Obama Crypto-Muslim! New Evidence

In a recent article we suggested that Obama may be a crypto-Muslim. We drew a comparison with the many European and American Leftists of the 1930’s who, whilst never joining the Communist Party or confessing commitment to Communism, nevertheless exploited every opportunity to advance the Communist cause.

The New English Dictionary defines “crypto” as “secret; inconspicuous; not apparent or prominent”.

Obama is not well-educated or knowledgeable and, despite his resume, he is no intellectual. On this website we have always maintained that his character is shallow and that his ‘gifts’ are those of an ambitious and grand psychopath. It was these ‘gifts’ combined with what seemed to be the absence of beliefs, which attracted the Hollywood billionaires and led them to select him for the Presidency.

We suggest that six years in the White House, completely protected and packaged by the MSM whilst suborning the government machinery and imposing a Revolution on the World’s most powerful Nation, has awakened in him an urge to realize an agenda of his own. It is not an ideological agenda, for despite his apprenticeship with Saul Alinsky, there is little evidence that he understands or is motivated by Marxism. He and his wife have taken to the high life of White America like fish to water. Flies to excrement might better describe the White celebrities on whom they alight.

We see no evidence that Mr. and Mrs. Obama believe in redistribution of wealth and equality or that they have the slightest sympathy for the workers of the World. Nor do we believe that he truly identifies with the perverted lifestyle and sexual tastes of his Media Class masters. His conversion to SSM and gender-neutrality has been simply a matter of meeting an obligation to his Hollywood billionaire masters. Similarly, the redistributive elements of his regime’s agenda have been a meeting of obligation to the Leftists in the coalition that enables the Media Class to rule.

All of Obama’s pro-Black initiatives can be best explained by an antipathy to working class Whites and Asians and a hostility to an America created by Whites. It is questionable that he identifies with Black America other than its rich sports celebrities.

As his occupancy of the White House has proceeded, his attachment to Islam has become more pronounced. This may have much to do with the circumstances of his birth and the religion of his father. It is not unusual that as people get older they become more interested in their roots. Often their early-life influences reassert themselves. At the same time as this personal process may have occurred for Obama, Islam has been reasserting its vitality and claims to domination.

If we are correct it should come as no surprise that Obama is opening America to Syrians, Iraqis and other Muslims whilst refusing entry to Christian refugees from the Middle East. There is a crypto-Muslim in the White House and we expect to see more and more evidence of his commitment to Islam.


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