Good News Comes in Small Headlines

With the Western World’s Nations largely dominated by coalitions of the Media Class and its Far Left allies, there is precious little good news for Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. What there is, the Mainstream Media (MSM) buries in small inside page snippets; distorts; ridicules or ignores. The coalitions’ revolutionary local ‘achievements’ can only be defended by MSM lies. Their common agenda can only be advanced by unrelenting propaganda.

No alert and honest citizen of the Western World will have failed to recognize that at the present time the invasion from the Third World by alien populations is the Ruling Class agenda priority. We know this because it is receiving maximum exposure and constant propaganda in the MSM. It has even taken priority over the ‘Human Rights’ of perverts. In Europe, the Islamic invasion from the Middle East is of such proportions that all the devious skills of the MSM are being marshaled to delay the people’s opposition until it is too late to be reversed.

Here in the USA, where our crypto-Muslim opportunist President is scrambling to supplement invasion from the Mexican border with Islamists from the Middle East, the MSM has ceased showing pictures of hordes of angry, healthy young men fighting to board European trains, or temporarily incarcerated in camps. From now on MSM propagandists are scouring the refugee columns to find tired unsupported women and children for photo opportunities. This last weekend a prominent front-page picture in the WSJ featured a female, allegedly a refugee from Afghanistan, who looked ready for her 100th birthday. How she made it without a walking frame was not explained!

Today’s WSJ’s front page has a large picture of Greek firemen on Lesbos carrying the body of a child on a stretcher, under the heading “Far From Home, Tragedy Claims Another Young Migrant”. This weekends tragic deaths of children all across the USA are ignored.

The good news, tucked away in MSM small print is that in Poland the Law and Justice Party, a Christian Nationalist party, has won a decisive victory. This Party, which has strong support in the countryside, will stop the progress of the same-sex marriage perverts and reinforce the determination of those Catholic Bishops who have just opposed the Communist New World Order Argentine Bishop of Rome. Anything that damages the myth of inevitable momentum for progressive (degenerate) Leftists is to be welcomed the world over.

Meanwhile in the Central American Republic of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales has won the Presidency. He is said to be a social conservative which is a lot more conservative than being a fiscal conservative. Here in the USA fiscal conservatives always evolve into RINOS.

Over in France, Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s growing Nationalist Party (Front National), is about to go on trial for offending Muslims with a speech she made some years ago. Let us hope this political persecution by the Far Left, sissy Hollande backfires and results in her becoming the next President.

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