Indiana Has A Message For Clinton

For the last couple of decades Indiana, along with Ohio and Florida, has been a bell-weather State for general election fortunes. As I understand it from an Indiana friend, it was once a reliable Republican stronghold, but it has become a State whose electors may swing either way.

Early indications are that Republicans are turning out in big numbers for their primary contest between Trump and Cruz. If this proves to be right, and Trump wins decisively, the result will not only confirm Trump’s ascendancy among Republicans but will suggest that he will likely carry the State in November.

It is not so clear from the MSM news that is dribbling through if the Democrat base is also well-mobilized. The latest Opinion polls however, suggest that Trotskyite Bernie Sanders has closed the gap between himself and Hillary Clinton. One poll recorded the difference as being a mere 3% and Democrat insiders are whispering that Sanders might sneak a narrow win.

If any of this is true, and Hillary Clinton also loses the primary in West Virginia, she is in trouble down the road in November. Assuming that her allies in the Far Left Democrat Party have rigged the contest for her with super-delegates, she will emerge as the Media Class’ candidate in November, charged with completing its Revolutionary agenda.

On this website we are still not convinced that Hillary and her partner (whoever that really is) will make it. Losses in Indiana and West Virginia’s respective primaries could be the Media Class nail in her coffin, leading to her forced withdrawal on health grounds, and the last-minute substitution of a Biden/Warren ticket. Still, time is running out for the Ruling Media Class to switch its candidates and Hillary is tough, determined and burning with an ambition borne of personal sacrifice and marital humiliation. It will be ironic if she gets the Party’s nomination, denied her in 2008, and then loses to The Donald in November because Indiana’s voters have swung to the Right.

We have long claimed that this election process has no precedent. It takes place against the background of a Revolutionary transformation of America by a new Ruling Class and its Far Left ally, and, as the Revolution is not yet complete, mobilizing Counter-Revolutionary forces are causing great unpredictability. It is not clear that the Media Class and its MSM have retained control.

A contest with Jeb Bush as the Republican candidate would have been placid and entirely predictable. The MSM would have controlled the political narrative, immigration would not have been an issue, and Americans would have been persuaded to follow up its First Black President with its First Woman President -perhaps its First Lesbian President as the result of Hillary evolving during the campaign.

A contest with Ted Cruz as the Republican candidate would have been a gift to the MSM and the Democrats. We claim this not because we disagree with Cruz’s social agenda – far from it! He is right about abortion, marriage and the need for America to return to its Christian underpinnings. But those issues, at this stage in the Revolution, have been discredited by the MSM and public education. Moreover, Cruz has very limited personality appeal.

Trump’s unsophisticated quasi-Nationalism has wrested the intended narrative out of the hands of the MSM and completely upset its apple-cart. His desertion from the ranks of the billionaires and Show-Biz entertainers, his shameless betrayal of their methods, his belated but real concern for his country, his independence from rich, Internationalist donors, his unpredictable, uninhibited pronouncements and his man-of-the -people style, have wrong-footed and confused all those who assumed they had the measure of him and control of events.

Those on the Right -the Bill Kristols, the Rich Lowries, the Jonah Goldbergs, the WSJ scribblers and the Mark Levins – have been the first to be Trump casualties – and they are furious. Limbaugh has now joined them in their near-speechlessness. For the moment, the MSM is consoling itself with enjoyment of the Republican civil war. Indeed it is so pre-occupied with the Republican blood-letting and what it thinks this will mean in November, that it has not realized that the background Revolution has also destabilized its own side. Sanders’ victories are very bad news for the unity of the Far Left’s November campaign.

All of which illustrates how a Revolution, no matter how stealthily advanced, weakens the control of those with authority, and unleashes subterranean forces. Sanders and his Trotskyite purist Revolutionaries are a subterranean force released on the Far, Far Left. Trump and his Nationalist supporters are the subterranean forces released on the Right and they have taken the field on behalf of the long-overdue Counter-Revolution.

On this website we have no illusions that Donald Trump entered the contest as a Counter-Revolutionary or that he has a commanding oversight of the whole battle-ground. He is probably more a Patton than a MacArthur. But he is much smarter than his enemies have so far grasped, and he is more than willing to punch below the belt. Like Patton he is surprisingly well-organized and pushes ahead at great speed, leaving his foes wrong-footed and staggering around in confusion.

Trump’s first announcement (build the wall) was pure genius as a self-defining slogan. His characterization of his main rival Jeb Bush (low energy), was devastating. His speech on foreign policy was a masterpiece of simple Nationalism, and his campaign banner, adopted on the trail (Make America Great Again), will not be matched in November.

With luck, Indiana’s Republican voters will today, effectively crown Trump, thus forcing all Republicans off the fence. Let those who cannot march against the Revolution, join it as the collaborators they really are. With Indiana decided, Trump should march through the West and to a clear-cut Cleveland, Ohio victory. He will be able to employ all his below-the-belt punches and nasty kicks against the Nation’s internal political enemies. Simultaneously, he needs to prepare a master-plan for dealing with the uprising on the streets, for that will be the next test of his determination and organizational skills.

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