Looking Beneath The Surface Of The Polls

The first test of the Opinion Polls will be Monday February 1st when Iowans from 1774 precincts caucus to elect delegates. Taking out Sundays, that is a mere 7 campaigning days away. Although the electorate of both Iowan Parties has been increasingly volatile, the trends seem unmistakable.

The latest Republican poll has Trump at 37%, Cruz at 26%, Rubio at 14%, Carson at 6% and Bush at 3%. On the Democrat side the Far, Far Left Bernie Sanders has 51%, the Far Left Clinton has 43% and O’Malley has 4%. These are impressive figures for Trump and Sanders though the unusual caucus system may work against simple voter preferences.

A mere 6 campaigning days later, on Tuesday February 9th, New Hampshire will give its verdict. Here the latest CNN poll has Trump on 34%, Cruz on 14%, Rubio/Bush 10%, Christie/Paul 6%, Fiorina 4% and Carson 3%. On the Democrat side the same poll has Sanders at 50.7%, Clinton 41.9% and O’Malley at 2.3%. Once again Trump and Sanders have impressive leads. Since in New Hampshire the voting is straightforward, the pollsters predictions are unlikely to be skewered by the electoral process.

After these two openers, South Carolina will be the first testing ground for Black votes and Southern White votes. In North Carolina, according to PPP’s up-to-date poll, Trump is on 38%, Cruz has 16%, Rubio 11%, Carson 8% and Bush 6%. These Republican predictions are not much different from Iowa and NH, but on the Democrat side the differences are stark. Clinton has 59%, Sanders has 26% and O’Malley has 5%. The explanation is that Clinton has the Black vote locked up and since it has never been volatile anywhere, she will retain it over Sanders.

A betting man would certainly put some money on Trump for the Republican nomination but would hesitate to put anything on Sanders for the Democrat nomination. The Black vote for Clinton will weigh heavily in the South and in all big cities, bolstered by some fraudulent voting.

Let us say at this stage with some confidence that Trump is riding the crest of a Republican wave in the polls. The huge crowds at all of his many rallies across the Nation not only support the poll results but strongly suggest that he has appeal beyond registered Republicans. This is extremely upsetting to the Republican Party hierarchy, many of the Conservative intellectuals who support Cruz, those Wall Street Internationalists and money-changers who fund the Party, and the Mainstream Media (representing the Ruling Media Class) which has become accustomed to selecting a Far Left Democrat who will diligently, reliably and stealthily advance its Revolutionary moral agenda.

The Media Class has several reasons for denying Trump the White House. The first is that Internationalism is in its Hollywood business and financial interests just as much as it is in the interests of the money-changers of Wall Street. Its wealth-making pornography and gratuitous violence sells around the world and its propaganda for homosexuality and sexual license is promoted across borders and continents.

Secondly, its Far Left election allies in the Democrat Party require control of the White House and Congress in order to finish crushing free speech, ramp up the disarmament of law-abiding (White) Americans, suppress Christianity, and destroy the traditional family, all of which are necessary to impose their Totalitarian Utopia.

Thirdly, Trump, although disinterested in real marriage and long comfortable with MSM morals, is unpredictable, increasingly boldly hostile to the MSM, and steadily moving Right. Moreover, his followers represent an uncorked Nationalist force that may well propel him further towards a robust Nationalism that will demand a morally healthy society, a purging of hidden Internationalist influences and a turning back of the progressive’s clock.

On the Democrat side we see surfacing in the MSM, the resistance to the Clintons of a significant cabal of the Media Class which on this website we have long noted. The pressure of this cabal of billionaire Hollywood moguls, combined with Democrats at all levels who are discomfited by the Clintons’ brazen lawlessness and greed, seems to be taking its toll on her support and permitting Mrs. Clinton’s march to the Courthouse. The MSM focuses public attention on the internal struggles of the Right and away from the Left, but the Democrat Party, in succumbing to the Clinton’s ruthless machine has inadvertently acquired the albatross which hangs around Hillary’s scrawny neck.

The gaggle of old Conservative hacks who are desperately uniting to damage Trump are only sounding their own collective death knell. They have no influence with his supporters and are merely chattering to each other. Talk Show’s Mark Levin, too closely tied to Cruz and immersed in his Constitutionalism to see a bigger picture emerging, has become apoplectic. In contrast, and perhaps this has driven Levin to distraction, Michael Savage has coolly recognized Trump as the man for the times. Yesterday, Savage in a tour de force, recounted some 20 or more points from his last book, showing how Trump’s list of issues and solutions are both commonsense and Nationalist.

Those who Trump represents are – like this writer – well aware of his flaws. He has been an open book from the start of the current campaign. His past apolitical business maneuverings in New York and elsewhere, buying friends, favors and planning permissions are a history of necessity, and his wealth has now liberated him from obligations to those who, for too long, have bought the Republican Party.

He may lack Cruz’s Conservative purity but, directed only by common sense, he has emerged as a trail-blazer on immigration, illegal immigration, borders, Islamic infiltration, one-sided international trade, America’s lost industrial jobs, foreign policy dealings and opposition to subversive political correctness.

Unlike Cruz, the content of what Trump is saying at rallies is matched by his demeanor, his simple conversational language, and the absence of a script. Cruz cannot help sounding and looking like a debating Senator and politician at his meetings, while Trump is clearly not a politician but, despite his wealth, an unscripted man of the people. Cruz as President would surely be hamstrung, negotiating rules and procedures, and scoring clever debating points.

For this website, the fundamentals of today’s politics are that we live in a Revolutionary era, our Ruling Class is the Media Class, its power lies in its control of the MSM, and its ally is the Far Left. Their joint agenda is to dismantle America’s might, destroy the Christian family and sexual identity, deprive its law-abiding people of a voice, over-run them with the Third World and enemies, and create arbitrary law. Trump, at every rally contemptuously, boldly confronts and denounces the MSM’s representatives as liars and adversaries.

Cruz is saddled with ‘ordinary politics’ at a time when it is clear that ‘ordinary politics’ has failed to halt the Revolution. Trump, perhaps unwittingly, has become the leader of a force that transcends ‘ordinary politics’, taking the popular resistance out of Congress and Washington and into the real America.

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