The Pontiff Pontificates

In this last week America’s Mainstream Media has swooned over the man from Argentina and his halting homilies. These disrespectful words of ours have been chosen carefully, so here are some dictionary definitions ‘pontificates’: to talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner. ‘Swoon’; to fall into a fainting fit. ‘Homilies’; tedious moral exhortations.

Our Ruling Media Class (its dominion grown out of the MSM whose awesome power includes inventing News, burying News, creating celebrities from dross and destroying the reputations of good people) and its Leftist allies cannot believe their luck. The internationalist Roman Catholic Church, for so long their Class enemy because of its unyielding doctrinal opposition to Communism, sodomy (despite an unmarried priesthood rife with homosexuals), same-sex marriage and abortion, has selected as its leader a crypto-Communist who despises America’s private enterprise system, is promoting the green agenda of international redistribution and open borders, and carefully planting signposts marked ‘inclusiveness’ to prepare the way for ‘modernizing’ and ‘evolving’ his Church’s moral agenda.

The Pontiff’s visit to America, said to have been engineered by the emotionally unstable, ever-tearful Boehner, is now the Leftist’s gift that will keep on giving. The MSM will ensure that Francis’s Leftist message bolsters Obama’s revolutionary agenda and simultaneously grants Francis the fawning publicity he craves. The evidence of his craving for celebrity is so boldly before our eyes that most fail to see it.

A Bishop who achieves the office of Pope has a number of constructive and challenging options before him. He can more effectively manage his Church, which is a business empire with a vast bureaucracy that inevitably creates waste and corruption. He can concentrate on Spiritual and Theological issues and be a teacher of the Church, restating and reinforcing the Bible’s word and resisting the changing fashions of the World. This role would take him to Catholic Churches around the world. Or he can look outward at the World and its threats to the Church and go to the frontlines where its enemies are attacking. This would take him primarily to the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa to confront brutal Islamic Imperialism or to places like Hollywood and San Francisco, where moral corruption has become the evil force rotting away the heart of Western/Christian civilization.

Pope Francis has chosen to ‘grandstand’ in the safe places of the World, selecting soft targets and courting the Great and the Good. By meeting with Obama in the White House, feted in the MSM, he joined up with a Socialist comrade, their joint agenda being to level down America and the West and create a World Order of equal poverty for the masses. Like Obama, this Pope despises American exceptionalism and Western superiority.

We can assume that he saw nothing reprehensible in his own Argentina, a Nation that embraced crony capitalism and the unionization of government workers, and consequently slid from First World to near Third World. Argentina, a country of vast resources and empty lands, which along with its neighbors, could easily find room for a million African migrants, wallows in stagnation and corruption. Yet the Pope ignores Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and comes to chastise and shame those hard-working Americans, whose productivity sustains the world’s poor and who merely seek to preserve their standards, borders and culture.

Nothing more reveals this Pope’s craving for celebrity and his moral dishonesty, than his visit to the United Nations. He went there, not to turn over the tables and denounce the hypocrisy of its tax-free money-changers, but to deliver the fraudulent message of an impending man-made Global Warming disaster and an implicit demand that American workers be sacrificed to Africa and Islam by redistributionist taxation and open borders. Is it possible that Francis is unaware that the UN in New York is little more than a whore house, a place where the corrupt Ruling Classes of the world, cloaked in good intentions, meet to divide up the spoils and indulge their appetites? Surely Jesus would have denounced all who sat there!

This Pope, with his halting English and humble act, would have us believe that he is a simple disciple of Christ and consumed with camapigning for the World’s poor and downtrodden. The reality is a man who flies to America, rides in limousines, hobnobs non-judgmentally with the privileged, and espouses causes that he knows will earn the plaudits of the Ruling Class and its Leftist allies.

Music Choice

We recommend a recording that will appeal to all who have ever watched an American freight train rolling through a Wild West Canyon along side a fast-flowing river. This is as descriptive as ever music can get.

The Jimmy Giuffre Trio recorded his folksy composition ‘The Train And The River’ on Christmas Eve 1956. The trio consisted of the great acoustic guitar player Jim Hall and Ralph Pena bass. Giuffre plays Clarinet, Tenor and Baritone sax on this track.



  1. From Wikipedia: “Starting with Julio Argentino Roca in 1880, ten consecutive federal governments emphasized liberal economic policies. The massive wave of European immigration they promoted—second only to the United States’—led to a near-reinvention of Argentine society and economy that by 1908 had placed the country as the seventh wealthiest developed nation in the world.”

    That “massive wave” of Europeans included mostly Italians, among whom the present pope’s ancestors were a part. But Argentina’s economy crested in 1908 and never recovered its former glory. The reason was that socialists, propelled by many of those Italians, opted for social safety nets and increasing interference in the market economy. Throughout the 20th century, a series of “humane” socialist Argentine governments repeatedly drove the economy into a ditch. A side by side graph comparison with the US economy shows a shocking divergence. Pope Francis would do well to consider the ramifications of his message and its effects on socialist nations like his own. Without wealth creation, there is nothing to redistribute. Besides, now that he is pope, he should use his special relationship with God and pray Argentina’s way out of its current malaise.

  2. Wow! …this is the best and most precise write up i have read on this dangerous fraud from Rome. You hit the nail on the head usual! Thanks!

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