Trump Marches Through Vermont

The Donald just keeps getting better. Every rally his unscripted conversations with his audience (and the American people) reveal a man with a mission. And it is simply to make America great again. There can be no doubting that his commitment is genuine. There can be no doubting that he has an ability to discard sophisticated, nuanced approaches to the problems that beset America, and cut through to commonsense. There is no doubt that he will be a President of action and no-nonsense, unrestrained by the straitjacket of Leftist political correctness and the insane sensitivity that cossets those who leach on the American taxpayers and protects their enemies.

Trump’s visit to Vermont, Bernie’s backyard and a State now over-run with Far Left tenured academics and needle-popping, pimple-faced lay-abouts, was a declaration of intent to take America back, state by state. Trump is well-organized, fearless and confident and he is taking the fight to the enemy. When he says that he will build the wall, we know he will. When he says that on his first day in the White House he will rescind all of Obama’s executive orders, we know that he will. When he says that he will fully restore the Second Amendment, we know he will.

There are a number of issues, important to Conservatives and Christians that he doesn’t address, because he stays focused on the Nationalist priorities of borders, Muslim terror, international trade deals that are ruining America, the export of jobs, the 19 trillion deficit, restoring military strength and ensuring an armed civilian population.

I feel confident that as a commonsense President, he will restore free speech, cut the ACLU down to size, deny Planned Parenthood of every cent of taxpayer money, drag Soros and his buddies out of the shadows and into the daylight, take the knife to the Federal Government’s empire, halt the persecution of Christians, and restore God’s place in the public square.

Trump discovered quickly that the Mainstream Media and its people were hostile to his Nationalism. Unlike so many politicians of the Right, instead of apologizing, groveling and retreating, he has put his tanks on their lawn and does so at every opportunity. He is, by example, teaching people on the Right to stand up to the Left. When the protestors come to disrupt and intimidate, he looks at the cameras, yells “throw the bums out! and then smiles and says he is enjoying himself – and invites the audience to share the enjoyment.

Trump is taking on the Media Class, doubling down on his disdain for their PC, flushing them out and beating them. We strongly recommend that you take time to watch his Vermont meeting and feel encouraged that we have a leader who is his own man and ours.

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