctively grasped this and deprived Cruz of his moment in history. At times, Limbaugh almost admits as much. There is no doubt that if Trump is the winner after the Convention, Limbaugh will give him full-blooded support. We will vote for Cruz if he is the victor, even if he benefits from dirty tricks.

On the Democrat front, what Right-winger can not enjoy the spectacle of Hillary Clinton on the defensive against a bumbling, drooling old Trotskyite? The strain has got to Bill, who let rip at BLM agitators when they disrupted his recent Philadelphia meeting. I’ve always suspected that deep down Ol’ Bill nurses realistic views of inner-city African Americans and homosexuals, but ambition, greed and political calculations have kept him in the PC closet. In Philadelphia he could not control himself and briefly stepped out of the closet. The reverberations of this loss of self-control may lose Hillary some of the Black and all of the Far Left vote.

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