Trump And The Media Class

In our previous article we mentioned the scare-mongering front page of the Boston Globe at the weekend in which it sought to invent the post-Trump, post-election news of 2017. Here was yet more evidence of the major role the Mainstream Media (MSM) now plays in politics.

We have long argued that the MSM, once the sole weapon of the rising Media Class, sets America’s political agenda, chooses the winners, selects the losers, decides what can be publicly discussed and thought, and what issues are not even to be mentioned.

We write ‘sole weapon’ in the past tense because when the Media Class became the Ruling Class by planting Obama in the White House, it also captured Government power. Our Ruling Class now has unrestrained Government power and unrestrained information power. Unrestrained Government power is lawlessness and unrestrained information power is propaganda.

Well, the preceding paragraph is not quite true- not yet! We do now have a Government that rules by edicts (Obama’s pen and phone) , has set the Constitution and Congress aside, and has more or less taken over the Federal and Supreme Court. Much law-making is now arbitrary. The only restraints on complete lawlessness are a bare majority of the State Congresses and Governors, gun ownership, surviving voluntary traditional organizations and the large number of those Americans who are ‘bitter clingers’.

If the MSM was the only source of information (news), it would be accurate to write that the Media Class has unrestrained information power. However the development of the Internet has allowed those who stand in the way of the Media Class and its Revolutionary agenda, to circumvent the MSM. A substantial number of potential enemies of the Media Class are able to exchange information and opinions that the MSM, on behalf of the Media Class, deems dangerous. The Internet offers opportunities to challenge the monopoly over news that would otherwise belong to the MSM. This opportunity will not last beyond 2016 if a Democrat occupies the White House or a Republican selected by the Party’s elite wins the Presidency. For the Internet is owned by rootless, amoral and dysfunctional billionaires who aspire to be part of the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies. All are Internationalists.

Radio, like the Internet, is owned by the Media Class. Whilst the Media Class was forced to tolerate the maverick (Conservative) Talk Radio that spawned a large following desperate for real news, it survives on Media Class sufferance and will not survive beyond 2017 unless America is rescued by a Counter-Revolutionary winning the White House.

The weekend’s Boston Globe front page was pure propaganda, yet another example of the MSM’s complete abandonment of a ‘news’ role and openly assuming the leading political role. On this website we say that the MSM has long been setting the political agenda on behalf of the Media Class, and that the Democrat Party has only a minor role. We have always maintained that the Democrat Party is subservient to the Media Class and its MSM and not the other way around. It is absolutely wrong to say that the MSM is a tool of the Democrat Party. In fact, the Democrat Party in Congress is almost as irrelevant as the Republican Party. Only the Presidency is required by the Media Class and its Far Left allies in order to carry through the social and economic Revolution that reflects the Class interests of our new Rulers.

The Democrat Party in Congress has, after being purged, willingly been reduced to a minor tool of the new Ruling Class and its Revolutionary agenda. The Republican Party has been tearing itself apart in response to the stealthy Revolution. Fearing the all-powerful MSM and seeking to cling to the vestiges of power and its material rewards, the professionals in the Republican Party have been incrementally surrendering to the Revolutionary new Class and its agenda. It has done so at the cost of betraying its raison d’etre and its grass roots.

Pat Buchanan’s revolt and then the Tea Party uprising represented attempts to re-affirm the conservative (i.e. Counter-revolutionary) role of the Republican Party. Both failed. Now, at one minute to midnight, Donald Trump, an unlikely Counter-Revolutionary hero, has risen to save America’s independent identity, culture and borders. Whether or not he realizes it, and maybe he is learning on the job, he is taking on an ascendant Ruling Class and threatening to halt its taking of the last lap to complete power.

The Republican Party professionals, who have come to terms with collaboration with the Ruling Class and its agenda, long ago lost all appetite for a fight with the Ruling Class but they will reveal enormous appetite for a fight with those in the Party’s grass roots. It was inevitable that the Revolution would ultimately tear the Republican Party asunder. As Peggy Noonan wrote in the WSJ last weekend, Trump, whether he wins or loses “has succeeded in demonstrating TO the Party that it was and is broken”.

Trump’s amazing success, apart from his skills in working the MSM, his plain-speaking style and his courage, is due to his discarding the old Conservative issues centered on Congress and political navigation, and raising the standard of Nationalism. It has a wider and much deeper appeal that goes beyond the narrow confines of the Republican Party activists.

As Limbaugh said today, the Republican Party is a private organization and it is owned by its professionals. They can and are entitled to remake its rules to prevent a take-over by Nationalists. Cruz is one of their professionals, who sought to prosper by mobilizing the discontented grass roots, using Conservatism and Christianity.

Trump’s Nationalist platform, more appropriate for a Nation in imminent danger of being dismantled from within, has eclipsed Cruz’s platform. Cruz being a professional and therefore really an insider, has reached a shaky, unprincipled and temporary accommodation with the Party’s elite, all united by self-interest.

Beyond the Party’s collaborators, the Ruling Media Class, its Far Left allies and the Internationalists of Big Business, are also driven by self interest, fear and Class hatred, to stop Trump and his Nationalist masses. Cruz and the Republican apparatus will be congratulated in the MSM and by collaborating pundits on Talk Radio and in the Internet, for manipulating the Party Rules to defeat Trump by fair means and foul.

It remains to be seen whether the Nationalist masses, now awakened, will be even more energized by seeing America’s enemies and self-seekers emerging from the woodwork. The opinion polls in New York State, Pennsylvania and Connecticut suggest they will.

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