Scott Walker- Thumbs Down!

The emerging Presidential Republican candidates for 2016 represent quantity over quality. Bush, Romney, Christie, Rubio, Rand Paul, Ryan and Perry range from unprincipled to uninspiring. Those conservatives who are looking for a candidate with genuine uncompromising principles, tough character, no fear of the Media Class and fluency on the campaign trail only have Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin at this time. As things stand it is unlikely that either could win against Hillary Clinton or whoever else is the candidate of the Media Class.

It is the opinion of this website that Palin has already taken two decisions that cast doubt over her judgment and political acumen. She abandoned Alaska and her commitment to its conservative voters when she made an early departure from the Governorship. And then she was willing to play second fiddle to the vainglorious John McCain and his 2008 campaign. She is a rousing speaker on the campaign trail but looks a little too pleased with herself and with her appearance. This suggests superficiality and is a gift to a MSM that has already cast her, in the minds of the sheep, as a witch. She also seems to carry a lot of family baggage.

Ted Cruz is unambiguously committed to Constitutional government and has demonstrated so far that he will not be tamed by the Republican Establishment or the MSM. He is a good speaker and would surely make mincemeat of Mrs. Clinton in televised debates. I would walk 50 miles to vote for him but the MSM has already been able to cast him as a lone extremist and a loose cannon and he does not seem to have found a way of reaching beyond the hard core of conservatives and patriots. It is certain that the Republican establishment would prefer a Democrat victory to a Cruz Presidency, and so will resort to any act of treachery to defeat him.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been touted as a conservative candidate with governing achievement and courage. No conservative can criticize his resilience and backbone in taking on the Wisconsin Public Service Unions (and their allies across America) and the Left in three elections and winning. To even contemplate defeating the Government Unions in Wisconsin must have seemed like madness to many Republicans. Given the gutlessness of many Republican place-seekers we can be sure that Walker was abandoned by more than a few of his colleagues when the going got tough and the Leftist thugs, egged on by academics and unionized policemen, mounted an insurrection.

I watched Walker’s speech after his third election victory. It had been criticized by some conservative commentators as uninspiring and unsure yet I thought he spoke reasonably well. Without a teleprompter he was fluent, humble and without artifice and it was apparent that the voters and taxpayers of Wisconsin had made a good choice of Governor. Yet he did not seem like Presidential material for violent revolutionary times.

More recently I watched his speech to conservatives at Iowa’s Freedom Summit and became convinced he is not the candidate we are looking for. This was before I knew of his abandonment of principle on the crucial issues of ‘Right to Work’ and same-sex marriage. Walker spent much time reminding the audience of his and his family’s suffering at the hands of the Red thugs during his confrontation with the Unions and Leftists of Madison. Walker in both speeches I watched invoked Christianity and I have to assume that his Christianity is sincere. Unfortunately it is the passive Christianity of ‘turn the other cheek’ and there is too much of that for the times we live in.

Walker graphically described the cruel and intimidating treatment he and his kith and kin suffered but he expressed little anger. He should have been in a rage and thirsting for retribution, not in some future world, but right here and now. His experience should have fired him up to call for an all-out attack on Union power, on Red street-mobs, on academic ‘doctors’ who falsely signed medical certificates for demonstrators so that they could claim sickness pay, and the lack of arrests and Court appearances for those who broke the law. Does this man have no anger? There in Iowa was an opportunity to mobilize and energize conservatives with a message that the Right is not going to tolerate this intimidation and law-breaking from the Left. There was an opportunity to make the links between the Revolutionary Mobs in Wisconsin and the Revolutionary mobs in Ferguson, Oakland and New York. There was an opportunity to denounce Obama, Holder and de Blasio and all those who confer legitimacy on Leftist violence and intimidation. If any Republican has a right to sound uncompromising and ready for a bare-knuckle fight it is Walker whose family has suffered greatly. His speech was disappointingly lacking in controlled rage and plans for retribution.

Since then, and presumably because he is contemplating a run for President, he has turned Left into the road of concession that always leads to surrender. He has said that he will not, as Governor, support ‘Right to Work’ legislation in Wisconsin, for it will be a distraction from his financial goals for the State. He has also said that he will not continue to oppose same-sex marriage for the Courts have ruled and it is time to move on. Maybe, like Leftist homosexual ‘rights’ campaigner Damon Linker, he will say that public sentiment is moving in favor of it and therefore Republicans should move with the times.

‘Right to Work’ is the short-hand for the right of any working citizen to not belong to a Union. It is a more fundamental and a more principled belief than one which merely argues that public service employees should not be forced into Union membership because the employer is the tax-payer.

The Right to work and not be forced to join a Union as a condition of employment goes to the heart of individual freedom and it is a most basic right. It is even more so when Unions are, without exception, vehicles for Revolutionary social policies and the imposition of wealth redistribution. Yet Walker is only concerned with reducing the power of Public Service Unions so that he can pursue policies of Government financial rectitude. It seems that he cares deeply about balancing the books of Wisconsin and is willing to abandon a fundamental principle on the alter of a balanced budget.

