Trump Exonerated By Brussels Muslim Bombs

Quite recently Donald Trump made some blunt comments about Brussels and its large and alien Muslim population. He called it a “hell hole”. Before that he, and he alone among the Republican candidates, said that Obama’s importation of Muslims into the USA was fool-hardy and dangerous. He said that as President he would halt Muslin immigration. Before that he said that America’s borders needed to be made secure. He pointed out that porous borders invite rapists, killers and terrorists.

For these statements on the campaign trail he has been verbally attacked from all sides of the political spectrum, isolated by his rivals, universally condemned as a bigot, subjected to harassment in his personal life and confronted with violence at every public meeting. Only Trump among American politicians and public figures has had the guts to stand up to the MSM and its inevitable onslaught, and speak common sense about Islam.

Confronted with today’s Brussels’ bloodbath, the gutless will waffle that we must do more to defeat ISIS. None of them, and we include Cruz, dares to say in plain English that Islam is the enemy and that the first priority is to halt the infiltration of America by Muslims. ISIS is Islam -the religion of peace – and ISIS ranks are filled with Muslims.

Those who study MSM reports carefully and read between the lines, will know that the search for the fugitive Muslim Paris killer took weeks of intense and expensive effort all across Europe and beyond. Eventually he was discovered in Brussels, right under the noses of the police and counter-terrorist forces. He had been busy regrouping Muslim forces in Brussels and plotting more attacks. He had been able to do so because Brussels has a large population of Muslim immigrants, some of them his family network, and all of them his co-religionists. They provided him with the safe houses, food, shelter, concealment and more terrorist recruits. This should surprise no-one, for back in the last century, the murderous IRA, who were planting bombs in British railway stations and shooting Protestants in Ulster Churches, moved safely among supportive Irish Catholic enclaves in British cities.

The latest bombings in Brussels have triggered an outpouring of joy among Muslims the world over, just as did 9/11. Donald Trump has been universally condemned for saying so. On this website we think Donald Trump’s common-sense responses do not go far enough. We believe there is no place for active Muslims in America and the West.

We have American friends who originated in Iran and Afghanistan and who are nominally Muslim, but they do not attend Mosques, their women dress as Westerners, they do not eat halal meat and they have fully embraced Western codes of conduct. They are integrated. Their only fault is that they vote Democrat. Practitioners of Islam cannot integrate and they and their off-spring are a threat to our safety.

Whilst Ted Cruz has been pre-occupied with the politics of the Constitution and has been waging war in Congress with Republicans who long ago sold out to the Ruling Class and its MSM, the politically inexperienced Trump stepped forward. With nothing but common sense, he shocked America by saying what needs to be done to make America safe and to bring back jobs.

For some Conservatives, Trump’s coarse humor and personal shortcomings are a justification for supporting Ted Cruz, the clever debater and man of impeccable character. But Cruz, by failing to see the pressing issues, failed to see the wood for the trees. In the Second World War some of the best generals had personal shortcomings. Ike, Patton and Macarthur come to mind. But they were men of action, not clever debaters. They saw what needed to be done to win the war. Hopefully, today’s voters in Idaho, Utah and Arizona will pause to consider the Brussels bombings and realize that Donald Trump alone sees what needs to be done, has the will to do it, and courageously ignores political correctness.


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