Just Friends: by Sonny Stitt

The great saxophonist Edward ‘Sonny’ Stitt (1924 – 1982) was a master of the alto-saxophone who had the misfortune to enter the jazz scene at the same time as the genius Charlie Parker. Stitt only fell slightly short of Parker’s inventiveness and technical mastery, but his style was so close to the master that he was constantly in his shadow. This led to him taking up the tenor sax, on which he was also outstanding, and recording long after Parker’s early death.

In 1972, Stitt recorded on alto the great love song Just Friends. He was accompanied by Barry Harris (piano), Sam Jones (bass) and Alan Dawson (drums) – all fine musicians! It would be easy to assume that the sax was being played by Parker, and there can be no greater compliment than that. Enjoy!

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