Trump The Builder. Vision, Determination, Stamina And More

In yesterday’s article on this website we drew attention to the range of personal skills and areas of knowledge required of any individual who embarks on the construction of a sky-scraper in central New York. Our point was that Donald Trump has been responsible for several such buildings and is consequently a man of outstanding ability and achievement.

We were also drawing a contrast between him and his achievements, versus the scribblers of the Wall Street Journal’s regular contributors who are attempting to paint him as a clown, a political neophyte without substance, and a financial fraud. We referred particularly to Holman Jenkins, the writer of a scurrilous Saturday WSJ attack, but we also included Bret (Israel First) Stephens and Kimberley Strassel. It was and is our belief that all of these, and others at the WSJ, are coordinating with shadowy Internationalist billionaires who fund the Republican establishment, to destroy Donald Trump politically and financially.

Today, right on cue and demonstrating that because we understand the power and agenda of the Media Class we can accurately predict many political events without possessing inside knowledge, Strassel has a major article in the WSJ. It is headlined “An Airwaves Strategy to Beat Trump” and in it she promotes the Club For Growth, an organization that represents International Big Business interests in the Republican Party. The Club For Growth has no interest in borders, language and culture, welcomes mass immigration and the export of American jobs, “Anything for a profit!” There is nothing conservative about such an agenda for it strips away from the great fabric of Conservatism everything but a rampant world-wide free market.

Mrs. Rose (aka Kimberley Strassel) normally only contributes to the WSJ on Fridays but the Journal is in a desperate hurry to halt Trump and his movement before too many primaries are past. Strassel and her WSJ comrades see the Club For Growth as the sluice into the Media market through which their billionaire recruits can pour the money which will take down Trump and bankrupt his campaign.

The desperation of Strassel can be gauged by her willingness to live with the CFG’s decision to allow Ted Cruz to slip past its gold standard test. In the past, Strassel, like her comrades, has been hostile to the Christian Conservatism of Ted Cruz, but it seems that Christian Conservatism is less objectionable than Nationalism.

So there we have it! Any politician, from Cruz to Clinton has become tolerable, and the airwaves are going to bring about the defeat of an intolerable Nationalism. This Trump-induced crisis has resulted in a temporary drawing-back of the curtain behind which, for decades, the Media people have been directing the politicians and promoting their own agenda. Now, in frustration, the Media Class is stepping out on to the front of the stage, elbowing its politicians aside, and using its MSM to directly manipulate public opinion and scatter the Nationalist enemy.

In passing, let us note that Strassel, like her MSM comrades, moved from education into the Media. No building sky-scrapers, no tilling the soil, no small business, no military service – just scribbling opinions for a living has made her feel superior to a man who has created towering buildings. We see the power of a Ruling Class in action when such a scribbler feels empowered to condemn the builder as a know-nothing, a clown and a man without achievement.

Yesterday, we set out the many skills and attributes that a builder of sky-scrapers must possess at least in some degree and which, in a sane world, ought to qualify him for the Presidency. We omitted some of the most important. Vision, determination, stamina, self-confidence, optimism, leadership, common sense and purpose. Are these not the qualities America needs in the White House?

Let us give three cheers each for former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions who have endorsed Donald Trump at a time when he is under great fire from all sides of the sewer. True Nationalists both! Brewer, who stood toe to toe to a bullying Obama over immigration, is a tough fighter and would be a worthy running mate for Trump.

Here is a warning about the power of the Media Class. In Switzerland, an attempt by a Nationalist Party to introduce legislation that would have deported immigrants guilty of crimes, was defeated. Given that the Europe all around Switzerland is being invaded and colonized by people who will never be integrated and who are bringing crime and disunity, it could have been expected that the Swiss, an armed and independent people, would have voted to empty their jails and reduce crime.

No doubt Swiss schools and colleges have been infiltrated by do-goody teachers and the young are being corrupted by the Media Pop-cultural swill from the USA, the UK and Scandinavia, but we can be sure that the Media Class in Switzerland has the same anti-National agenda as elsewhere and that the MSM persuaded enough gullible Swiss that self-preservation is bigoted, heartless and evidence of a lurking National Socialism.

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