Pretty Ruby Surged In Puerto Rico

“Marco Rubio is poised to sweep to victory in tomorrow’s contests in Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii.” That is the headline the Republican elite and the MSM would have swooned over this morning. Unfortunately for them, a much-hyped Ruby landslide in Puerto Rico yesterday has no bearing on tomorrow’s primary contests. Ruby was the only primary contender to campaign in the bankrupt island’s contest because in the November election the protectorate does not participate. Interestingly, although Trump came a very distant second, he easily beat Cruz, in spite of the latter having Cuban connections.

Ruby, despite being the chosen one of the Republican elite, came a very poor third in Maine, failing to reach a double-figure percentage, and trailed everywhere behind Trump and Cruz. Unless he can make an impact in Michigan, Idaho and/or Mississippi, he will become irrelevant, other than as a factor contributing to a brokered convention. It is for that reason alone that the Big Money collaborators will continue to finance his campaign no matter his lack of victories. We predict he will not drop out no matter how small his delegate count.

The ‘Get Trump’ campaign continues to gather rich supporters, and it is becoming evident that Trump and his supporters represent the biggest threat -perhaps the only real threat – to the Washington elite and the Ruling Class. Cruz may be greatly disliked by them but his brand of Conservatism is devoid of Nationalism. When it really comes down to the wire, he belongs with those who are willing to compromise on borders and culture.

It can be argued that Trump is not sufficiently committed culture and Christian morality. But we believe if he wins the Presidency he will be compelled by the energy of his followers to reverse the Revolutionary agenda that is, along with mass immigration, destroying tour Nation State.

On this website we will vote for Trump or Cruz in November, despite their many failings. Too much is at stake in the event of an elitist victory or another Democrat President. For us, real American Nationalism and real Conservatism are inseparable and have no moral compass without traditional Christianity. They are three sides of a triangle and all are essential for the restoration of a stable, strong and prosperous Nation of free people.

Unfortunately there are brands of Nationalism that are neither conservative nor Christian. History shows they lead to National Socialism, Stalinism, Peronism, tyrants and ultimately social, economic and political instability.

Conservatism without Nationalism and real Christianity, degenerates into a society pre-occupied with materialism, a very rich and dishonest Ruling Class, imported workers, selfishness, cultural stagnation and a reduced capacity for self-defense. Present-day Germany is the perfect example and closely followed by Scandinavia and Holland.

A society in which Christianity is severed from Nationalism and Conservatism, will become some combination of the following – hopelessly other-worldly, intolerably puritanical, impracticable, bankrupted by self-sacrifice, and quickly defenseless in a world of predators.

The current division between Trump and Cruz, exacerbated by personalities, and the ill feeling between their respective supporters, is a setback for the Right. Our hope is that Michigan will confirm Trump’s decisive support from America’s blue-collar workers and propel him to a clear victory. We are more than happy to march with a Right-leaning movement of working people.

Fortunately, the Far Left has its own problems, and not only because Clinton has a law-breaking past that may still catch up with her. Sanders’ big victory in Maine yesterday reveals not only Clinton’s unpopularity among White working Democrats, but points to a continued exhausting contest in future primaries. We can be sure that Clinton entered the Democrat nomination campaign certain that it would be short-lived and weakly contested. She and her husband, once Warren and Biden had opted out, must have assumed that it would be an early coronation for her.

Now the outcome is too uncertain for her to rest and conserve her war chest. Without the super-delegates she would be neck-and-neck with Sanders. Neither she nor the Party can afford for her to arrive at the Convention depending on super-delegates, for the Sanders army will know it has been cheated.

512a Global Warming Watch 512a

California is experiencing a late winter drenching. Well, it is a drenching by Californian standards, though nothing compared to normal rainfall in Western Britain. The experts will have us believe that this is the eventual arrival of El Nino. Not true! And it will not be enough to support the relentless building and government-promoted population growth. This is a State where fantasy rules. Meanwhile I am reliably informed that it is snowing in Paris today. Where is that global warming?


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