By abandoning the fight for real marriage Walker is surrendering not to progress but to the demands of billionaire Media perverts and the rule of Leftist Federal judges. In State after State the people’s will as expressed through the democratic process has been arbitrarily set aside by  Federally appointed judges who have ignored their oaths of office and  usurped the law-making process. In the face of voter helplessness, a relentless MSM campaign of propaganda, and the threats of job loss it is not surprising that many, when asked loaded questions by polling companies, cease expressing resistance. Walker is a blinkered politician if he is unaware that the legitimization of homosexuality via phony marriage ‘equality’ is merely a stepping stone to the criminalization of Biblical Christianity and the seduction of the Nation’s children. So much for Walker’s much-touted Christianity!

Walker’s commitment to principles only extends to the principle of balanced book-keeping, and whilst profligate spending by the States and by the Federal Government is morally wrong as well as foolish, it is inexorably a result of non-judgmental social policies. SSM confers new ‘rights’ to unfunded pensions and other financial benefits. Now the homosexuals are demanding that anyone who feels uncomfortable with the body conferred by nature has a right to costly medical treatment. A society that lives by traditional Christian principles creates a Government that spends prudently. Walker is a man who has decided that the route to the White House will best be achieved by placating the Media Class. Like Obama he will ‘evolve’ on one issue after another. We give him the thumbs down and so should you!

Whilst on the subject of SSM, blogger Damon Linker in ‘The Week’, a Leftist website, wrote an article entitled “Why it won’t be another Roe v Wade”.

Linker, who is a campaigner for homosexual advancement, argues that SSM will soon be non-controversial, unlike abortion which has continued to be opposed by many despite an unequivocal Supreme Court decision decades ago. Maybe Linker has been whispering this nonsense into the ear of Scott Walker! His argument rests on the fact that abortion is a life or death issue whilst SSM produces no casualties. After SSM is imposed on America by Federal judges, according to Linker, the world will go on just as before and the only people actually affected will be the homosexuals, and they will be contented.

All this is simply not true for as we have already written many, many times on this website, SSM advancement has little to do with marriage, an institution that only practicing Christians now care about. It has everything to do with marching onward to a world where every sexual perversion is officially celebrated and the old Christian morality is finally consigned to the dustbin of history. The road to this new world is to be paved with the bankruptcy of Christian bakers, photographers and landlords. It will be paved with the exclusion from all employment of those who are suspected of disapproving of sodomy. It will be paved with the imprisonment of those parents who dare to Home School or do not enroll their sons in homosexual-dominated Boy Scout troops. It will be paved with the closing of those Churches where pastors refused to solemnize the wedding of a man and his dog.

But Linker is wrong in thinking that the issue will die even if SSM really is the ultimate goal. The truth is that heterosexual people and homosexual people have little in common and rarely socialize. After work they occupy separate worlds. Homosexuals and other perverts, driven by insatiable and unnatural desires, seek the company of the seducible young and their own kind. Heterosexuals will forever regard sodomy and all other homosexual practices as physically disgusting and incomprehensible. Laws and propaganda will not alter human nature.

The MSM is happy to report the victory of the Far Left in Greece, though the fall-out from the election result has yet to be seen. The Far Left Parties were not handicapped by legal impediments, as they never are in the Western World. In contrast the Nationalist Right has experienced the full force of unlawful Government persecution. Golden Dawn, the Greek party that opposes immigration into a country that already has about 25% of its people unemployed, has had its leaders arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned. Despite this it survived and won an extra seat in the election. The triumphant Communists also received the 40 Parliamentary- seat bonus that comes with being the largest party. The Left victory is thus not as decisive as it appears from the MSM reporting.

Meanwhile in Germany the anti-immigration Nationalists of Saxony’s Pegida are still marching despite Government attempts to suppress their growing movement. The Dresden weekly march was banned by the police so Pegida took itself to Leipzig and drew some 25,000 marchers. There Red mobs mobilized, even tearing up railroad tracks from Dresden to prevent Nationalists reaching the city. Reds then turned to street violence on the marchers to prevent this outpouring of popular anger with mass immigration. No doubt the Government’s police were closing their eyes to Leftist violence just as they have been doing in Madison and Ferguson. The trick here is that the Red Mobs initiate the violence and the MSM and the Government then claim that as the marches result in violence they must be banned.

Global Warming Watch

What a day it has been for warming skeptics! A double whammy! First, the bitter cold that blankets most of the States east of the Rockies is a reminder that for Winter it is business as usual. Secondly, the experts’ forecast that the next day New York would experience the worst snow storm ever, was wildly wrong. As the Leftist politicians jumped in with both feet to hype the Global Warming myth of weather disaster so they were revealed as conniving alarmists. None jumped in more thoroughly than cop-hating, friend of perverts, defender of looters Bill de Blasio. It was once again revealed that climate computer models are prone to error even when they are only predicting for the next day.

We are reliably informed that in the UK it is cold and miserable just as it was in 1945, 1955 and 1965.

Music Choice

Philadelphia-born Horace Parlan (born 1931) overcame the handicap of childhood polio to become a successful jazz pianist who played with the best musicians of his times through post-bop, Soul, hard bop and back to the roots of jazz. The handicap of a crippled left hand resulted in an unusual style. In 1960 he recorded the album “Headin’ South with George Tucker on bass, Al Harewood drums and Ray Marretto on conga drum. Enjoy the Latin-influenced  ‘Congalegre’!

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