Trump Going Down To Defeat?

It has long been the theme of this website that the Media Class, primarily because of the propaganda power of its Mainstream Media, has become America’s first Ruling Class. We maintain that the Media Class evolved in the 1970’s, developed its own Class agenda, gradually absorbed related systems of communication and entertainment, purged the Democrat Party and Unions of social conservatives and Nationalists, continuously ‘re-educated’ the population through its control of news and entertainment, formed an alliance with the Far Left based on shared Revolutionary goals, and in 2008, formally took control of the machinery of Government.

This ascent to power has been achieved by stealth, and even today the Media Class rules without revealing itself as the controlling political power. News and entertainment, indistinguishable from each other and in reality nothing but lies and propaganda, should properly be called the Media Class. It’s Mainstream Media continues to function as though it is the Fourth Estate of old, a disparate collection of independent sources of news. It is our contention that the MSM marches in lockstep simply because it represents a Class interest and agenda. There is no genuine social conservative Media, no genuine Nationalist Media and no MSM that is truthful.

In answer to the question ‘how did the Media Class purge the Democrat Party and the Unions?’ it did so by selective news delivery, withholding inconvenient truth, ignoring Class enemies and promoting Class allies, only negative reporting of Class enemies and using entertainment to ridicule, slander, demonize and condemn oponents.

The MSM has become expert and terrifyingly effective with practice, and the advantage of monopoly. Self interest and a Class agenda are sufficient tools to enable the identification of enemies and potential enemies without the requirement of secret meetings, Blacklists and conspiracies. What makes it easy is that the population (the victim Class), is unaware that the MSM is no longer the old Fourth Estate, and only vaguely aware that a Revolution is being imposed by stealth and increments. It is thus easily manipulated.

All of the foregoing paragraphs set the scene for what is happening to Donald Trump. Trump, ironically an unwitting renegade from the Ruling Class, unexpectedly broke the MSM’s longstanding embargo (aka political correctness) on several issues and placed them before the electorate. It is worth noting here that Ted Cruz would have been the MSM’s identified enemy for his social conservatism had not Trump introduced a Nationalist agenda.

For the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies, Nationalism is a much greater threat than social conservatism. The latter, despite being rooted in commonsense and human instinct, has been rendered largely ‘outdated’ and unpopular by years of systematic Media propaganda, not only as ‘news’ but more insidiously as ‘entertainment’. In any case, control of the Courts and education, achieved politically, have put social conservatism beyond reach. Ted Cruz could not win the Presidency on a program of social conservatism and adherence to the Constitution. The MSM will make short work of him in due course even though he has now sold his soul to those who collaborate with the Ruling Class.

Trump, the maverick of the Entertainment world, by inserting a dormant and embargoed Nationalism into the Republican primary contest, has opened a can of worms that no-one anticipated. Blunt speaking about the realities of mass immigration, the suicidal lunacy of open borders and Islamic Imperialism, and opposition to ‘Free Trade’ that is assisting the impoverishment and demoralization of America’s working class, has ignited the political energy of the White working and middle Classes in particular. In doing so, it has exposed a developing Class fault line in America, threatening to redefine politics into Nationalism versus Internationalism, Revolution versus Counter-Revolution, and ultimately down the road (unless the Nationalist threat is snuffed out) a return to the normality of social conservatism.

The full force of the Ruling Class and its Far Left allies are now concentrated on defeating Donald Trump and his dangerous followers. The Red and Black mobs have been generously financed and have grown in confidence as a result of semi-official approval. They will now plague Trump’s rallies with violence and the MSM will pin the violence on the victims. Those who doubt the power of the MSM to turn truth on its head, should ponder a recent opinion poll which shows that two thirds of the public believe that Trump and his supporters are mainly responsible for the violence. This despite the evidence before their eyes.

The MSM is marshaling all its formidable forces of relentless lying propaganda, and no-one can be immune to its negative slant. Added to this is the willingness of the Republican elites to collaborate in order to avoid MSM revelations of scandal, retention of privileges of office or 30 pieces of silver. The opportunism of ambitious Rightwing competitors has proved exploitable by a wealthy and powerful Ruling Class.

Unfortunately Trump himself has character weaknesses that may be fatal for the historical role he has blundered into. His willingness to be drawn into petty and tasteless disputes are delighting all who seek the defeat of him and his followers. The struggle against so many enemies requires that Trump and Cruz join forces, for between them they might amount to one effective force. Trump’s patriotic motive is beyond dispute but he is immature. Cruz has more self-control but his motives are self-centered. All we can do on this Good Friday is pray for America.


  1. Trump needs to have a wise man and a wise woman inspecting all of this tweets before he hits the send button. He is too prickly, too tacky, and he lowers his stature with some of the things he does and says, and I am a Trump supporter. The posting of an unflattering pic of Ted Cruz’s wife was poor form, even though a Cruz super pac started it. He could’ve looked like the victim in that case, but instead he looks like the aggressor. I hope there are a few people around him who will advise him unto better behavior, and that he will take that advice. It only hurts him.

    As for Cruz, this potential sex scandal may prove to be very interesting, but so far the media has even turn IT into a case against Trump, by playing the angle that Trump is behind it all. Very frustrating.

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