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As we see the old year drifting by, this website notes the passing of Georgios Panayiotis, a permanently juvenile warbler better known among the culturally crippled as George Michaels. Gorgeous Georgios passed away on Christmas Day in his mansion in Oxfordshire at the ripe old age of 53.

Good news often comes in batches, like British buses, and we are pleased to report that his death spoiled the Christmas of “his beloved friend” the podgy, mincing warbler Reggie Dwight (aka Sir Elton Hercules John) and that much-penetrated expert on all things political, Madonna.

The just-late Georgios is not to be confused with Boy George who was born George O’Dowd, and who, as far as we know, is still warbling. But they may occasionally have shared the same male excremental orifices, for Georgios was ‘one of those’. Among his many achievements in a short life was to be arrested for gross indecency in a public toilet. He was also a regular consumer of cocaine and a frequent DUI offender.

That branch of the Ruling Media Class known as the ‘Entertainment World’ must be in a state of extreme shock. 2016 has not only witnessed the defeat of Hillary Clinton, Brexit and the rise of Nationalism in Europe, but the deaths of warblers David Bowie and Prince and now Georgios. It is enough to send everyone who is someone scuttling to Canada.

Still, as the old sayings go (and we love old sayings) ‘it is an ill wind that blows no-one good’, and ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. So on this website we are enjoying the misery of the Pop and Celebrity world, their ill winds and dark clouds. As the old song noted “Into each life some rain must fall” and it seems that poor old Georgios’ life experienced a cloud burst on, of all days, Christmas Day.

If you rely on the Mainstream Media for facts and news, you will not be aware that in many big American cities yesterday, young African-Americans celebrated Kwanzaa in their usual boisterous, fashion. The celebrations involved descending in large gangs on up-scale shopping malls, rampaging through in high spirits, frightening Whites and Asians, and liberating luxury items in the spirit of Kwanzaa redistribution and as a down-payment on outstanding reparations.

Official reports of these Kwanzaa festivities can be found on Free Republic, though the official reports describe those celebrating as ‘youths’.

We hope you have enjoyed this safe space.

Music Choice

(Great Saxophonists/Great Songs)

The great saxophonist Edward ‘Sonny’ Stitt (1924 – 1982) was a master of the alto-saxophone who had the misfortune to enter the jazz scene at the same time as the genius Charlie Parker. Stitt only fell slightly short of Parker’s inventiveness and technical mastery, but his style was so close to the master that he was constantly in his shadow. This led to him taking up the tenor sax, on which he was also outstanding, and recording long after Parker’s early death.

In 1972, Stitt recorded on alto the great love song Just Friends. He was accompanied by Barry Harris (piano), Sam Jones (bass) and Alan Dawson (drums) – all fine musicians! It would be easy to assume that the sax was being played by Parker, and there can be no greater compliment than that. Enjoy!

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