Trump Still Ahead In SC

On the eve of polling day in South Carolina, the Opinion Polls all show Donald Trump leading the Republican contest. One poll suggests a rapidly tightening race between him and Cruz. The Marist poll commissioned by NBC and WSJ claims that Trump is only 5 points ahead of Cruz. Other polls show him maintaining a substantial lead.

Saturday evening will reveal whether Marist is push-polling on behalf of NBC/WSJ, or uniquely accurate. The Wall Street Journal, which is the voice of Internationalist Big Business and Israel First, has been more virulently anti-Trump than any other MSM organ. This 2016 primary contest has revealed that for the Internationalists of the Right, Trump’s Nationalism is even more abhorrent than Christian Conservatism. Ted Cruz better enjoy his new allies while the going is good, for if he gets the Republican nomination he will soon discover that the International Right opposes traditional Christianity only marginally less than Nationalism. It is the opinion of this website that the childish and personalized war between Trump and Cruz has diminished both men.

Career politicians should never be trusted too far, for over time they are apt to sacrifice principle for personal ambition, or job-survival and the comforts of office. On the political Right in these Far Left Revolutionary times this has resulted in shameless betrayals, for the new Ruling Class has awesome wealth and power with which to intimidate and corrupt its opponents. Nationalist and Conservative voters have grown openly cynical about, and distrustful of, the Republican Party’s representatives and candidates.

The current primaries have revealed the distrust that has grown between voters of the Right and the Republican career-politician representatives. Trump’s financial independence and absence of a political career has been viewed as one of his strengths. Cruz has strengthened his appeal to Republican voters by seemingly throwing his Senatorial career to the winds as a rebel. Consequently, one of the things that has attracted the grass-roots voters of the Right to both Trump and Cruz is the belief that their respective principles matter more than political careers.

Dirty tricks, pettiness, personal attacks, deliberately providing the MSM with ammunition to be used against a rival, and an absence of guiding principles, are seen as the tactics to which career politicians resort to safeguard pay-checks and Party promotion.

Trump and Cruz have lately slipped into the election gutter where career politicians thrive, and where the MSM waits in anticipation of material for sordid, negative and divisive headlines. All this is much to the delight of the Republican Party elite. Trump and Cruz, in the minds of those who merely scan headlines, have become indistinguishable from the rest. Nationalist and Conservative Americans deserve better. It was never realistic to expect a pact between the two rivals of the Right, but it was realistic to expect more depth, dignity and evidence of Statesmanship. We believe that both have lost some popular support and given undeserved encouragement to Rubio, Kasich and Bush.

South Carolina’s result is unlikely to weed out the three career politicians in the Republican pack, so the fight will move forward to Nevada and beyond. We hope Trump and Cruz will henceforth concentrate on the big issues that mobilize Nationalists and Conservatives.

Meanwhile, the Papal attack on Trump may please Mexicans but will surely backfire here in the USA. This Pope is a Far Left activist who is using the Catholic Church to advance world Socialism. He is an enemy of the Nation States of the Western World and intent on redistribution. He is unaware of the old saying ‘people who live in glass houses should not throw stones’, for he lives in a walled city. It is up to the Mexican people to create a society that guarantees safety and jobs and he should have told them so. It is a tribute to Trump’s American Nationalism that this Pope has singled him out for attack.

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  1. Trump won SC decisively. There is no stopping him now, unless Cruz can. Rubio had the support of a powerful state machine, and still could not get close to Trump. He may even end up third. Cruz will do much better than Rubio on Super Tuesday, but Trump will run away with it. By the time the upper midwest states weigh in, and I believe Trump will win these easily, it’s going to be over.

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